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May it be Christmas, New year or Halloween, holiday is one affair that anyone looks forward to. It especially stands out for the kids when you throw them a party. Life is tough with work and home activities that spending time for kids becomes out of the way for some parents. Hence, if as parents one is looking forward to utilizing the holiday time and make it special for their kids, then a Holiday Party for kids would just be an apt idea.

As mentioned earlier what makes a holiday party different is the peak season when everyone is up to something, hence if one is planning such an event for their kids, then they should start planning quite in advance. One good idea would be to hire a party planner who would make sure that the entire party is set to course right from catering to decoration, welcoming the guests, planning activities around the party and making sure everyone is happy and content.

However, if one is willing to organize everything to give a personal touch to it, here are some guidelines you might want to consider before and while planning one.

6 Tips For Planning A Party For Kids

1The Guest List

The Guest List

While preparing a guest list, you got to remember that it is a holiday season and you should include both the parents and the kids in the party. To make it more interesting and fun, you should make a long guest list of people accompanying the child. Involve your kids when you prepare the guest list. Make sure your kid has an idea on who all she/he wants to come for the party and if it is okay to invite the parents as well. This is her/his party, so arrange it to suit their mindset.

Making the guest list in prior would help you get an idea of the number of people attending the party.

2Involve your kids

Involve your kids

Talk to the kid about the party will help you figure out what he/she has in mind. Involve them in planning the event and discuss the theme, what costumes you want the other children to adorn. Bring in new ideas and listen to the kid when he/she suggests. Plan the menu with the kid, which will help them feel like they are a part of the event. This will add to the existing fun and excite the kid even more.

3Choose a Safe Menu

Choose a Safe Menu

When you are involving kids in a party, you ought to keep in mind that the menu should suit their appetite. This could avoid a lot other problems post the party. You wouldn’t want children to have stomach aches or food poisoning post your party. So choosing a safe menu would be your first option. Though this can vary from the menu, you plan for parents, you should have a light diet food according to your choice. You may wish to ask suggestions from your fellow parents or get a professional help or just leave it to the caterer or event planner and sit back.

4Games and craft for kids

Games and craft for kids

When you plan a party, you should make sure that the event has fun elements. Obviously it will end up boring if you don’t have anything for the parents to do. A party is never complete if you don’t have fun games and treasure hunts. Involving parents in such games will make way to getting to know them better on a personal front. You could pair up one parent with some other kid and that way there won’t be awkwardness after the first few games.

Getting crafts into the picture could be a thoughtful game and making it happen with the help of a parent could be much more interesting for both the kid and the parent. Drawing, crafting, treasure hunt, guessing game, etc., can be the most happening kind of games for a kid party.

5Themes and Dress Codes

Themes and Dress Codes

Who wouldn’t want to be theme dressed when it comes to parties? Remember that as a parent, you should always try to get a golden star on your pink tiara, so planning an exciting-fun-hep party is number one on your list. Try to imbibe a themed dressing and make your accessories match to the theme. You can always improvise with other things like the set up, giveaways, cake (if you have one) or the desserts, etc. Making it unisex is important so everybody gets a chance to dress up.

If you want only your kid’s girlfriends to come, make it more beautiful with a fairy set up or a Cinderella theme. This would give way to creative dressing ideas. You could also announce in prior that the best dressed mom-child would be getting a special gift. This would excite the kids tad more.

You can carry out a special invitation or mail it to the respective parent’s mail id mentioning the details on dress code to avoid confusions or embarrassment on the day of the event..

6Party Based On Gender

Party Based On Gender

Planning according to the gender could be a great idea when it comes to a party. If you are expecting more of the girls in your party, a cowboy theme or a hardy boys theme could make no sense. The same implies the other way around. Weigh the number of boys and girls and plan accordingly. You could most of the times go for general themed planning which could give way to more participation. It is up to the parents when it comes to such details.

All said and done, you need to make sure that your child is happy with the way the planning and party goes. You could involve a lot more about ideas and additions by time or could be impromptu. Planning a kid’s party could take a lot of time from you, as you need to plan very carefully. Taking professional help or help from other parents would be wiser. You got to make sure that your messages are clear to fellow parents, party organizers and your caterer. Goofing up in some areas is obviously humane, so don’t curse yourself if you have made mistakes here and there. End of the day, it is just the smile and happiness you want to see on your child’s face and that is what matters more than anything

Happy planning!

-Pavithra Ravi

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