8 Reasons why you should not date your best friend


Isn’t it just very easy to love the person you already like a lot? Well, when said love, friendship holds a different definition from the other forms of love. You don’t ‘love love’ your best friend like the way you ‘love love’ your lover. Falling in love with the person you know in and out can be easy, right? Nope, that is actually the toughest and will put you in a lot of awkward situations! Want to know how? Here are some reasons we have put down just for them who think turning friendship into love is the best thing that happened to them.

Why Should You Not Love Or Date Your Best Friend

1You already know a lot about each other

know each other

Knowing each other in the relationship is a great thing. Yes! Accepted! But, aren’t you bothered that you will know a lot more than necessary? His dirty habits, the annoying small things he says, how he convinces people? Aren’t you worried that he already knows how you look without makeup on your Saturdays? There is nothing new in your relationship except for the feel. The comfort level is way too much that you don’t know if you should act like friends who know everything or couple who has to search and look for those unseen details – Which by the way, won’t last for long.

2You will take a chance on your current friendship

You will take a chance

This is something you should know for sure. You are taking a huge back step on the current friendship that you have with your guy friend. By dating your best friend, not only is it ruining the friendship, but if things don’t pan out the way you thought it would, then it is going to affect both of you in the future too. You will never be able to see each other as your close-buddy anymore after a breakup or awkward gap. Save your relationship from all the drama and stick to being close friends.

3 You should find someone else for your relationship adv...

relationship advice

That one friend to whom you used to run for all your relationship advices will be the one causing the same now. You will have to find other people to crib and talk about your relationship with your boyfriend because he isn’t your friend anymore. Also, both of you will know in a snap that something is wrong with each other because, you know each other way better than the others. There will be no room for hiding your feelings sometimes.

4He knows all your secrets

He knows all your secrets

This could be the worst nightmare that could come alive for you. Your boyfriend knowing everything about youfrom the number of boys you dated, slept with, your wild encounters and whatnot! Nobody can be comfortable and date a person who knows everything about you already. The tiniest details are in light, bright and clear. This could be good sometimes , but bad most times!

5Your partner will leave, not your best friend

Your partner will leave

Think about this. You have done something horrible! Who will leave you first? Your partner or your friends? It is definitely your partner. What if your partner is your best friend? You are going to lose both of them, which will be tormenting for you. Instead, save yourself from all the pain and just date someone else. Keep your best friend as your best friend always. He will love you and stay beside you even if you hurt him because friendship is a whole new relationship that can never die.

6Taking for granted is easy in your relationship

Taking for granted

If you have been friends for long, it is very easy to take each other for granted most of the times. Too nice can hurt you!What happens is, you are lost and you don’t even know that you are stepping over the edge and taking him for granted. When you are friends, all friends do, is to take the other one for granted and it is acceptable there. But, as couples, there are a few hitches here and there. He will start to feel that you are stamping over his ego. This could be your first step down in your relationship.

7You know how he deeply had a crush on your best friend

crush on your best friend

You have been around them hanging out, kissing, cuddling and everything. So, flashes of that would always pop in your head. The same happens to him. You have mutual friends and everyone knows whom you have dated, done stuff with and your embarrassing memories. Knowing your partner’s history is different from being the one who helped them hook up with your friends? Ouch! That could hurt. Isn’t it?

8You could get bored easily

You could get bored easily

Yes, there are things you could explore and do in a relationship, but what if you have done everything already? You could be bored to death, sometimes because you are always hanging out with that guy who has already seen and done everything with you. You know their little quirks, their routine, what they do when and life becomes way too monotonous for the both of you.

Well, all said and done, it depends on each relationship. Every relationship is unique and you need to alter your emotions and activities according to the other person. You might find your soul mate in your best friend, or maybe not! So, why don’t you tell us your story? Write to us and share your fun experiences and thoughts on whether best friends can date or not.

-Pavithra Ravi

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