Different types of women men don’t want to get hitched to


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Every woman in this world is branded to one or two types according to their nature and behavior with their boyfriend. Well, even if you know it or don’t know it, this is the worldwide rule that is silently accepted by men. If you are a 26 year old successful woman who is waiting for your boyfriend to pop open the question to you, or if you are waiting for him to take you home to his parents, then you need to also know the kind of woman you are. Do you think there is just one kind of woman? If you think that, you have to give this article a good read. A relationship takes a lot of time and effort from your life and you need to put more and more work when it comes to marriage. It isn’t a cake walk at all. If you are waiting for your guy to propose to you, you might as well know, what kind of woman that men don’t want to get hitched to be.

We aren’t asking you to change for him or be the way he likes you to be. That isn’t even what marriage is all about. It is about understanding and trying hard to convince him that you are not the type of person he thinks you are if he is having a misconception towards your behavior. Guys hesitate big time before taking a decision, but once they have made it, there are no looking back for them. You have to know that there are certain kinds of women that men dont want to get hitched to. Shocking and surprising right? Well, we are going to tell you in this article as to what kind of girl you are not supposed to be in order to get hitched to with your boyfriend!

Top Kinds of Women You are Not Supposed To Be

1The bossy kind

Top Kinds of Women You are Not Supposed To Be

Well, would you like if a man keeps telling you what you should do, how you should eat, dress and behave? No, right? Umm, then that holds good even for the men of your life. Men hate bossy women who dictate everything and tell their boyfriends or partners to do certain things in a certain way. If you are a person who hates that, then you should know that your partner would hate it too, no matter how sweetly you say it to him. Remember that men hate when women order them to do the things they want them to do. That makes them feel uncomfortable and less manly. You should know the tiny difference between being a dominant person in the relationship and being the bossy one. That speaks a lot about you as a person too. This is one of the main type of women guys doesn’t like to be hitched to at all. So, don’t be the cut throat mean girlfriend who keeps bossing around. It isn’t going to do any good for your future!

2The clingy kind

The clingy kind

Guys hate when women start to become co-independent and clingy. You don’t have to keep telling him that you are in love with the person. He knows it very much and he is not acknowledging because you are simply overdoing it. Don’t keep texting him, calling him and reminding him every minute as to how much you both love each other. Trust me, it could get very suffocating for the man and he might start wondering what the deal is all about. Clingy girls are the worst companions and they will agree to this, without hesitation. Give him a break, don’t keep asking him where he is and what he does all day long. It is good enough that he is dating you, don’t make him feel sorry for his own decision.

Overall, men are definitely going to dislike you if you keep being clingy and co-independent.

3The mom kind

The mom kind

You can pamper him considering special occasions and stuff, but don’t be his spoon feeder. Don’t talk to people for him, don’t protect him or don’t he the kind of girl who takes care of him. He is a grown up and he is definitely sure he can take good care of himself. You don’t have to be his mom in public or in private. If he wants a mom, he has one! So, do not be the kind of woman who keeps nurturing him and who pets him even in public. The man in your life doesn’t want another mom for him, at least in the bedroom! So, grow up and buckle up. You are definitely not his mom.

4The ‘ex’ kind

The ‘ex’ kind

Do you when most guys who have had more than one relationship start to not feel the heat between you both? It is when they start to feel like you are turning into their ex. Yes, this is very much what every man thinks when he has to fight with you for something. For him, a series of events are repeating and he dislikes it because he has had the same kind of fights with his ex girlfriend. You start to compare yourself to her and start to behave totally unlike you. That is one step further from the marriage dream. You will become her if you start to pick up things she used to do. Remember that the main reason you boyfriend broke up with her is because he didn’t want to be with a person like that. If you turn into her, or throw attitude and likes like her, you are going to face a series of rejection from your boyfriend. He doesn’t want that in you. He respects you for something and find out what that is. Dig out why he loves you and for what he cares for you. That is the reason why you have to give him a chance to stay with you.

