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When women want to get a tattoo, she needs to keep a lot in mind. It must look decent and beautiful. Moreover, she must choose the right place to get a tattoo.

If you are planning to get tattooed, then you can try it on your neck. You can easily show off your tattoo by wearing a trendy outfit. If it is a back neck tattoo, then you can keep go with a high pony or a bun to expose it. You can only use these ideas of showing off your neck tattoo when you got a beautiful tattoo design.

You some tattoo designs that are trending on the neck. You can keep your neck tattoos simple but attractive. Express yourself and expose your view with body art. To make your tattoo fantasy come true, you can check the neck tattoo ideas. Get attracted to the neck tattoo designs and get it on.

Neck Tattoo Designs That You Will Fall In Love With

1. A hanging feather


Feather tattoos are elegant on women. To show off the elegant feather tattoo, neck is one of the best areas. It is a feminine design and looks attractive when it is splashed with some vibrant colours. If you feel the feather tattoos are routine, give it a change by making it a hanging feather on your neck. When the delicate feather design hangs on your back neck, it looks unique and pretty.

2. An intricate back necklace


You can have an intricate necklace on your back neck. The black embellishments and hangings of the tattoo make your neck look spectacular. It is a bold design that peeps out from your outfits. When you wear backless or deep neck outfits, it becomes an beautiful show of your intricate necklace. The intricacy makes you neck look adorned with fashion. It is a perfect feminine design for women.

3. Alluring lotus


Lotus designs are various and never routine. You can get a lotus tattoo on back neck, sides of your neck or on front neck. An alluring lotus fits any where on your neck. A lotus tattoo can make your neck look beautifully decorated but in a simple way. It is a decent tattoo with tiny lotus petals. Lotus tattoo on neck looks as alluring as it is shown in the above images.

4. Eagle wings


Eagle wings tattoo on neck expresses you brave and bold attitude. It is a bold and beautiful tattoo a woman can wear. The widen eagles wings make your neck look decorated. The wing shapes cover your back neck in an attractive way. You can keep the wings delicate or bold with the simple variations in design.

5. Flowing stars


You can let the stars flow from back neck to your shoulders which is trending design. You can also wear the star tattoo on beck neck unevenly. The dark stars appear magical on you. Stars make the art look awesome. You can have shaded stars or stars with outline and both together is lovely. You can look at the above image, where you have shaded dark stars and star outlines on the back neck.

6. Music symbols


You will go this design on your neck even without second thought, if you are music lover. Getting music symbol tattoos is the trending way to express love for music. The symbols also look pretty in art form. It is definitely a wonderful tattoo idea as it is expressive and looks beautiful. When music is running on your mind and blood, then why not on body?

7. Flying bird tattoo


Flying birds are a sign and symbol of freedom. This is another design that makes your tattoo expressive. You can get a single flying bird on your neck or set of tiny flying birds. The black flying birds make your neck look stunning. Go for this tattoo and take a chance of showing it off.

8. Zodiac sign


Zodiac signs are the most rending designs. When you proudly want to say that your zodiac sign, you can just get it tattooed. On back neck, you can get zodiac sign design. This is a super cool tattoo design for women. When you want to keep it simple, expressive and trending, it must be a zodiac sign.

You can look in the above images, how the simple zodiac signs tattoos made it gorgeous.

9. Infinity with name or phrase


Infinity is all about showing your love or thoughts is unlimited. You can get an infinity tattoo design on your back or side neck. If you want to express deep, then you can attach a name or an expressive phrase. Keep the phrase short and sweet and the infinity design makes it all lovely looking.

10. Crescent Moon


Crescent moon tattoo on neck looks charming. You can attach some hangings to the tattoo to make it girly. The crescent moon is one of the trending tattoos. So, you can go for it without a second thought. In the above image, you can see the crescent moon filled with floral. There are many such designs with crescent moon tattoo which look delightful.

11. Anchor


Anchor tattoo is generally expresses the hope, strength and salvation. But it is worn to express in different ways in modern days. You can get an anchor tattoo on any side of your neck. It is a tiny design but fully expressive. As it is to show the positive qualities, it can lasts forever on you. Your confidence shows up when you are such strongly expressive tattoos. Anchor tattoo is more an expression and identity than just a design.

12. Geometric symbol

Geometric-symbolYou can also get a geometric symbol on your neck which looks simply beautiful. As shown in the above image, you can go with fusion of geometric shapes. If you want to a tattoo with minimal design and art, then this is much suitable for you. Geometric design makes your neck look

You can get tattooed on your neck with a simple and expressive design. These designs are symbolic and lasts forever. You can go with your attitude expressing tattoos and identity making tattoo on your neck. And as you want to express and look attractive with body art, you can choose neck area show it off.

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