Style Trends in Shoes for Women

Shoes for Women

Every woman has love affairs. Oh No! I am not talking about the relationship with your boyfriend. I am talking about your fashion accessories. It can be watches, bracelets, jewellery or shoes. The most loved fashion accessory for every woman is the shoes. Every girl must be having a huge collection of shoes but not all are essential in your day to day life. So, here are some shoes for women which are essential in her wardrobe.

Shoes for Women

1Pump Shoes

Pump Shoes

Pumps are the most formal and the most sophisticated pair that one should own. They are plain, sober, closed from each and every side and they will go with every formal attire that we could choose.

2Peep Toes

Peep Toes

Peep Toes are slightly cut from the top and from the toe portion. It gives a classy look.



Booties are one type of shoes for women which are really in trend. These are cute booties that every girl would love to own this season. They are these short, ankle length boots which you can theme up with short dresses, shorts, and even with a nice pair of jeans.

4Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels

You can call them the beginner’s heels or the one-inch heels. These heels are absolutely amazing for those who are beginners in wearing heels. These heels provide you with that right amount of balance you need while wearing heels for the first time.

5Platform Heels

Platform Heels

These heels are huge, big and chunky. But they are super comfortable. No matter how huge and big they are, but the fact that they are platform heels which makes it a lot more comfortable because of the cushion kind of material.

6Mule Shoes

Mule Shoes

These shoes for women are closed from front and opened fat the back. These shoes are absolutely in fashion and can be worn with formal wear.



Loafers had been there for a really long time. They are really comfortable and look good with any attire. It can be the dress or a nice pair of jeans.

8Mary Janes

Mary Janes

Remember those shoes that we used to wear during our school days with the buckle on the side? The same have been added with these heels. One can opt for the bright colour or nice leopard print heels to add that on to your ensemble to look fabulous and pretty.

9Sling Backs

Sling Backs

All of us love slingbacks. They give you the perfect kind of grip that you would desire for and of course have that bit of sexy appeal as well. Because when you fasten the straps from the back they just look pretty.

10High Ankle Boots

High Ankle Boots

Believe it or not, you can wear them with any kind of dress. You can wear them with short skirts, denim shorts, jeans etc. You can also wear them when you are travelling or going to a party.

11Keds Shoes

Keds Shoes

Keds protects your feet from cracked feet which you get when you wear flip flops. Keds are more comfortable for daily wear.

12Platform Wedges

Platform Wedges

These are some kind of shoes, which tend to give you a lot of height and a lot of style without compromising your comfort. You can wear them with a party dress or you can pair them up with something casual like denim, shorts etc.

13Flat Sandals

Flat Sandals

Opt for a pair of flat sandals with details that you will be happy to slip into on regular basis. It can have a fun colour or a studded finish which will up your overall look. It is perfect for a casual outing. you can wear them with shorts, dress or a salwar suit.

14Tall Flat Boots

Tall Flat Boots

These boots give a lot of women the look that they want without adding the complication of height. It remains a timeless style in every woman’s wardrobe. You can get them in black or brown colour. It works fabulously on taller women. It adds polish to your T-shirt or jeans. you can also tuck your skinny jeans into your boots or you can wear them with your favourite dress or a skirt.

15Ladylike Shoe

Ladylike Shoe

Every girl encounters a situation where she requires a lady likes shoes in her closest. Whether it’s for a friends wedding or to meet your boyfriend’s parents you are glad to have this in your wardrobe. It has to be a feminine and classy pair. It can be pumps or peep toes. It can either be in satin or lace.


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