Ultimate Bridal Checklist For Every Indian Bride


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Bridal checklist
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Being a bride can be really tough, it’s not the day the wedding that is difficult it is the days leading up to the wedding. All the wedding decoration, booking and shopping for the wedding can really  drain you out. And while you have all the plans to finish all this work before and finish the packing completely before the wedding and just relax and enjoy on your own wedding day it might not be completely possible if you do not have a simple wedding checklist of things. To keep you right on track, and make sure that you don’t forget any of the essentials on the wedding day, here is an ultimate bridal checklist for every indian bride that will ensure a smooth sailing wedding day.

Ultimate bridal checklist

Ultimate bridal checklistPack two bags for your wedding day.  one of the bag should contain all the essential items that you would need to transform into a bride.  this is the bag that you will carry to the salon or the venue where you will be getting ready.  this will contain all the dresses accessories and other things that you will need during and after the ceremony.  here is a detailed wedding checklist of all that you should pack in that bag.

  • Your bridal lehenga. make sure you have all the pieces, the skirt, the blouse and your dupatta. You can also carry a Robe to wear while putting on your makeup and hair.
  • The Lingerie that you want to wear with your bridal lehenga. one of the most easily forgotten things.
  • Yours bridal jewellery. this includes bangles, ring, Haath Phool, necklaces, Nath, earrings, extra hearing, maang tikka and hair accessories.
Bridal shoes
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  • Bridal shoes. make sure you keep a spare bag too.  store the shoes that you wear to the salon.
  • Hair pins, u pins and other hair essentials or accessories.
  • Safety pins
  • Makeup removal pads, cotton buds, Q-tips and cotton balls.
  • A bottle of your favourite drink, water and a box of snacks. a bride usually takes a lot of time to get ready you do not want to be starving and not enjoy this lifetime experience.
A straw can come
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  • A straw can come in really handy after you put on your bridal lipstick.
  • Vaseline or any other lip balm
  • Your bridal makeup trousseau Essentials,  or other special makeup products you bought especially for your wedding makeup.
  • Keep the packet of the Bindi that you apply on your bridal lehenga handy throughout the wedding ceremony with one of your close friends. it might happen that you lose your Bindi during the ceremony and in the end you have small panic attack.
  • Makeup remover
  • A picture of reference for your makeup artist for the look that you are aiming. another picture of the hairstyle that you want.
A picture of reference for your makeup artis
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  • fresh flowers to be used as a hair accessory.
  • Tissues for those emotional tears.
  • A packet of bandage. trust us and you will thank you later.
  • Umbrella, well it can be rain at any time and you do not want to ruin your hairstyle on the way to the venue.
  • Your wallet and mobile phone charger.  also keep power bank fully charged all throughout the wedding.
The Perfume
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  • The Perfume that you want to wear on your wedding.
  • Well, you know why.
  • Your watch, nothing can help you keep track of time then I watch on your wedding day.
  • Your wedding card. this can be a great opportunity to get your wedding card photographed by your photographer. a lot of people miss out on this one.
  • Double sided tape. for plunging neckline this can be a quick fix.
  • A pen. trust me you never know when you will need one.

Pack another bag for your wedding night. no matter where u stay for the night, remember to keep this bag by your side on your wedding day and  assign someone the duty to keep this bag in the car during your Vidaai.  Here is what you can pack in this back.

  • Cotton makeup pads and a makeup remover. so really important, it can be terrible if you forget this.
  • A comfortable night suit.
akeup pads and a makeup remover
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  • Bath towel and face towel.
  • A change of clothes for the morning next day. it could be a simple suit, anarkali or maybe even a saree if you have some event or other. forgetting this can be a disaster.
  • Your toothbrush, shampoo, can conditioner, comb, face wash, deodorant and sanitary napkins. your first day of marriage, you definitely do not want to be running around asking someone to arrange you a new toothbrush.
  • Comfortable shoes. poster with a if you do not have some comfortable shoes you will have to wear those towering heels which your feet are already heard wearing for a long time the day before.
makeup kit
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  • Makeup kit. extremely important. you should have some amount of makeup with you on your bridal night so that the next morning you do not feel completely clueless and you still look like a bride with little makeup.
  • Why you already have all your bridal jewellery from last night, but you still need to keep some basic accessories like bangles, earrings and necklace for the morning outfit.
  • Your spectacles or lenses box and liquid if you use them.
  • Yes again, we do not imply that you will be hungry all the time, but it’s always good to have a snack with you in a new place where you might be a little shy to ask for food the very first time.
  • An extra pair of clothes for the evening if your luggage doesn’t arrive on time.
  • A small kit of all the basic medicines like an antacid, paracetamol And a bottle of vicks. other medicines to if you have some.

Check list of all the tasks you should monitor

While we strongly advocate a bride keeping all the worries and ceremony preparations away, it is always a good idea to keep a check list of  tasks you should  monitor and remind to get done. after all it’s your wedding and you want everything to be just perfect. so worry not we are here to help, will created a list of all the things that you would want to go perfectly.

tasks you should monitor
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  • Choose a song for your wedding entrance and assign someone to take care of the CD and make sure the DJ plays it during your entry.
  • Half an hour before your makeup should be done make sure you call up asking for the vehicle that is going to pick you up and drop at the wedding venue.
  • Keep a check on the groom and their side to see if they will be reaching on time and inform them about your status too
  • Just like you your mother also will be super busy, make sure that it takes time out and get ready and prettied up just like you. call up to check on her.
  • Make sure that your wedding varmala have arrived if you plan to enter with a Phoolon Ki Chadar make sure with you have 4 brother or friend I find and I know where it is kept.
  • Give you phone to one of your best friends and make sure she knows the address to the venue. your friends office colleagues or other guests may give you last minute calls to get directions to the venue.
Give you phone to one of your best friends
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  • While you are waiting for your vehicle to pick you up make sure you have at least a drink or something to eat. this will keep you sane.
  • Keep reference pictures in your phone, of all the getting ready shots that you would want clicked from your photographer. show to him exactly what you want.
  • Get a nice picture clicked with your parents before you enter the Mandap.
  • Ask your girlfriends to accompany you to the salon and get some nice pictures clicked.

Call you or groom. well this may sound really cheesy but call your boyfriend/ fiance  for the last time before you both become man and wife.

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