Amazing And Fascinating Ways That Sex Can Affects Our Brain


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Fascinating Ways Sex Affects Our Brain

Sex is the most awesome, and blissful feeling in the world. It gives us the butterflies and turns the world around. We know hoe much sex feels good physically, but the way how it makes our grey matter is also quite fascinating. Do you know that sex can improve our mood? Here are few delightful and fascinating ways sex affects our brain.

Fascinating Things That Sex Can Do On Our Brain

1Sex can get you high

Sex can get you high

When we feel that heady rush on our brain, during orgasm, do you know that is the way our brain saying thank you! Sex can also act as a drug, but don’t worry,it is a harmless drug. Mostly, sex releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine, that can help to activate the reward center of the brain, and that is how our brain acts on sex. Dopamine, is also one of the chemical that is responsible to make people high to get on drugs. It makes us feel good, which we also crave for it more and more.

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2Sex cures the blues

Sex cures the blues

If we are having a regular sex, then we are actively chasing the blues away. Sex acts as a antidepressant, which can boost our mood in just minutes. Many theories says that men seminal fluid consists of various compounds, that includes prostaglandinand estrogen, that also have antidepressant properties.

3Sex relieves pain

Sex relieves pain

Many of us know or might have experienced that, having sex can also help in curing headaches and other pains. It also acts as a natural painkiller and many studies also credit this type of effect to oxytocin, which is a ‘love’ hormone that also have many pain-relieving properties.

4Sex makes you feel sleepy

Sex makes you feel sleepy

Well, mainly because of this men doze off after sex. The prefontal cortex or the front part of the frontal lobe in the brain, shuts down the discharge, and add all the serotonin and oxytocin, which probably makes us sleepy.

5Sex can calm you down

Sex can calm you down

Having sex can make us handle the stressful situation more better. It can lower your blood pressure and can also make you feel more relaxed. So next time whenever you are nervous about anything, you know what to opt for.

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6Sex can boost memory

Sex can boost memory

Some research have found that people who have regular sex, grew more neurons, in the region of the brain that is associated with our memory.

7Sex can make us to cuddle

Sex can make us to cuddle

While having sex, our brain releases oxytocin, pair-bonding us to the person we are having sex. After female orgasm, oxytocin is released more in higher doses. While dopamine is released by more of male orgasms, which activates the addiction reward to the brain centers of cuddle hormone.

8Sex can makes you healthier

Sex can makes you healthier

A healthy sex life is a kind of a positive force that can make our life work wonders for the brain chemistry and can also level you out. A balanced sex life can also lift us up, as well as bring us down. Those who are suffering from a mild depression, which also comes from the loss of libido or any other mood disorder, it can also help you even out the chemistries, by engaging in sex.

9Sex can also be a downer

Sex can also be a downer

While having sex there may be a full on going blast, but many women after sex also experience postcoital dysphoria, or have experienced sadness after sex at some point in time. Researchers are not sure, to explain on why this post-sex blues happens, but feel that regret or feeling coerced can also be the reason.

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