Yup, You Are Right! He Is Emotionally Bonded With You

Man Have Emotional Bonding

Emotional affair with someone is one of the best part in a relationship. Plus, when a man is emotionally attached to you, you can describe his affection with his behavior, and it becomes the most cutest part in your relationship. He will do many emotional and silly things with you. He will protect you, like his treasure. So, here are some signs, that your man have emotional bonding or affair with you.

Signs To Know The Emotional Bonding

1A special ring tone for you

A special ring tone for you

Yes, he will set a different ring tone for you. Like a special ring tone for a special person. It can mostly be any kind of love songs or anything similar or romantic. His ring tone will distinguish, your call from others. If you haven’t noticed it yet, then try to concentrate more next time when he receives a call in front of you.

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2Nonstop inside jokes

Nonstop inside jokes

Yup, you guys are going to have a number of inside jokes. Which only you guys “will get it” and no one will be able to understand them. You guys might find them very funny, but to others, it is just gibber. So, don’t worry, a little trouble with friends is ok, as long as you both are comfortable with each other.

3Compares everybody with you

Compares everybody with you

No matter whoever he meets, he might end up comparing everybody with you and always place you superior to everybody. You might become his charm, and he loves the way you move, talk, express, etc. He won’t be able to find anybody better than you, and if your partner is already doing this, then you are half way ahead in your relationship.

4Accidentally say your name

Accidentally say your name

He might start saying your name, accidentally everywhere. Referring to a friend, he might say your name or remembers you when he is with his friends. It happens most of the time in some emotionally attached relationship.

5Interested in a your hobby/activity

Interested in a your hobby/activity

Remember that grown-up man don’t change suddenly or spontaneously. They only get involved in something that they think are cool, or are more interested in. So, if he is taking or showing more interest, in your hobbies or activities then, there are chances that he is more emotionally attached to you.

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6Thinks you to be his best friend

Thinks you to be his best friend

He considers, you to be his best friend and shares every hip and happening, in his life. He makes plans to be with you every time and every moment. He won’t miss a chance to be with you.

7He will have negative opinions

He will have negative opinions

He can be a little negative about your friends or your ex-boyfriends. He can feel jealous, about your friends and will judge your friends on the first impression. But, trust him, he loves you and is just being afraid of sharing you with anyone else.

8Can stop talking about work

Can stop talking about work

When he becomes emotionally attached to you, all he wants to talk with you is his emotional feelings. Which may not relate to his work discussions.

9Been clothes shopping with you

Been clothes shopping with you

He will go shopping with you. We know, how much guys hate shopping. But, when he gets emotionally attached to you he won’t leave a moment of you being shopping alone. He will feel, the intimacy for you.

10Increasing time spend together

Increasing time spend together

You will find, that you are spending more time with him than anybody else like friends, co-worker, etc. He can always ask you to be with him and never leaves your side.

If any of these things are happening, then your partner might be more attached to you emotionally than physically. Try, showing respect to this person, as can be someone who might stay with you forever.

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