11 Top Lingerie Brands In India- Defines Your Figure


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Undergarments selection was always secretive and not open for Indian women. Women were hardly open to with the lingerie selection.But we must say now, the undergarments selection is not secretive or a shame anymore. The open choices with variations is only possible with the best lingerie brands.

The lingerie brands available in India are also guiding women in selection and requirements.The brands are sharing the knowledge and giving a chance to get even more open with lingerie pick.

A set of lingerie brands in India are exploring with the best quality,needs and designs. The lingerie brand, I list out here can never disappoint you in anyway. Now, check out which are those top lingerie brands in India as per our research and choice-

Lingerie Brands in India

1. Zivame


If you are not sure of your breast size and shape, do not hurry with the lingerie shopping. Pause and step to the nearby Ziavme store. Zivame team helps you in finding the best fitting lingerie.

It is a need to find the desired colour and design for lingerie. Not just the size but zivame provides you the best lingerie which is- well designed, comfortable and updated variations.

When I stepped zivame store, they helped with the options, designs and quality ranges. At the end, they made sure to satisfy their customer with happy shopping. One of the best and proud lingerie Indian brand that you can trust and rely on. Though it is a bit pricey, it s worth shopping lingerie from Zivame.

2. Clovia


Some young girl and women too get confused with their breast size. This simply leads you in picking a wrong lingerie set. You must know your size first. So, clovia gives you an option to know your size online itself. You can finish up your two tasks on clovia- know your size and then shop.

Clovia gives the best offers in reasonable price. The well designed and comfortable lingerie selection that too within the budget is possible with clovia.

The colours and fabrics makes the Clovia lingerie a best brand. And you also need not compromise on the quality.

3. Jockey


We need no introduction for jockey brand when coming to lingerie. Jockey is the most popular brand for lingerie. The trendy colours and prints of Jockey lingerie makes women just go for it. You also have the classy lingerie sets in Jockey which come in standard colours.

The categories lingerie is classified for lingerie brand makes it easy for your selection. The sport’s wear bras, shaper bra, sleepwear and many other varieties are available for you.

You can choose jockey for it’s quality and fit. You can make the right choices from online or store shopping. The prices of the jockey lingerie is reasonable for tghe3 quality.

4. Amante


Amante is a lingerie brand you can try on for super quality. When I visited the online site of amante, I liked the way they classified the categories. You may have some requirements to fit in for your lingerie pick. The requirements are customized and mentioned clearly. This makes your lingerie shopping easy and happy.

You can fabric, pattern, style and discounts wise. The brand lets you feel feminine and beautiful with every lingerie set. Every piece of lingerie serves the purpose. All you need have to shop in amante is- what you want! This clear idea can make your lingerie shopping perfect.

5. Victoria secret


Do you love Victoria secret perfumes? Not just perfumes, you can opt the brand for best lingerie. If you are looking for the fashionable lingerie with good quality, then you can go with this brand.

The finishing and colours that the brand gives to the lingerie makes you grab bone. You can also choose this brand for lingerie for luxurious and comfy wear. The lingerie gloves up your body and you will love the way it stays up.

The online lingerie shopping is simple and easy with Victoria secret. You can just glance the options and make pick one. You have unbelievable variations with stunning designs. The brand deserves to be called best for lingerie.

6. Enamor


Enamor is one of the brand that offers various sizes from 32B to 42DD. Along with the sizes, the brand explored with the styles of lingerie. It is one of the well lingerie brands in India.

You have basic classification that makes you lingerie shopping simple and best. The basic categories are again divided into sub categories which are apt for new gen women. You would wonder at the modish lingerie wear that Enamor offers.

The basic categories of enamor lingerie are- bras, panties, nightwear, sportswear and shapewear. Give it a try via online site and for sure you will find many right lingerie sets for yourself.

7. Mark and Spencer


Mark and Spencer linger is brilliantly designed for comfort feel. The finishing of the lingerie gives you the seamless look underneath the clothes.

The glove fitting lingerie may also be suffocating for some. Being fit, the lingerie needs to be enough breathable. Marks and Spencer offers the breathable and stylish lingerie for contemporary women.

When it comes to lingerie, the choices and options cannot be limited. More wider choices gives a free hand to shop for. Marks and Spencer being a popular brand, it keeps the lingerie options enough wide.

8. Pretty secrets


Pretty secrets is a lovable lingerie brand of India. The brand is pretty as it is named. But it is not that, the brand just keeps the lingerie pretty. It is also great coming to quality and varieties.

The lingerie that pretty secrets offer makes you feel confident about your appearance. The undergarments that you are wearing let you be in shape. So, when you are choosing this brand for lingerie, you know that you are wearing comfortable and supportive ones.

9. Bwitch


The modern women need to choosy about lingerie shopping. This brand lets you be that choosy. Though the prices of the lingerie sets are a bit high, it worth to spend for quality products.

The brand is amazing with the feminine styles and comfortable feel. You would always wait to define your figure with nicest lingerie. Bwitch brand lets you define your figure in your style.

You need to be a little more choosy when it bras selection as it should provide full coverage and good support to your breast. Go choosy and pick your figure defining bras from this lingerie brand/

10. Inner sense


If comfort comes first for you with lingerie, then you must look up to this lingerie brand. The lingerie from Inner sense fits you well and it feels soft against skin.

The undergarments from this brand are of lightweight. The fabric is of standard quality.

The straps bras come with the smooth straps. The Inner sense panties come with the antimicrobial lace which is also anti fungal and anti odor. Inner sense is updated not only with the designs and quality but also with the hygiene. Hygiene and undergarments are closely related and Inner sense brand understood it better. The unique and innovative concepts are well accepted and useful.

11. Da intimo


It is one of the leading lingerie brands online in India. The prices of the Da intomo lingerie is affordable.

You may want any kind of undergarment and that will be available in Da Intimo. It offers fashionable, comfortable and well fitting lingerie. Sometimes, the softest fabric don’t make the stylish lingerie. But here, with this brand, you will have the comfy lingerie with style.

You have variety of bras types in this lingerie brand. If you are looking for maternity bras, then you can even find them.

Lingerie can make your day happy and unhappy too. Every woman who experienced difficulties with the undergarments would not trust any brand or neglect being choosy about it. So, these lingerie brands in India let you go happy all the day!

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