Indian Bridal tips for women who are blessed with curves

Bridal tips for women

It is almost always one of the best feelings to see you being dressed in bridal finery. The heavy traditional dress, the elaborate makeup, bridal jewelry and the extra glow that adds to your face without a doubt and other additions are sure flattering. You will be packed with work, suggestions, varied opinions, mixed feelings and most of all confused how to look and what to wear. Indian weddings are the best when it comes to picking out the attire. No matter how thin or plump you are, the amazing part of this is that, it suits all Indian women with different sizes. All you need to do is to choose the colors, and you are probably going to rock the attire without a doubt.

To know more on this, we have put up some tips for women who are blessed with curves and what kind of things they should remember when they buy a bridal wear. SO, put a smile on your face and read on the best tips that all our soon-to-be brides should know while shopping their outfits.

Bridal Tips for Every Woman

1Know your body shape

Know your body shape

It is important that you know what body shape you fall under. There are different kinds of shapes like top heavy body shape that will look like an apple, bottom heavy body shape which is like a pear and the third one is hourglass where the shape is balanced both on the top and bottom areas of your body. Apart from this, there is a plus size category where you might have a full rounded body with a little of weight on both your stomach and your back. All of this would totally hideaway under your bridal dress. So, picking your bridal dress according to the shape that you are is very important.

Understanding your body type and what kind of clothes suit you is also the key to attaining a perfect fit and shape. For example, Lehengas look great on all the kinds of body type, but whether you pick a bra type blouse or a fully covered blouse would be decided on the type of your body. Flowy sarees or zari ones? Stone studded ones or mild studded? Keeping all of this in mind is very important when you pick your bridal dress.

2Knowing the perfect outfit for ‘D-Day’

Knowing the perfect outfit

Choosing the perfect kind of clothing is important. Yes, once you have figured out the shape of your body, it is important to know what kind of bridal clothing you are going to wear. Is it a Saree or a Lehenga and what cut or shape you are going to dress up in.

For example – If you are heavier on the top, you may consider choosing blouses with plunging necklines, which will emphasize the shape and structure of your bottom area and remove attention from the top. V shaped or U shaped necklines would suit best for such body shape.

Women who are heavier on the bottom could go for A cut Lehengas that fall straight down which will avoid attention from their waist. If you are round shaped all over, the best option is to go for sarees. Playing around blouse patterns could help you not look too round shaped. Experimentation works whatever shape you are in. It is your wedding, so you don’t have to hesitate on whatever outfit you want to wear.

3Befriend the color that suits you

Befriend the color that suits you

Most plus size women immediately pick for a dark colored outfit. This is done in order to hide the curves and to seal the no-so-plump look. But the good news we would like to tell you is that, plump women don’t have to always stick with dark colors only. You can always go for monochrome shade than dressing yourself with a burst of colors. Monochrome bridal dressing is the fad now amongst many young to-be-brides. Make use of hues like Red, pink, purple, royal blue, gold and so on. Mixing two shades can also be your choice. Make sure the color complements your skin tone.

4Embroidery and pattern choice

Embroidery and pattern choice

Most people think that patterns and embroidery makes you look on the heavier side. Identify the most attractive parts of your body and custom make your bridal saree with the kind of embellishments you would love to see yourself. Just keep in mind to add glimmering sequins in moderation. The more sequins you add, the more bigger you would end up looking. Usage of Kundan or gold zari would look very beautiful on sarees and lehengas. Also, avoiding large patterns would be helpful for you in looking thinner. Vertical patterns would make the best appeal than horizontal patterns.

5Fabric importance

Fabric importance

There are wide ranges of fabrics available in the market these days. Flowing and smooth fabrics can make you look prettier like georgette, crepe, chiffon, etc. Tussar silk, Velvet can be your priority option to avoid when it comes to picking your bridal sarees.  It is important to go for fabrics that give you a balanced shape that huge your figure and gives you the appropriate shape. It is always better to highlight the best features of your body.

Picking the right kind of attire will make you shine and glow on your day. Flaunt your curves and look perfect with your curves. Don’t forget that the key to dressing is your confidence. You will rock the floor with the perfect kind of looks if you wear a smile and confidence. That would be the best gift you give your groom and mainly yourself!

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-Pavithra Ravi

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