13 Foods for Bad Breath

Foods For Bad Breath

Are you being afraid of mixing with people, because of bad breath? Are people complaining about your mouth odour? Don’t worry, as because having bad breath is the most common problem. It mostly happens because you might have eaten something for your breakfast or lunch or maybe because of many internal and external factors. So here, are some foods for bad breath to give you an amazingly fresh mouth in an instant.

Amazing Foods for Bad Breath

1Mint leaves

Mint leaves

Mint leaves have very high levels of deodorization. It can also be consumed either raw or also in juice form. However, if you chew raw mint leaves then it is the best way to fight the garlic breath. Raw food, like raw mint leaves contain enzymes, that can help destroying the odour.

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This fruit is said to lower the concentration of volatiles that are responsible for having bad breath. It can help in increasing saliva production and can also keep the mouth clean. You can take some bites of apple or can also have it full and get an instant mouth freshener from garlic.



Strawberry is rich in vitamin C and also thereby helps in reducing the gum diseases and the bad breath. It also contains citric acids like, citrus fruits which helps in stimulation of the salivary glands. This stimulation also helps in reducing the bad breath and bacterial growth.

4Sugarless candies

Sugarless candies

These are great snacks in case of fighting bad breath. Don’t just consider on chewing them can be a style statement, but they are also powerful agents on removing the irritating bad breath.



A very small serving of yogurt can help in preventing the bacterial growth inside the mouth. All the credit goes to the vitamin D present in it. Try not to eat yogurts with extra sugar or artificial sweeteners.



For an tea-rific or an amazing breath, you can also try a cup of tea. Some studies show that drinking tea, which are not sweetened and black or green tea can help in warding off bad breath. Both these type of tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which can help in destroying the growth of bacteria causing bad breath. Polyphenols presence in the tea, also helps in reducing these nasty sulfur compounds.

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7Parsley and Basil

Parsley and Basil

Parsley and basil can help kicking the garlic breath away because it has polyphenols, a compound like antioxidants. These herbs breaks down the sulfur compounds present in the garlic.

8Cherries and Lettuce

Cherries and Lettuce

According to some nutritionist, cherries and lettuce can also help in beating bad breath. Studies have showed that these foods can also help in removing the smell of methyl mercaptan, another odorous gas that is released by mouth bacteria when they are digesting bits of food.



Take a spoonful of mustard and then swish it around in the mouth for thirty seconds and spit it out. Then, take another spoonful of mustard to swallow. It will show some result, to kill the smell.

10Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Sticks contain a very essential oil, which is able to kill a certain type of bacteria in the mouth that can cause bad breath. The pleasant scent of cinnamon is to be sure to cover up the bad breath!

11Chewing gum

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is a great product which can get the salivary flow stimulated. It can keep the teeth clean. Try not to get chewing gum with sugar in it, as it can end up magnifying the bad breath by just feeding the oral bacteria. Try to find a chewing gum which uses sugar alcohols, such as xylitol and sorbitol as a sweetener. These sugar alcohols can help in reducing plaque levels and keeping the teeth healthy.



Lemons can also help in reducing bad breath. They have a strong, pleasant odour by which they are able to mask the bad breath. Lemons are also easy to come across in any restaurants. Try to squeeze the lemon in the water, it is the safest way to use the lemon as a mask to bad breath because of the strong acid. Lemons contain can also eat away the enamel slowly.



This odor-free fluid, can help in flushing the bits of bacteria from the mouth. Drinking water, can also promote the production of the saliva, which can act as a constant clean agent and dissolving the stinky substances in the food and the drink.

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