9 Graceful Half Saree Styles – A Timeless Traditional Outfit


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Half Saree Styles
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Even your favourite outfit becomes boring for you in the same style. So, you must go to different styles. The different styles will make you look unique. The styles that make you look fashionable must be learned.

Half saree is the outfit that is loved and worn widely by South Indian girls. The signature style of half saree is now modernized with variations. The different styles of half saree are making the outfit look fashionable and keeping the traditional look as well.

You can go unique with different style wearing the same outfit. Let your old half saree look different on you. The styles of half saree make the outfit look attractive. You wouldn’t believe in the multiple shades of half saree which are trending along with the original style. The styles of half saree give your outfit a real makeover and you can reuse your old half sarees wearing these styles.

Half Saree Styles – Traditional Outfit With Fashionable Styles

Half saree is the oldest style of draping a lehenga with dupatta which is called as “Voni”. In half saree style, the full saree draping goes around the body with pleats in front and pleated pallu at the back. Now, this timeless traditional outfit can be twisted into fashionable and multiple styles.

Half Saree Style 1


This is a traditional style that Gujarati women wear saree. The Gujarati style is the most convenient and beautiful one. The beauty of the half saree increases when it is draped in Gujarati style. Here the saree is draped in the front which is famously called as sidha pallu drape. In this style, the heavy work on the border of the saree can be displayed in a lovely way.

It is suitable for all kinds of fabrics perfectly goes with broader border half sarees.

Half Saree Style 2


In this style, the pallu comes in V shape. The half saree looks ethereal when draped in Rajasthani style. It is a unique style of wearing a half saree. It is a draping style of Rajasthani sarees. The Rajasthani style suits the fancy half sarees as well. This style keeps the ethnicity of half saree as it is olden draping style.

The style of draping suits both fancy silk and stiff saree. The design of the saree can be seen and then you can flaunt on draping half saree in this style.

Half Saree Style 3


This is an elegant style of draping the half saree. The pleats are tucked at the back and the front bottom forms into a V shape. The other part of the saree comes around the body and the pallu falls back.

The simple but pretty style of wearing a half saree for modern women. You can also wear the saree with a waist belt as shown in the above image. The waist belt makes the half saree attractive.

Half Saree Style 4


In this style, the border is tucked in straightway and voni turns around the body with back pallu fall. This is a small variation of wearing the half saree. The half drape style of the saree looks unusual and unique in a way.

The style makes you look elegant in every direction. This is the modern way of draping the half saree.

Half Saree Style 5


The modish style of wearing a half saree is simply beautiful. You can reuse your fancy half saree in this modish style of half saree. The dupatta comes around the neck which is the best of the style. You also look fashionable with this style.

This is suitable for lightweight half sarees where you twist the saree around your neck. You can attend parties and receptions with this style of half saree.

Half Saree Style 6


The style can be from any side and the pleats can come on any side but it must look graceful. The graceful style comes when you let the saree flow. In this style, you can simply tuck the end of the saree at back and let the other part of the saree pinned with on the shoulder in a usual style.

The netted and sheer dupattas are perfect for this style.

Half Saree Style 7


This is not a specific style but looks attractive. The voni ends are tucked at the back and the front of the outfit looks pretty. You look totally traditional with this undefined half saree style. This is a fashionable and trending style of wearing a half saree.

This is a style that you can wear for special occasions.

Half Saree Style 8


The half saree with open pallu is a fashionable style of half saree. It makes you look perfect with traditional design. A sheer dupatta of half saree can be tucked at the back and leave the other end flowing on the hands. You will love the style as it looks trendy and it is the lehenga style that you are wearing.

Wear a beautiful style at any time and occasion. The way the dupatta flows on your hands makes it all elegant.

Half Saree Style 9


This is the most traditional kind of draping where the pallu becomes of the veil. The veil style of the half saree is extremely ethnic and a perfect Indian style. You can make this style of half saree instantly. This instant and easy style of half saree is suitable for all kind of fabrics.

You can try this style for your pattu half sarees. It looks breathtaking with sheer and silk half sarees.

You will love these styles which are unique forms of wearing the half saree. Half saree only had a routine style. The fashion and innovations of the in half saree gave the outfit a makeover. You can also use your old half saree by draping in various styles. With these styles of half saree, you are not only appearing traditional but also modish.

It is a super combination of fashion and tradition.

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