Select, The Right Bridal Jewellery For Your Special Day

Choosing Right Bridal Jewellery

Being a bride is one of the most important part in a women’s life. She dreams of this day from the very beginning, of her teenage years. In India, wedding is the most awaited occasion in bride’s life. She always has that special day in mind, where she keeps looking forward on how she want to dress at her wedding or what kind of jewellery she must wear at her wedding. Jewelleries add a dash of effervescence to the bride. But, when the day come on choosing right bridal jewellery, she mistakes with many other different as well as attractive jewellery in the market. Here are a few tips on selecting a right bridal jewellery for your amazing wedding, and looking gorgeous forever.

Tips On Selecting Bridal Jewellery

1Understand Face Shape

Understand Face Shape

While shopping for jewellery, it is the most important part to understand your face shape. There are many types of jewellery designs available in the market,according to your face, which can not only add glow on your face but also can add the perfect mesmerizing look on the face, and don’t worry, they are even pretty simple to choose. While shopping just remember to keep your forehead under consideration. Suppose, if you have a broad forehead, then you must pick out a heavier maang tikka with a maang patti. If you think that you have a small forehead, then you can pick out a small tikka or can even go for crystal bindi along with it.

Or if you have a round face then you can go for long necklace, that must extend below the neckline with chandelier earrings. If you have a oval shaped face, then you can try for lots of versatility, you can wear long and short necklaces, with equal aplomb.

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2Understand Skin Tone

Understand Skin Tone

Here, by skin tone I don’t refer being fair or being dark. What I am talking about is whether you are cool or warm toned person. Depending on this, your jewellery style will obviously differ. If you see that your veins appear bluish in colour, as well as your skin has a rosy undertone,then you are a cool-toned person. Diamonds, suits best in this tone, and you can even try platinum, silver, white gold, and Cubic Zirconis. If you are thinking of going for gemstones then I must say, to look for blue sapphires, exquisite amethysts, ravishing rubies, and striking deep emeralds. Also don’t be shy from embracing bright colours like purple, red or pink. It can make you look vivacious.

If you see that your skin has golden sheen, and is appearing greenish, then you are a warm tone person. So, its best to embrace, Kundan, yellow gold or copper. If you are thinking about going for a precious and semi-precious stones,then look no further than brown, orange, yellow, turquoise, coral, and olive. Even golden pearls can look great on you.

3Try not to copy

Try not to copy

This is the mistakes that most of the bride makes in her wedding. They try to copy the style that some other bride might have wore on her wedding or something which they might have seen in any wedding magazines. Many times, brides leave their jewellery shopping to be completed by their parents or siblings.

Remember that your wedding jewellery reflects your personality. Every women has a different body structure. Complexion, frame as well as look. Also,it must compliment your dress.

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4Don’t repeat same pieces

Don’t repeat same pieces

Just as you have a bought different outfit for your different ceremonies, you also need different jewellery for these outfits. Do not make a mistake on repeating the same jewellery on every function. You must make sure that your look for every day must be different. Also that your jewellery, must not only matches your outfit,but also your clutch and footwear.

5Mix and match

Mix and match

Remember this fact that, it is ok if you do not wear all the jewellery pieces that belongs to one set. If you think that the colour as well as the stone/metal of one jewellery matches your other jewellery then you can mix and match them with each other, and even choose different pieces from them.

For example, if the maang tikka that comes with one set that you have purchased is very heavy, then you can go for a sleeker one that is also of the same colour as the rest of that set.

So, have a happy jewellery shopping!

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