11 Nicest Ways A Mother Can Talk About Beauty To Her Daughter


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Ways To Talk About Beauty To Your Daughter

A mother needs to share and teach her daughter to live a better life. A woman who goes through ups and downs in lifetime and still stands strong is always an inspiration. Every such woman who becomes a mother must be inspirational to her daughter in multiple aspects.

A mother should inspire her daughter in various aspects. One of the important aspect that a young girl should have idea and knowledge about is beauty. You must talk about beauty to your lovely girl. But how?

The way you talk about beauty to your daughter must convey something important. Your precious words about beauty make the little girl a proud daughter and a strong woman.

Ways To Talk About Beauty To Your Daughter – What To Talk?

1. Tell her – what makes her beautiful

Tell-her-what-makes-her-beautifulYour teenage daughter who is around 12-14 would love to know what makes her beautiful. When you are letting her know that she is beautiful in some way, this going to help her keeping that as strength.

Your words of giving your daughter confidence about her looks and appearance is crucial. This keeps her going and growing as a beautiful woman.

2. Talk about importance of unique style

Talk-about-importance-of-unique-styleYes! Every little girl must know what is to be unique. A girl who doesn’t know the importance of uniqueness would run behind someone’s style. Your teenage daughter who is 12-15 years old must know importance of unique style.

You know that being unique is from within and something that completes sets your style. So, ask her to come up with unique style. She don’t need to be someone else to be beautiful.

3. How happiness matters for beauty

How-happiness-matters-for-beautyShe may face some sad and unfavourable situations at school or with friends. But nothing should make her lose the part of her. So, teach her how to find happiness which keeps her beautiful.

Many teenage girls make the moody and sad faces. They need to learn to be happy and then beautiful. As mother, you are responsible to teach your young daughter about life realities while talking about beauty.

4. Teach her some natural beauty tips

Teach-her-some-natural-beauty-tipsYes! Your teenage daughter need to know the beauty tips. The simple and natural beauty tips will be remembered and useful for your daughter.

Do you remember any of the beauty tips that your mother shared with you? And you also follow them life life rules till today. You are blessed to have such lovely mother isn’t it? When you share some of the simple and natural beauty tips, even your daughter feels the same. Not now may be but after growing those simple beauty tips will be her essentials.

You don’t need to be a beauty expert to share and let your daughter know the simple beauty tips like cleansing, moisturizing skin.

5. Let her know that – beauty comes with health and diet

beauty-comes-with-health-and-dietYou always chase your daughter to have food and fluids. Isn’t it? But she doesn’t know that health comes first than anything else. Without knowing the importance of health, young girls try to put down the weight and that too in wrong ways.

Teenage girls would want to look like their favourite celebrity or someone else they admire. All they know is getting into shape, slipping into beautiful dresses and adding some stylish accessories. But before anything health is important. You know this but don’t forget to let your daughter know.

So, when you are talking to your daughter about beauty, also add health and diet as a major part.

6. Ask her to be Real – Don’t change even for trend!

Ask-her-to-be-RealThough a young girl has her own ideas and knowledge on beauty, she may change to follow the trend. Agree that being trendy is great. But doesn’t mean, you forget your style, your reality and go for trends.

The reality and natural beauty must be teamed up with trend. Not to leave reality and just go for trend. Many teenage girls commit this mistake of running behind trends and not knowing about their real beauty. So, teach your daughter that reality is beauty and no trend can beat it.

7. Tell this fact – Comparisons ruin beauty

Comparisons-ruin-beautyThe little girls would not know what comparisons can do. They keep comparing themselves to someone else. They also would want to own the stylish accessories and trending clothes.

The comparisons will never bring your satisfaction but ruins the beauty. If you agree with this point and you are for this, share the same with your daughter while talking about beauty.

8. Tell her – how to take compliments & comments


The teenage girls feel extremely good getting a compliment about looks and the appearance. A small comment may ruin their day. They are not grown women to answer back on others opinions. So, as mother, you need teach how to give it back.

Getting compliments or comments is part of beauty. So, you must raise this topic of compliments and comments about her appearance and looks. Teach her not to affect or influence with someones opinion. This makes her a beautiful girl and a woman in future. She will take the compliments with a bright smile and for comments she gives it back.

