Why should you date a younger guy?


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Younger Guy

Well, dating a younger guy isn’t a big deal at all. Your friends and family may oppose it at first. But if they get to see the fun you are having, they will take back those words. If you haven’t gotten a chance to date a younger man, you may never understand as to why women go for younger guys. You might think that it is wise to date a man who has all the money, a steady job, a life to lead on and a house. But, what about experiencing the inexperienced? That is something different and you will have more fun with the young guys. Since they think differently, you would like to go out with these guys. A young guy’s thoughts work creatively and differently.

He will take you out to places you haven’t visited and will make you feel like you are the queen of the world. Well, you deserve that kind of treatment once in a while right? Dating a younger guy doesn’t make you an insane person. You are just looking at what else is there in the pond! That makes you actually a wise person, because you are trying out new things and if you like the new things you are trying out, you are going to continue. If you don’t like it, there are always chances of quitting it and getting back to the normal dating circle. So, here are some interesting facts as to why you should date a younger guy!

Top Reasons Why It Is Fun to Date a Younger Guy

1They are smart and cute

They are smart and cute

Yes, being smart is one and being cute is another. The thing with younger guys is that they are a mix of both these things. They are cute and smart at the same time. Think about this situation. Would you be dating a man with beers and a paunch or a guy who is ready to do everything with you that makes you feel special. Older guys or guys of the same age may sometimes stick to becoming the mundane kind where they would want to watch a match or a game, hang out with friends, work on weekdays and drink on weekends. That becomes their routine. But if you are with a guy who younger for you, he would want to do everything with you! Don’t take this in an offensive way, but he will be your puppy! He will come wherever you ask him to and help you with anything without a second doubt. Plus, let’s not forget that he will be sexy too!

2Your work status is not a problem

Your work status is not a problem

If you are dating a younger guy, he wouldn’t ask you questions about where you work, how much you earn and what work you do. That is so much convenient because you don’t have to speak about work to your date or even when you are in bed. If you are dating older men, they tend to probe a lot into it. They will ask you your interests; they will ask you why you couldn’t do something in a certain way or they will dig you with questions on your competency. That is why most of the older men don’t fit the bill perfectly well when it comes to dating because they don’t stop with the questions. Younger men don’t care because they don’t want to know your work experience. They just want to know if you are happy at the moment. Younger men concentrate a lot on how you are now and at the present, which is a good break from reality sometimes.

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3He will take you out regularly

He will take you out regularly

There will not be one single day that he is bored to take you out. He will know all the cool places in and around the city and won’t bore you with boring places like malls or movies. He will be up for adventure whenever you are and will sit back at home watching movies, when you aren’t interested. He will be very flexible, which is a huge advantage when it comes to a younger guy. The best thing about younger guys is that they are hippie hip and they will know all the trending places. If you are a little older than him, you may feel awkward at first. But, when time passes, even you will get used to such places. It will become easier for you to mingle with his friends.

4The sex

The sex

Let’s face it! The sex is going to be brilliant with younger guys. This is one of the most important things in a relationship ladies! Well the sex can be better with any kind of guy you are dating. Older men will know exactly what they are doing and will make sure you reach the pleasurable points. When it comes to younger guys, they have three things that older men lack. They have the inquisitiveness, stamina and excitement. A good sex involves a lot of curiosity as well. Every woman wants to know something new every day. If you are doing the same thing every night, then it would get boring. But that is not the case with younger guys. They are super curious and inquisitive about sex and would want to try everything when they are in bed with you. Plus, let’s face it! They have the stamina of a horse. They can run, run and keep running. Probably you would get tired, but they will be up for everything at any time.

Most importantly, these guys are also excited about the sex they are having. Since they are excited, they make sure they last for a while and that they experience new things every day. That will keep them doing new and exciting things which is an added advantage if you are a girl looking for a lot of action.

-Pavithra Ravi

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