Things you get to know when you turn 30


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Turn 30

For a lot of people, the number 30 marks an important time of their life. Yes, this is the age that teaches you how kid like you used to be and what are the different things you need to know in life. You can finally term yourself to be an overgrown person who might know a considerable stuff in life. Well, if you give it a thought, it is exactly is what it is. You are thirty, you now know what the mistakes a person does are, and what are the wise decisions he/she takes. At least you will know that from your life.

Firstly, happy 30th birthday and this is the beautiful age when you know everything about life and certain things life has taught you in the past three decades are something you will never forget. You may start thinking that you really did not achieve anything until now, so keep that thought holding for a while. We are asking you to keep the thought intact because we know that you are now going to find answers to questions like ‘What have I done in my life’?, ‘Where is all the money I earned’? ‘What is the age to settle’? And a lot more to follow the suit. But, by this time you get to know certain things that you wouldn’t have imagined until you turn 30. Turning 30 is a milestone and if you have done that with minimal money and a lot of screw ups, that’s about right. You have your answers to the questions you ask and your age for that is your validation. So, without no further delay, I am going to tell you the things you get to know by the time when you turn 30!

Top Things You Learn By the Time You Turn 30

1Life isn’t always about you

Life isn’t always about you

Well, we all think that our life is always about us. Says who? If you are in your 30s, you will know that life has never been about you. It has been about your parent’s dreams, their aspirations for you, your sister’s education, your boss’s ambitions, your friend’s jealousy, your boyfriend’s insecurities or your husband’s domination. So, if you have been thinking that everything around you is only about you, then you are probably wrong. It is about everyone else making you the center of attention. That is all. So, if you are guessing ideas on why you are the most troubled or popular kind of a person, snap out of the dream and look at the reality. By the time you are thirty, you will know this and you will start appreciating the little things that you might have missed all through the years.

2Materialism gets boring

Materialism gets boring

Yes, it is exciting when you buy the new iPhone 6s or when you think of buying a car, a new 3d TV or an even a brand new dress. All of this sounds interesting to people who turn 25, not to people who turn 30. If you are a housewife, you would want a day’s rest from all the bustles and go to a place where you can enjoy life. If you are a working mom, you want to do the same things plus have some cozy time with your husband. If you are a single woman, you would want to spend time with parents and if you are a divorced woman, you would want people to stop talking about all this crap. So, either way, materialistic stuff doesn’t give you any pleasure when you turn 30. When you turn 30, your focus in life is not just the stuff around you, but it ends up being you!

3Save now or never

Save now or never

While people think that life is all about earning, spending and living life comfortably, there is also a saying that says that you should earn while you earn. If it gets too late to earn, you may never be able to save. Save now or you can never be able to satisfy your future needs. Yes, you need money for every single thing that starts right from spending money for everyday basis. You can’t depend on someone, your entire life. So, remember that you should definitely think of saving some of that money you earn. If you don’t save now, you wouldn’t want to save when you turn older. Remember that money isn’t everything, but it is what gets everything to fall in place. So, make use of your age, energy and your body to run and do work that you love.

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4Sometimes, read

Save now or never

I am definitely not saying that you should be immersed in reading books all the time. Though I am a writer, I believe that TV and video games are very important in everyone’s life because the distraction is good. But, let me also tell you that if you don’t read, you will not know many things around you. Yes, reading the newspaper or surfing something on the net can get you information about a lot of things. If you don’t want to surf the net, go the old school way. You can very much start with reading novels! That is a fun way to immerse into another world without being an addict. TV and internet can make you addicts!

5Eating habits

Eating habits

When you turn 30, your body becomes a little more rigid and unresponsive to eating habits. You need to know that your body will not support you 100% now. Your metabolism is equally parallel to your age. So, watch what you eat and make note of things you think you should avoid. If you aren’t able to take on something, it is a sign that you should stop it. For example, pizza, burgers etc. Maybe when you were young, you loved eating them. But, now is the time you put a tab on them and move on to something healthier!

30 is definitely not a scary age, but it is one of those numbers that teaches you everything about life. So, follow what we have told, enjoy life and happy 30th birthday!

-Pavithra Ravi