9. Beauty is not only external – She needs to know

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Your little girl should know that beauty is not just external. The new gen kids don’t forget but they firstly don’t learn that beauty is internal than just external.

The lessons at school may share this but a mother can teach it better. Tell your daughter what all counts as beauty. The appearance is aside when it comes to beauty. The ethics, good qualities will be counted as beauty. So, teach her at every possible point and situation. You will be a proud mother who raised a beautiful daughter inside out.

10. Bold is beautiful – Tell it with examples


Being is beautiful- but your little girl doesn’t know this. You must tell her how beautiful it is to be a bold girl. When you teaching her that being bold is beautiful, she will know stand with confidence. She will believe in herself and her opinions.

Many young girls feel upset with inferior complexity and other reasons. The reason behind the disappointment is not being bold.

Not only for looks and appearance, being bold in every aspect and situation makes her a bold girl. She needs to face the struggles and realities where her boldness will be tested. So, prepare her to be bold and beautiful.

11. Say “like mother – like daughter”


Your daughter is the best version of yourself. So, let her take inspiration from you. When you say you both are alike, she feels great and valued. This will make your mother daughter bond strong too.

You can be a cool mom by twinning with your daughter. This is something to show out and elevate your beautiful bond. You will get a chance to say “like mother- like daughter”.

Why to talk about beauty to daughter?

You can only talk about beauty only to your teenage daughter. We say talking about beauty to your daughter is as important as much as talking about safety.

Every mother who wants to raise a confident and strong daughter, must talk about beauty too.

A girl who is going to school with a tight braid may feel bad for not going in a gorgeous hairstyle. But she wouldn’t understand that braiding and oiling is good for hair. Then, who would tell her the reason behind oiling and braiding. Oiling and braiding your daughter’s hair is your duty but letting her know why it is your responsibility.

Now, look for what all and how all you need to talk about beauty to your lovely daughter-

How to talk about beauty To Your daughters?

  • Let her talk and listen to her

Your daughter would have some views about beauty that she wants to share. Then, you must be ready to let her talk and listen to her. Make an interactive conversation about beauty. Also add some points to her views and correct her if needed.

  • Talk about basics of beauty

Your growing daughter don’t need anything deep about beauty. She is still tender and you can still let her be that. So, it is enough for her to know some basics. You have many such ways how to talk about beauty to your daughter just including the basics.

  • Let her ask questions

While the conversation about beauty, your daughter may ask you any questions. Then, don’t be rigid or restrict her. Be sweet and polite in answering her innocent questions. This will give her a scope to share her views in aspect in future.

  • Ask her to teach you something about beauty

Do you agree that new gen kids are ahead and advanced? Yes! So, ask your daughter to teach you something about beauty. She comes up with enthusiasm to teach her cool mom about beauty.

She may know very little but you can get updated with the little things too. This also keeps your daughter happy and confident.

  • First treat her special

While you are talking about to your daughter, treat her special. Every little girl wants to be treated like a princess by her mother. This makes her feel happy and beautiful. So, while talking to her, also let her know she is special.

  • Teach and talk about beauty

You can teach your daughter the basic of makeup and talk to her about it. This will be remembered by her as a precious moment. This is not to be a cool or modern mom but an action of encouraging your beauty to look beautiful.

  • Enjoy while talking

When you are talking about beauty to your daughter, show the curiosity. Enjoy talking and sharing your views about beauty to her. You may also have similar thoughts and views about beauty. You must acknowledge the similar thoughts as well.

  • Include your experiences

While talking about beauty to your daughter, also include your own experiences. This makes your conversation an open one on beauty. The teenage daughters who are around 14-16 will find your experiences interesting. They can also learn something good and useful out of it.

  • Give her a makeover while talking

Do you give your daughter a makeover for special occasion? Now, simply give her a makeover and talk to her about beauty. She will be able to relate easily to what you are talking.

Talk to your daughter about beauty to make her feel confident. The little awareness and knowledge you give will give her scope to learn more about beauty. Every mother should make such effective conversations with her daughter.

Hope you will find this guidance useful and informative as a mother of a new gen daughter.

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