Things women with beautiful hair don’t really do


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Well, let’s start off with a hard question like this – Do you want to have long, healthy hair? Then, there are some things you might not want to do at first to keep it healthy and super nice. A lot of women who we all know spend tons of money trying to make their hair healthy and long, but the problem is that if they treat their hair badly they often see no results. There are some simple things women with gorgeous hair don’t really do. The beautiful hair becomes healthy and more beautiful because they don’t do certain things everyone else does. So, we have consulted and listed what all are the things beautiful hair women actually don’t do. So, go through our list and know what they don’t do and succeed and what you do and end up having a bad hair!

Things Girls with Beautiful Hair Don’t Really Do

1No washing every day

washing every day

Did you know that, do not wash your hair frequently, it will actually strip your hair of its natural oils. In a week, many women wash their hair once or twice, which actually assists them in maintaining their beautiful hair. It is always good to keep away from dry shampoo between washes, as it can be very drying too.

2No cheap haircuts

cheap haircuts

It is good to once in a while to treat your hair with care, instead of going or choosing a cheaper hairdresser. If you tend to have a good hairstyle or a styling technique, then you can definitely try and leave all your useless hair products so that it will let your hair be more healthy and shiny. Always try to consider getting a cut and then styling of your hair. Try the never done ones like putting your hair up and not letting it flow down. Also, make sure you get what you like so that you can feel happy about the hair cut.

3No Hair Conditioner and yes Steam

Hair Conditioner

Yes, it might be true and right that hair conditioner will moisturize and protect your hair, but if you go about using what is called steam, it will improve the changes and emphasize on the healthiness of your hair. Once you are done with your conditioner in the shower, consider on wearing a shower cap or clinging film to keep the heat in. This way you can lock in the extra moisture.

4They don’t disregard their scalp


You obviously should be knowing that your hair grows out of your scalp, right? So, it is also very important that you keep your scalp just as healthy as your hair if you want to have beautiful hair. Remember that if you scalp massage, you will make sure to promote hair growth while exfoliating your scalp.

5No blow drying every day

blow drying

All you women out there should know that women with long and healthy hair rarely use heat on their hair or actually/ideally they never do. You should know that your hair will be dried out if you use hair dryers. Make sure that you use them very occasionally or cut down your use to give your hair a breathing break.

6They don’t ignore their end hair

end hair

We should also warn you that the older hair is basically the ones that are on the end and the roots are more dry and arid, so it is wise to know that you should be giving the ends some extra attention and nourishment. The small particles present in coconut oil can protect and moisturize your hair. It In fact makes your hair more nicer and smoother by penetrating hair follicles.

7They brush their hair

brush hair

Your dead hair dyes and goes away if you plan to brush your hair and also stimulates your scalp. You should make sure that no matter what you should brush your hair every day. What happens when you don’t brush? You dead hair doesn’t let your hair grow, remains dead, and will wither slowly making your even bald.

8They purchase hair friendly pillows

hair friendly pillows

Did you know that the towels and sleeping pillows can actually save your hair and make it better for you? Well, if you didn’t know, then make the right choices and know that it is safer when a good pillow is used for sleeping. This is because, the moistness in your hair will be retained by the silk pillow, so if you buy silk pillows, you will have a good and healthy hair. It won’t dry up everything at all.

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9They don’t do everything at once

Beautiful Hair

Women with beautiful hair take care when they style their hair because if you want to create a perfect look when you go out, you need to make sure that you don’t have a rough hair, right? It is also important to remember that you can try to section your hair parts so that when you brush your hair, it will be even and you wont have hidden hair follicles.

10They never ever forget To Moisturize their Hair

Moisturize Hair

You should know that there are a lot of, all night masks, oils, leave-in conditioners and moisturizing creams that can help to keep your hair in great condition all of the time. Did you know that even the right food can help moisturize your hair too? Yes, good and healthy food will help your hair and make it more beautiful and desirable. Foods like fish, fresh vegetables, avocados and coconut oil are a great set of items that will help your hair and keep it very nice.

-Pavithra Ravi