Why should 20 something girls date older men


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dating older men

Dating a guy who is way older to you can throw in a whole different experience for you as girls. Ever wondered how it would be to date a guy who is well established, has a good hold on life, doesn’t nag you for tiny things and yet is one of those who makes sure he loves you just like the other 20 something guys? Older men are definitely a good choice when you are planning to settle down in life. You have probably dated all types of guys from the one who has been complaining about your friends, the one who fusses to go for plays and theatre or the one who doesn’t appreciate your efforts sometimes. Guys of the same age may sometimes succeed in opening your ego jar easily. Here are some reasons why you should consider dating older men for a change.

Reasons Why Dating an Older Man is Better

1He is definitely more established

definitely more established

It is obviously understood that older men are much more established than the young guys. While dating young men turns out to be exciting, dating an older man is typically falling into the category of grown-ups. You get to spend time with a group of grown up people, he will have a steady career and a good apartment. This might not always be the case with the younger men when it comes to work and living. Even the mind set is way mature which will make you feel secure around them. Having a steady job and a place to live is one of the best perks of a grown up relationship where you are assured that you can take this to the next step.

2Intellectual men are a turn on

Intellectual men are a turn on

It in fact is a great turn on that older men are way more intellectual when it comes to many things compared to the young men. Though the younger group will obviously get there in a few years, it would not be attractive when you both are on the same page. Women generally get involved in conversations when they can listen to what the other person has to say. This wouldn’t be a problem with the 30 something men because striking any conversation would come out with ease. They are experienced, intellectual and know quite a lot than you, which will make you feel nice. You don’t have to always talk about the latest movie, sleepovers, drunken parties and college stories like you do with your 20 something guys.

3He brings out the feminity in you

He brings out the feminity

Older men just know how to keep you hooked and they have a trick to bring out the feminity in you. The amazing part about dating them is that, they do all the cliched yet loved actions that a girl would want as opening the door of a restaurant, pulling the chair for you to sit first, letting you walk ahead and picking you up from your flat. The gesture is aw-Ed by you and you end up feeling special.

4Hanging out with his friends are Pleasant

Hanging out with his friends

There are a few times when just want to relax and not have a racy night or when your party mood is not high. When you are with an older man, he will figure out what you exactly feel and make plans accordingly. If you want a fun night, he will make sure he gets down to finding the right kind of people and right place for you. But if you want a sober and pleasant night, he will make the right move of taking you to a silent evening dinner or would just let you be by your own. Younger men are most of the times naggy and insecure. They always want you to accompany them and don’t give you, your space like the older men.

5Much more patience

Much more patience

Older men are more patient and they take time to analyze things. They wouldn’t want you or wouldn’t themselves rush into decisions. They are not impulsive and don’t take random choices. Understanding the meaning of delayed gratification comes with age and number of experiences a man has. So, it is true that the older men are much much more patience and mature than the younger ones.

6Gelling along with parents wouldn’t be difficult

Gelling along with parents

Parents always look for a man who is sane, experienced and make a statement the very first time they meet the guy. Your parents will be able to appreciate the ability to converse knowledgeable subject matter and understand his work culture and lifestyle, which might be a huge disadvantage when it comes to younger men. Your parents may be impressed by his stability in life and career, which would be a brownie point to take your relationship much seriously.

7They provide perspective when you are confused

They provide perspective

They aren’t like the young men who may not be able to give you advice like the older men. Older men would be able to provide you clarity if you are facing a serious problem. They will comprehend the situation from their perspective and talk from your shoes. This will help you feel protected and you will be the pampered kid in the situation. He won’t have a tab on everything you do and will let you do whatever you want for the first time because he will know if it is good or not . He will be able to forecast the good and bad about the situation and the experience you are going through. Isn’t that a relief?

However, this isn’t to say that older men are the best and younger ones aren’t. Here, we are just saying that older men are better thinkers and work out things in their way. There are also cons when it comes to dating older men, which we will open to you in our coming articles. But for now, if you are dating someone older to you, go ahead and enjoy all the mature perks he has to offer you.

-Pavithra Ravi

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