7 Best Shapewear For Women- Slip in with Comfort and Stay in Shape


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You may not try to take off the tummy with diet habits and exercises. While you are on a strict diet and workout sessions, you keep measuring your weight. It may take time as it is a long process. These all reasons are fine but what about your slim look and dream of wearing a pretty gown.

You have long process solutions with good results. But instant solutions can help in real. So, the real help you can get from is, by wearing shapewear over inside and cover with your dreamy outfit. So now never regret with your dress selection when you have the wonderful shape wears which can cover your bulged out tummy.

The ultimate option is to try Shapewear which can make you get in shape. As you cannot go with any random brand, you have a guide here to choose one of the best. Go presentable with the right Shapewear that your body needs.

Best Shapewear for Women

1. Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief

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This shapewear can cover your waist well and you look slimmer. Some of the shapewear go wrong on you at waist and torso which will not be the case with Maidenform Flexees Women’s Shapewear. You can also wear it for casual wear which won’t make up feel uncomfortable anywhere and fits the body well. Moreover, it is easy to wear on which is a hi-waist brief. It is also enough elastic as it is made of a good amount of elastane. It also shapes your butt, hips and thighs as it covers the areas of your body without making stand out.


2. Maidenform Flexees Full Slip

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You got the shoulder straps which can hold your body from the top. The instant way of slimming is easy with shapewear slips and you will start believing it after using this product. The qualitative material is the other important consideration you for this full slip. You can call it is a tummy clincher which you need to cover your tummy. You can slay in your favourite dresses wearing this full slips.


3. Maidenform Flexees Romper

src: walmart.com

Everything and the foremost thing you need is a comfort. This shapewear can make you slip and stay comfortably. You can wear this as a slip for any kind of outfit as it for versatile use. Sometimes, it is a challenge of fitting in shapewear all day. But this shapewear will not throw you any such difficult challenges. It can shape your curvy hips and thighs. This instant cutoff of hips and thighs is awesome to wear any time and anywhere.


4. Vassarette Women’s Comfortably Smooth Slip Short Panty

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You need shapewear in which you can easily slip in. So, Vassaratte is one of the preferred brands for shapewear. Women with good curves can choose this shapewear which can stay up without slipping down your hips. Shapewear being skin fit may create an itchy sensation. But with Vassarette you will have a wonderful experience which gives you a comfortable and lightweight feeling. You can choose this shapewear for your cocktails dresses, formal outfits to cover your tummy cleverly. They are not invisible but hugs your body well.


5. ShaperQueen

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Ultimately, the focus of shapewear must be to make a woman look slim. ShaperQueen Girdle shapewear can push in your belly and shape your butt and hips. You will find it comfortable even wearing for long hours. If you hated wearing shapewear with thick and visible lines, then you must try this shapewear to love them back. The shapewear is designed with thinner lines. The way it sticks on you can make you look perfect in shape. The material of nylon and elastic makes it the overall perfect and comfortable fabric that you need.


6. Self Expressions Wirefree Camisole with Foam Cups

src: https://www.showpo.com

With many of the nameless shapewear, you may see your skin flushing out. Then, you can go with Self Expressions shapewear which is totally comfortable to wear. You may not need the bra as it is enough to fit. You must choose this shapewear for its true quality as well. It can sit well with the right size. If you were running uncomfortable shapewear, you must pick this to experience the best.


7. Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace ‘N Smooth Body Briefer

src: amazon.in

You love to wear lace shapewear which is comfortable by staying slim. They also give you the best fit for your breasts. You can wear Bali Women’s shapewear with your favourite partywear outfits or casual outfits. You can choose to wear it as a slip for your see-through tops as the lace design is beautiful. You will also love the shapewear for its elasticity.


How to Select the shapewear?

  1. Firstly, you need to measure your hi-waist. While measuring your hi-waist, hold the tape an inch above the waist. This kind of measurement will count even the waist size which expands, when you bend down.
  2. Then you need to measure your low waist. While measuring the low waist, hold the tape 12 cms below your waist.
  3. Now, come to your hips and hold the measuring tape at the point where you can see your hips wider. This way, you will find the right size of your hips.
  4. Post taking your measurements, select the shapewear from the size chart.

If you notice that waist size is small but your hips are wider than your bust or shoulders, then select a thigh shaper. If the tummy size is more than your hips, then select waist clincher and a hi-waist clincher.

If you are need of shapewear, then fix on a brand and go for the same. The random choices may not fit you well. Even if they are fitting you, they may not be comfortable for long. The above list of shapewear is great with true quality, material and fitting. They are focused to fit you and make you look slim in your favourite outfit. You will fall in love with one of them and no wonder if choose them over and over again.

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