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The modern women know very few types of sarees. The lightweight fancy sarees are the best picks for young girls. But the choice must change from fancy to traditional when it is your wedding. You must know the variations of sarees that you have. The limited options keep your fashion in limits. So, get that needed knowledge about the wedding sarees. Here, we are giving an idea about Kerala wedding sarees.

We have covered the Kerala wedding sarees which are up to traditions and also fashion.

Even in other regions women can go with the beautiful Kerala sarees. You will know the saree styles and you will also fall in love with one of them. Hope you will find your dream saree from this list of Kerala wedding sarees.

Latest Kerala Wedding Sarees

There are many styles of Kerala sarees. The Kerala patterned designs and the bright embellishments make the sarees look bridal. Every style that you will find here is trending for Kerala brides.

You can also try these sarees as a bride from another region. Your unique bridal appearance is attractive and elegant with Kerala bridal sarees.

1. Kerala patterned banaras saree


Banarasi saree in Kerala style is extremely a must try. The traditional saree colours like golden, cream and maroon make banaras make it an exquisite outfit for brides.

The saree also gets the Kerala patterns which add essence. You can also look for the bright banarasi sarees with Kerala patterns. Banarasi sarees are attractive and perfectly royal for brides.

2. Kasavu saree

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Kasavu saree is the most traditional saree for Kerala women. This is a simple saree that Kerala brides can wear for wedding rituals.

This ethnic saree is handwoven. It is extremely easy to identify Kasaavu sarees. The saree colour is off white or cream colour with golden border. The most classy saree that Kerala brides can wear.

The saree is flexible to pair with colourful blouses the saree colour is light. The golden border and the combination of white makes it look traditional. This is a perfect saree for Kerala brides who want to look simple and beautiful.

If you want a royal and grand look, then you can choose a kasaavu saree that comes with zari border. Try embellished blouse with this saree and it looks sumptuous not just traditional.

3. Kanchipuram saree


Most of the South Indian brides prefer Kanchipuram sarees. No wonder if Kerala women are in love with these sarees. It instantly gives the outstanding bridal look once wrapped around.

As it is brimmed with traditional motifs and designs, you will feel ethnic. The jewelry and Kanchipuram saree compete with brightness. The pure silk brings out the real look this saree.

All the Kerala traditional sarees come in the colour like maroon, gold and cream. The colours and designs combination must go well on a Kerala wedding saree.

4. Silk zari saree

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If you want an out and out traditional bridal look, then you must go for a pure zari saree. There are many sarees that get zari border for that additional beautiful look. Choosing a zari woven saree is different from only zari bordered saree.

Pure zari sarees are preferred by South Indian brides. The contrast colours and the highlighting motifs on zari fabric makes the sarees look super traditional. Most of the bridal designer sarees are made of zari.

5. Tussar silk saree

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Tussar silk sarees are comfortable for you to wear in hot summer as well. If you are looking for a simple saree to wear summer wedding, then Tussar silk sarees are good to go with.

The nature inspired motifs makes these sarees look extra beautiful. The embroidered tussar silk saree looks

6. Georgette saree


When you are looking for a bridal saree for wedding rituals, you can for a Georgette saree. The lightweight sarees with bright borders look fashionable on the modern brides of Kerala.

Georgette sarees with a combination of net fabric is trending. The saree carries both traditional and fashionable look. The embellishments and the embroidery makes the saree is perfect Kerala regal brides.

Georgette sarees are also printed with beautiful motifs which prettify the saree itself. You can simply pair a well designed blouse that goes with the Georgette saree. You can accessorize with jewelry that makes your look traditional and bridal. These sarees are a lovely pick for Kerala Muslim brides.

7. Tissue saree


Tissue saree are woven delicate silk threads. The saree appears like tissue paper. There are again variants of this saree like Banarasi, Kerala kasavu. Some of the saree are get the tissue work pallu.

Tissue sarees are lovely with the printed designs. You can also look for a saree that is semi embellished which fits in Kerala traditions. Kerala brides can wear this kind of sarees for bridal shower and other rituals.

8. Beige saree


Beige sarees are breathtaking and you must own at least one saree. The fashionable style Kerala beige saree is embroidery designs. Your appearance becomes charming with a touch of golden colour in the saree.

You can pair the saree with the border colour blouse. This is the most loved and trending bridal saree style. A set of heavy earrings and bridal hairstyle is all that you need to shine on. As it is a beige saree, you shine effortlessly.

9. Kerala ikat saree


Ikat pattern attractive women all over India. This is a kind of saree that you must wear for a unique look. Ikat sarees are also beautiful with patch works that come in Kerala style.

We know the Kerala are style- most of the sarees are of beige and off white with vibrant coloured borders. The same works great for ikat sarees. You can check out the above image where the woman looks simply beautiful.

10. Chanderi silk saree


Chanderi sarees are transparent and fabric is sheer texture. Basically chanderi silk saree are woven with the fabrics pure silk, chanderi cotton and silk cotton. These sarees are perfect for Kerala brides when they get the Kerala designs and motifs. The motifs on these sarees stand out as there are woven with golden threads.

Kerala bridal Chanderi sarees comes in vibrant colours like red, fuchsia, bright lavender, forest green and other colours. You can pick the attractive sarees to look fully dolled up. If you want that original style of Chanderi saree, then you must choose pastel colours as it is characterized to be.

11. Kerala saree for christian bride


Christian brides wear beige or off white sarees for wedding. The simple looking saree make the bride look graceful.

A beautiful hairstyle that suits your saree and style makes you stylish brides. If you want to look royal, you go for an embellished saree. You have various sarees that are made for Kerala Christian brides.

A Christian bride who wants to keep the bridal minimal can go with a chiffon silk saree, tissue saree or a georgette saree. All these sarees are great for Christian bridal wear.

The naturally beautiful Kerala brides look even more beautiful with these sarees. The variety of sarees that can be part of your bridal collection. This collection makes you a modern, fashionable and traditional bride.

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