Signs that prove that you are ready to have your first baby

your first baby

How do you ever know if you are ready to have your first baby? Well, there aren’t specific signs for these kind of important things. You have to figure out as and when you and your partner live your wonderful life. There are a few questions you might have to answer before we dive into this. Are you living a happy relationship and is your marriage life well settled and good going? Do you know for sure if you want to spend the rest of your life with this guy? Do you know you are confident enough to raise a child? Are you sure you both can give a good living for the baby and for yourself? Well if all your answers are yes, you have to know that your step 1 towards baby is done. They say you are never ready to have a baby because first baby is a great commitment and as parents there are many things you might be afraid of.

Well, but there are some vague signs that can tell you that you are ready to have your first baby. What are they? Read through this article to know more.

Top Signs to Know That You Are Ready to Have Your First Baby

1Partner talks

Partner talks

Well, it is very important that both of you in the relationship feel that you are ready enough for a first baby. If you both are committed to each other and you both know that this is the right time, you will start to talk about the future and about the baby. Having a first baby is not about just about playing with it or talking how cute the baby is. It is much much more than that. You have to take responsibility for life and for your baby too. Remember that your partner talks are very much restricted to how you will take care, what kind of a life you will give the baby and much more. If you are thinking on the same line, and if you take talking to the next level, then that is one of your signs that prove that you are ready for a baby.

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2If you love taking care

If you love taking care

It is not only important that you talk about it. You should enjoy the company of babies. If you have any friends who have babies or kids, check if you are comfortable being around them. Yes, they poop, cry, laugh, make cute faces, cry for no reason and cry more. These are some things as parents you would have to face. See if you can do any of this. If you are comfortable having children around and if you okay with all these little quirks, then that’s your second sign. It is important that both you and your husband get to spend time with other babies. That way you will know each other’s pulse.

3Maternal instincts

Maternal instincts

Well, this is something that comes from within. If you have maternal instincts like if you see yourself pregnant, you buy things for future keeping a baby in the picture, if you feel jealous of other women being pregnant, then yes, you are there. Yes, being jealous is a way too, because that is when the real self is let out and you start to feel that you need one for your own. If you have the maternal instincts, don’t worry about your husbands. They will have it somehow, so you don’t have to worry about your partner. If you feel any of the maternal instinct, it is one strong sign that you are ready to carry your own first baby.

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4Emotional and financial stability

Emotional and financial stability

You need to know that you are financially and emotionally stable and you should have the satisfaction that you can take care of your baby. You should know that you have achieved something in life and that you can take care of another member of the family. Like we said, there are no clear cut signs at all, but when you know that you can do everything and that you are stable, you step towards baby mission gets closer. If you are sure that your work and your job can suffice everything including your financial back up, then go for it!

It is very important that you know that babies are definitely not an easy process at all. The 10 months of hormonal imbalance, stress, pain and much more are just the beginning to the endless process. Baby is not an end. It is just the beginning and you should know that your journey doesn’t end. It just starts and your responsibility doubles every moment of your baby’s growth. So, plan and decide properly before you take any kind of decisions.

-Pavithra Ravi

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