10 New Things To Do With Your Boyfriend In Bed – Clash With Unique Intimacy

With Boyfriend

When you are in a relationship, you try everything that makes you closer as a couple. After doing it all, you still feel something is missing. So, you must keep changing the way to express your love. Have some new fun and entertainment together.

If you get an idea of getting on to bed with your love, then have those creative and naughty ideas. The monotonous ideas are enough to get the magic of intimacy. When you have already revealed all of yourself, you must try something new this time on bed with your boyfriend.

When you are relationship and enjoy the pleasure of intimacy and sex, you must also learn the ways to keep it entertaining. In lovemaking game, it is more about your passion to have a lovely time. There are some naughty and steamy ideas that can express your love and interest for each other. These things also express your love but in an interesting way.

Thinking of Doing Something Interesting In Bed With Your Boyfriend?

1. A full body massage

A-full-body-massageMen never step back to get such kind of attention and treatment. This is a best way you can take off his stress and tensions. It is a more like a stress buster giving a full body massage.

Also do some hand free massage which is just with your lips. Let not the massage just go boring again. So, you need to add some naughtiness. And your guy will love this interesting shade in you. It is not just for relaxation for a while but a way to arouse your boyfriend to have the best time in bed.

2. Watch porn together


You need to discuss and pick something steamy when watching with your boyfriend. This is a best idea to do in bed with him as you both get to imagine yourself and feel what you are watching.

When you want to have some relaxing but intimate time with your boyfriend, then you can get on bed to do this.

A lazy couple must try this idea in bed. It is a creative and fun idea even for hyper active couple, as they may also feel lazy together once in a while. It is a kind of silent love making and it is going to be an unforgettable experience for you both. You can also make it interactive when you are watching porn.

3. Food play


It is not something that you are going to do when you are starving. It is an idea to implement when you want to tempt each other. You can play with food in bed in sexy way. It arouses your man to have deep intimacy.

You can share a chocolate from either ends holding with mouth. You can also apply some chocolate on your body and have a food play. The licking game starts for a couple when there is food in bed. Food play turns into a full time lovemaking.

4. Dirty talk


This can be an initiative for a couple to take off the shy and walls to get closer. We know that intimacy and sex always make a huge difference in a relationship. It may make a couple feel weird having sex or deep intimacy for the first time, then such dirty talk helps a lot.

When you are exhausted after a long working day, you can have dirty talk with your boyfriend in bed which is relaxing. But you also need to know your boyfriend’s mood and psychology. Dirty talk makes sex time more enjoyable.

And you can also get closer to each by having a full dirty talk. You are showing your real and dirty side without hiding any. Moreover, dirty talk is just like a pre-sex ritual that drives you both crazy in bed.

5. Role play


You may have some fantasies of a couple. But when you are on bed with your boyfriend, you need take a chance of doing something creative but entertaining. Now, take this idea of role playing with your boyfriend in bed.

You can act like strangers, or you can be a cheerleader based on your wish and like. This way you can reveal your dirty wishes and fantasies. It sounds freaky and weird but you can have lot of fun with your boyfriend doing this in bed.

6. Sit on his lap

Sit-on-his-lapEvery girl feels like a child when she is with her guy. You may be pampered strokes and kisses on forehead any time. But sitting on his lap when you are in bed is the best feeling.

You get to pamper him as much as you want as it is your total private time. This is pure and innocent intimacy that couple must try. Your partner will this way of hanging on him. The routine ways of expressing love is not going to work every time. So, for this adorable idea.

7. Blindfold him

Blindfold-himYou may sometimes want to feel like a dominating girl in the bed. Then, you must blindfold him. This is an arousing and a tempting game.

When your man goes blind folded, you can ask him to guess your parts or you can randomly touch his parts. Blindfold raises the curiosity as he will not know what you are going to do next. This keeps both of your enthusiasm high in bed.

8. Naked sleep


You can have the most pleasant time with your boyfriend in bed. When you want to have calm and sober lovemaking time with your boyfriend go for a naked sleep. You get to cuddle and pamper each other.

Both of you can get wrapped into a a cozy blanket.You can do this when you feel that, it is not all about sex but something beyond. This way you are going to have the most pleasant and romantic time together.

9. Tickle him

Tickle-himThis is a fun and playful way that you can do to him in bed. You will start to laugh over as you are going to get the tickles back form him. This is a kind of intimate play a couple must try. The tickles which tempts for sex and intimacy is different from laughing tickles. Tickle on the human tickle zones which seduces your partner.

If you are not aware of the human tickle zones, then try these- ears, neck, foot.

10. Run an ice cube


Using an ice for foreplay is a thing that spices up your moods in the bed. Placing an ice cube on your partner’s body and running it over can make him feel ticklish. It gives a stimulating sensation and he enjoys it.

It works great when you take on armpits, rib cage and below the abdomen. This is also a fascinating idea for a couple to do in the bed. If you want to do something new and really freaking in the bed with your boyfriend, then you can go for this idea.

All these ideas are something new which don’t make it sound and feel routine to do in bed with your love. It is not only for intimacy and sex but it let a couple have fun time. If you are trying to entertain your boyfriend in your private space, then you must try these new things. Let your ideas be steaming and tempting but not boring when in bed with him.

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