5The Yolo kind

The Yolo kind

A man might love to spend time, go out and have sex with a woman who is wild and crazy, but he doesn’t want wild and crazy to take over his living room! Makes sense, right? If a man thinks of settling down or is thinking of marriage, he would want a woman who is responsible enough to give him sound advice. He wouldn’t want a hippie who wants to go backpacking. He would want his girlfriend to have a job that is reliable and a behavior where he can be confident enough to show his parents how much mature he is to get married. Of course he wants a little bit of wild and craziness, but that definitely doesn’t mean he wants hipsters or women who drink and party all the freaking time. Men love to date women who are the yolo kind, but definitely when it comes to settling down, they will look for less crazy and a lot more of what is called ‘civilization’.

6The boring kind

The boring kind

Men start to think on a future perspective. If they really like you, they will start thinking of a life with you and how it would be if you were around all the time. So, they don’t want to have a woman who is boring, not fun and who is always all about drinking tea and remaining silent. You can’t live a life with a person who is lifeless. If you don’t want to agree to certain things like vacation, fun night outs, crazy stuff once in a while, then there is no fun in your life at all. It will be stale and boring as usual. He is not going to get hitched to a woman who is boring and stale. That is almost like getting married to a dead person. So, his life is going to be much happier if you are not the boring kind.

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7The cry baby kind

The cry baby kind

You can’t be a miserable woman and expect a man to be romantic with you. Nobody is ever going to do that if you keep crying for everything. A miserable woman is someone who cannot have a tab on her emotions and has to let out her feelings every time she feels it. There is a difference between being depressed with something and being a miserable woman. We all have pressed the depression button at least once in our lives and it could have been for so many unknown important reasons, which is fine! It is definitely not making anything easier for your man. One day he will get bored of your stupid and depressing views and start hating everything he loved before the whole cry baby situation. Men are almost like babies. They feel what they see. So, if you are going to be the cry baby kind, he will not want to get hitched to you for two main reasons. One, they don’t know how to handle you and two because they don’t want to turn out to be a miserable pot too.

8The psycho path kind

The psycho path kind

Well, no one knows until they need help until they turn into a total uncontrollable psycho. It isn’t one of the easiest kind of situation for the guy. This is the kind of woman who will go totally hopeless when it comes to relationships and start misbehaving and starts to go crazy with her boyfriend. No guy will ever want to date a mad woman. So, if you are not able to control your extreme feelings or anger, you might want to check with a doctor or get proper medical help. You shouldn’t be the one spoiling your boyfriend’s life. These are women who basically become jealous of everything, have big time trust issues and start a fight for no women. Nobody wants to get hitched to a woman who is unsure of her own behavior and feelings. Who knows what could come out of the marriage?

9The control freak kind

The control freak kind

Control freaks can be very intimidating and scary at times. These women have super problems when it comes to doing things their way. Yes, things are mostly right when it is done in a certain manner, but that definitely doesn’t mean that the man wants to be with a woman who is always freaking out about small things and wanting things to be a certain way. It is one thing to be organized and coordinate, but a whole different thing to be a control freak. Allow your guy to help you out and make sure you both participate in things together, so you will have a better understanding. Being a control freak is much more than being bossy or being mother like. He will definitely not want to marry you at all.

A man basically has a lot of pride when it comes to marriage and wants certain things in a certain way. He wouldn’t trade anything for marriage and definitely not himself even if he loves you a lot. The thing about men is that, they are very sensitive and sensible when it comes to marriage. They know how they want their life to start and will choose a girl who is trouble-free, even if they have dated any of the above kind before. Dating is something totally different from being married to. Marriage is a commitment for life. Yes, there are divorces to rescue for a better life. But no man would want that. If you feel that you are any of the above kind, then you need to think about the possible ways in which you can get out of your zone and become a desirable woman. That way, your man can be sure about you and would love you for who you really are.

-Pavithra ravi

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