5 Books That Will Teach You The Real Meaning of Love


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Real Meaning of Love

A lot of people amongst us are complete and crazy fans of epic love story. And why shouldn’t they be? Novels dedicated to love have everything in it. The urge to do good to your lover. The desire to meet your partner’s expectations. The feeling of being with your lover. The twitching, pain of being away from your lover. The excitement to see your lover after a long interval. These epic love stories make you live every beautiful and painful moment with the protagonist. The words will make you fall for both the lead protagonists and at the same time make you go through their journey. In this article, we have compiled a list of those books that will make you understand the real meaning of love. The real meaning of love which is impartial, pure, and divine. Have a look at our collection of 5 books that will fill you with the feeling of an absolute roller-coaster ride with a love lesson hidden at the end.

Books With The Real Meaning of Love

1Deadly Offerings by Alexa Grace

Deadly Offerings by Alexa Grace

Anne Mason being the protagonist living a happy and peaceful life in a wind farm. She is not being alone when someone starts discarding dead bodies in her farm. All the dead bodies is presented as if they are a gift for Anne. By the time, Anne realizes that the count of dead bodies are rapidly increasing, she sensed a weird feeling of a freak, a psycho killer is patiently noticing her every move and is ready to end her life. But, there is a guy with striking looks who is being a County Prosecutor, Michael Brandt. The one who can save Anne from this serial-killer. But, there is a mutual passionate feeling between Anne and Michael which is growing with time.

Love Lesson: Never turn your back on love when your love is just one step close to you.

Goodreads: 3.75/5

2Love On The Ropes by Pat White

Love On The Ropes by Pat White

This is a story of a DEA agent Jason McBain, who has undercover for his next mission and is in a disguise of a professional wrestler known as Jack the Stripper. His only mission to find those people who are distributing steroids at the wrestling place. To his surprise, he has his first suspect who is a gorgeous physical therapist. Jason feels a sudden pang of passion towards this young, beautiful girl. By the time, he gets close to this girl, all the thoughts of his mission leaves him with this mysterious girl.

Love Lesson: A small secret even if it is kept for your partner’s good, will still be going to haunt you. So, never keep secrets from your partner.

Goodreads: 3.29/5

3Revenge by Dana Delamar

Revenge by Dana Delamar

Kate Andretti is being a wife of a mobster which she is unaware of. By, the time they move to Italy she understood what is going around her, after which she leaves everything behind to start a new life in a completely strange city. Soon, she finds out she is stuck in middle of a fight between her husband and a wealthy family who are capable of silencing her if don’t listen to them. Even her husband is desperately trying to kill her, so to protect herself, she asks help from a wealthy businessman Enrico Lucchesi who is supposedly having a connection with Mafia. The story then gets to a point where Enrico needs to decide in between his own world and the girl he loves.

Love Lesson: Love is that emotion that makes you feel strong as well as confident about yourself.

Goodreads: 3.76/5

4Some Day Somebody by Lori Leger

Some Day Somebody by Lori Leger

A woman, Carrie Jeansonne who is recently divorced and being a single mother now starts a relationship with Sam Langley with an all-new independent spirit of her. She was unaware of the upcoming threat till the time a crazy stalker starts calling her again and again. At first, she dismisses those unknown calls, but later on, she started feeling weird because of the strange calls. The story is about the confusion of a woman between a bad guy and a good guy.

Love Lesson: Girls desire for a bad guy, but he can make your life fascinating for a while only. On the other hand, a good guy is capable of holding onto you and your love for the lifetime.

Goodreads: 3.69/5

5If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon

If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon

This novel by Sidney Sheldon is all about the life a girl which turns upside down. Tracy Whitney is an intelligent girl who is soon to get married to a well-known, wealthy world of glamor. But, she faces a betrayal and ends up in a jail with ruthless criminals being her cell-mates. She faces everything she could to get out of her nightmare and finally finds someone who could be the worthy one to hold on to. This guy helps her in every possible way to support her throughout. This is one of my favorite novels till now.

Love Lesson: Love makes you go through every rough patch of your life with boldness and bravery.

Goodreads: 4.01/5

That sums up our list of those books which are best suited in the category of making you understand the real meaning of love.

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