Reasons why you should be a minimalist


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Money is something that comes and goes. It doesn’t define a person at all and most of us known this. But there are some people who don’t understand this until they go through something really hitting. That will hit their heads with unique things like thoughts and those thoughts are put into actions. Sometimes you can’t take more than a certain point. When you reach that point, even the smallest thing will look extremely big. This is because all your fav items are over and you are unable to think any further. Well, that is why you should be a minimalist and a person who knows to say enough.

Are you scared of being a minimalist person? What is a minimalist? It is a person or a feeling where you can tell enough and put a stop to having a luxurious life. There are so many advantages when you are a minimalist! Are you making a change to your life – Yes! Is it going to affect you – Maybe! Do you have to practice minimalism for sure – No! It all depends on how and what you feel!

So, if you want to know how to set a lifestyle with less things around you and what are the advantages of being a minimalist, read this article to know it. This list here will teach you on how to be a minimalist and what the main advantages why you should be a minimalist.

Top Reasons Why a Person should be a Minimalist

1You would have more money

You would have more money

This is something very easy to start off with. If you spend less, you get to save more money and if you aren’t buying a lot of things, you get to save space also. You would have more money to spend for useless things like college loans, career start ups and so many more. You can donate, save for the future, get assets and of course do the small happy things like road trips, start ups and so many more. It will give you a good control of your finances and you will be able to spend money more on responsible stuff!

2Less stress

Less stress

Let’s face it. People are on a constant worry about how to keep their house updated with the trend and fashion. Buying new clothes, having new thing around them is painful. It in fact is a fanatic act when people are obsessed with new gadgets, new things for home, furniture, trends etc etc. If you are being minimalist, you will have all the time and creativity in the world to be different. You would be a different person with different thinking. Overlapping of accessories, gadgets etc wouldn’t be there and that wouldn’t be your concern. This is one way in which stress of keeping up would reduce to a great extent. You will realize that being unique is the best way to prove a point than to have everything.

3More compassion

More compassion

Remember that being minimalist is a choice that is free of your will. You can choose to be or not to be too. You could keep a safety deposit for the future and be a part time minimalist, meaning; you can be simple for the time being but have ton loads of money in your account that is just for your future and nothing else. If you know that you have enough, you will have compassion on people who don’t have enough money. If you are living with less money, you will know how hard or easy it is. You will be able to give more to the society and for people who have lesser money than you. That would be an easy way to help people without hurting your lifestyle.

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4More time with people you care

More time with people you care

If you buy more stuff, you would have to take care of it, have eyes on it all the time and you will not be void of worrying. The new stuff would take up a lot of your time. But, what you would be missing is something magical with your loved ones. You would be missing all the happy times and the times where you can enjoy and be satisfied with your parents, friends and loved ones. You would have very less time for your partner while you are always busy arranging stuff and seeing how your life goes on. If you don’t have to race with the trend race, you will suddenly find that you have all the time in the world to reconnect with your family and friends. That is definitely a different kind of high that you might have not experienced till now.

5A lot of self control


This is almost a treatment for not buying a lot of stuff. If you are planning to be a minimalist, you would know ways in which you can save money and have some self control. You will have all the time in the world to think about all the things you have been missing because of this stupid rat race. That way, you will think about how you have been self controlling all the things. That will make you a great person in future. When you think and buy certain things, you will be the person who is responsible for your life. That will reflect on yourself and your lovely simple life.

-Pavithra Ravi

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