Lingerie shopping tips for first timers


Well, let us start off with actually questioning why lingerie is one of the best garments for women. Not many know that lingerie can be all about mixing both sexiness and comfort. It can definitely come as no surprise that lingerie is the loveliest and shiniest thing in the whole world and you can actually acquire much more than it can offer you. Well, maybe at first it could be quite intimidating to shop for it because you don’t know the specifics and especially if you are just starting out alone. But hey, don’t worry at all – because we are going to get you started on how to buy lingerie for yourself and how to be confident during a lingerie shopping. So, here you go – We present to you some tips for lingerie shopping for all the first timers out there!

Tips for Lingerie Shopping

1Have an open mind

Have an open mind

Well to start off with, we understand that lingerie shopping can be hard considering that it is an intimate and a personal piece of clothing that it can bring out a lot of difficult feelings in and from you. But, until you are sure that this is what you deserve and unless it is way outside your budget, it never hurts to just try something on to see if you are the kind of person who definitely needs it. You could be a person who needs a full covered bra but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try a black lacy slip or an ouvert knickers. You have to start discovering what you would need from all of these collections that are kept in front you. Don’t worry about the size or the comfort at first. If you know what you want to choose, the shop helpers will help you with the size and the designs. Remember to keep an open mind because if you are closed mind, you may never find what you want – instead you will go for what you think you want!

2Don’t assume

Don’t assume

Secondly, this is something a lot of women tend to do. They assume. Assuming that something may not fit or something may not be available in the market is not your call. You have to check for it. Well, internet is weirdly wonderful in such cases. You could definitely try researching about brands and where you get those brands with your sizes. It is also important that you don’t think about the sizes. If not in one shop, you will get in another. Just because you are out of size in your local shop, doesn’t mean it is not available elsewhere. You have to figure out a way and buy what you want. So, if you are the type you keep assuming everything, that wouldn’t work with lingerie at all. So, stop it now and go shop whatever you want!

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3Match your outfit with bra

Match your outfit with bra

If you are a person who likes to match your outfit with your bra, then make sure you bring the outfit with you. This is more on the side of common sense, but a lot of people tend to make this silly mistake. They forget to bring their dress with them and end up purchasing another color, which doesn’t go with the dress. The bra color is different and it is awkward when you wear it on the dress. You can’t blame anyone if such mistakes happen, so always bring the outfit if you want to match it. If you are planning for your bridal outfit, then you may not be a first timer at all. But, you may have confusions about the kind of color you should choose for your bridal suits. It is always good to go with dark colors when you are choosing for bridal dresses because dark colors are complementary and helps when you want to change between two dresses as well. So, go with a darker color for your bridal planning alone.

4Feel comfortable

Feel comfortable

Well we all know that comfort is different for different people. For me comfort can be the size and for you comfort can be something to do with the shape or the material. So, it doesn’t matter if it is about choosing a proper material or shapes or the looks, it’s important that you feel comfortable in them. Remember that just because the salesman or saleswoman is a little pushy towards something or some brand, don’t buy it. Make sure you are a hundred percent comfortable when you wear it because if you don’t feel comfortable, no one will be there to tell you because no one else is feeling it other than you. Also, never go for what your partner or your friend says. They don’t know what or how you are feeling wearing that bra or the under panties. Remember that lingerie is a private thing, so decide on your own time without having more than one opinion which is yours.

5Have a lot of fun

Have a lot of fun

When you go lingerie shopping, it is not only about buying, seeing, trying and paying! It is much much more than that. It is about how you feel, what you want to buy, the designs, the models, the price and much more. Try more than four or five types before you decide what you want. It is important that you do that for your satisfaction. You don’t want to feel like you haven’t after all tried everything. So, have fun because looking good on those lingerie is the ultimate goal, right? So, have a lot of fun and try to go alone for lingerie shopping. If you go alone, you don’t have someone breathing over your neck reminding you of the price, type, fit, type etc. It is you and just you!

Lingerie shopping can be extremely nice and fun if you want it to be! So, write to us your first experience!

-Pavithra Ravi

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