Top benefits of dating a tall guy


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Well, to start off with – You have all the perks when you date a tall guy and dating him could be a totally a super different experience. Do you know what becomes interesting? The beautiful bear hugs and the day to day interactions when you have to stand on a couch or a stool to talk to him become extremely cute in your relationship. You will know exactly what we are talking if you have any time in life dating a tall guy. There are hell lot of perks dating a tall guy and here is a list of them for you.

Reasons Why Dating a Tall Guy is Awesome

1Can spot anywhere

Can spot anywhere

The best thing about dating a tall guy is that you can spot him literally anywhere in the crowd and you know that he won’t get lost at all. That is sometimes very nice and easy for you because you know that he is safe and secure all the time. This could be one of the main benefits of seeing him always in the crowd and feeling satisfied.

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2He can carry you

He can carry you

If you are a short girl and if he is the tall one, then your relationship blossoms beautifully. He will try to carry you whenever he can and by all means, will try to achieve it. That is a cute obsession that the guys have when they are tall. He can throw you, spin you and make you feel secure in his hands that will be big enough for you. You will love it for sure.

3Name it and he can get that

Name it and he can get that

You just have to name it and you will find him doing it for you because he is very tall and he can reach anything. To start off with, he will be able to get the bulb fixed or the light repaired or get you those clothes that are in the closet above your head. You need not worry as to how you are going to pick up the stuff lying on the top shelf. He can practically be your ladder.

4Kissing becomes fun

Kissing becomes fun

Well, if you date a guy who is tall, you will end up raising your toes to kiss him or he will have to bend a lot for you. Either way, isn’t it just fun to know that you guys have to take extra effort to kiss each other which will make it a perfect kiss every single time? The kiss will become worth it, so don’t worry about the height at all.

5Hugging him

Hugging him

Well, if you are hugging him, then you can easily fit into his arms because that is the cutest thing that can keep your relationship happy and happening. Well, since you are the shorty of the two, you will be able to fit into his arms damn easily. It is cute and very sweet when you think about it.

6Protects you

Protects you

He will be easily protecting you from everything. Literally, he will be your bodyguard because he will easily protect you from people, places, situations and everything.

-Pavithra Ravi

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