6 Harmful Effects Of Cosmetic Surgery


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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery, has slowly became a booming industry in these few years. Mostly women make up to 91% of the cosmetic customers, they want more to make some quick fixes on their face more than anything. This hype to appear younger as well as fresher, among the mind of more number of woman making them desperate to go under the knife. Cosmetic surgery generally involves surgical procedures, performed by cosmetic surgeons to improve the “look” and the physical appearance of a person. But, cosmetic surgery is also linked with many emotional as well as physical appearance. All forms of cosmetic surgery is risky and is also vary from person to person. It can turn out well with some people, whereas it can also turn out bad for some. So here, are 10 harmful effects of cosmetic surgery, that you must know about, if you ever thought of going under the knife.

Hidden Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery

1Unexpected Beauty Botches

Unexpected Beauty Botches

Whenever you try to tamper with your body’s balance, you are risking as well as creating a new kind of problems.

Some studies say that liposuction can slim down on one problem, but can create another. Women who try the fat suction from the thighs as well as the lower abdomen, always end up in destroying the fat cells. When later, they put the weight back, it is distributed among unevenly, often also less flattering areas like the back, abdomen and arms.

Some also say that changing feature can sometimes throw off the appearance of the person. A tummy tuck can also cause the thighs to look out of the proportion, while plumped up lips can make a normal size nose suddenly appear obtrusive. Botox injections, which paralyze certain kind of facial muscles can also cause other active muscles to appear overpowering very strangely and odd.

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2Threats Below The Surface

Threats Below The Surface

Cosmetic customers are never fully prepared for the emotional as well as mental costs of the surgery the stress in the surgery, related with the lack of sleep and recuperation which also includes pain, swelling, and fatigue. These experience causes some degree of depression.

According to some people, the general emotional arc after the surgery begins with depression as you will heal, and then shifts to a honeymoon phase where you can see the result but sometime morphs into disappointment. Those who have fantasized more about the physical change can result in dissatisfaction. Moreover, the expectation on the beauty can rise more and be disappoint.

3Damaging Peer Reactions

Damaging Peer Reactions

Perhaps, the most dangerous threat of a cosmetic change is the reaction of the others. No one can control on how people will react. Sometimes, when the customer is happy with the work done, and get negative comments from the surrounding people, then get more disappointed and feel more refused.

People can perceive in the form of vain, threatening as well as very manipulative. In office, it can become a gossip among the colleagues about the extended surgery to look beautiful.

Sometimes, these decisions can have a very skewed vision upon the children in the family. As they may grow up disliking their bodies.

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4Health Status

Health Status

If you are in less than the perfect health then this is among the many increased risks during the surgery. If there is a history on heart disease and even overweight, then there is greater risk of complications from general anesthesia.



The risk of infection after the cosmetic surgery is very less and antibiotics reduce this risk very dramatically. However, if infections occur, then it is very serious. People who smoke, have vascular conditions, and take steroids are in more greater risk. The much longer the surgery lasts, the more blood is lost, and more likely to have an infection.



Scarring is the main issue in this surgery, and with every effort made to minimize it, they may still occur.

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