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Fashion is an extremely broad term that involves everything from jewelry, accessories, clothes to even perfume for that matter. Perfume constitutes the major fashion sense of a woman nowadays and it also is one of the most important things that deal with personal hygiene and fashion sense. Ladies, you sure do love statement pieces don’t you? You might have one dress that fits all occasions and looks perfectly good on you with whatever shoes you wear. Isn’t it? Even perfumes are like that. There could be one particular perfume that works fine for every occasion. The fragrance of the perfume has its own style and popularity. Perfumes not only are great for the scent, but also evoke a great sense of memories and events from the past.

Yes, you might have inhaled a particular perfume smell and you could remember that night being the best night of your life. Those memories could come flashing when you smell the perfume. Whether it is a special perfume or a day to day one, there are some kinds of popular perfumes every woman should own for herself. On the note, here are some of the most popular perfumes that are favoured by not just normal people, but also used by celebrities and masses. A good perfume screams and smells of class, elegance and most of all, your fashion sense is highlighted. So, try to own these perfumes sooner or later.

Top and Popular Perfumes to Own

1Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana

D&G series is one of the best perfume kinds in the array of perfumes that you can recollect. D&G is a very popular perfume type not only among women, but also among men. If you are heading to a meeting or a business event, this perfume is one of the safest and best option. If you are a person who does not like heavy scent, then this is the perfume you should be using. It is a failsafe alternative to people who have headaches due to strong scents. Not just that, even if you are going out with your boyfriend or spending the lazy evening with your funniest friends, D&G is one of the best ones.

The best time to buy this expensive and popular perfume could be during the holiday season where the prices are slashed and they give you special offers for every purchase. The fragrance of these perfumes can make your day brighter and flowery.

2Guerlain Shalimar

Guerlain Shalimar

If you have been to the middle east side, you will know the popularity of Guelain Shalimar. Not very often is it found in the western countries or even in India for that matter. The wonderful smell is a mixture of jasmine, rose and iris contents and you will feel like you are in between a flower dome.

The classy-ness of the perfume remains intact in their history and their journey. You might get different versions of Shalimar in the market, but the originality of Guerlain is in its amazing contents inside the tiny bottle. If you are going out for a party or a wedding, don’t hesitate to wear this perfume as its essence can make heads turn, rather spin. It categorizes in the strong perfume category as its jasmine and rose petal blends with the essential oils/contents. If you haven’t used it before, ask for a tester bottle. Try it before you use it if you don’t prefer strong scent.

3Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has been one of the most ancient perfume owners who have not failed to cover generations of people’s mind and souls with their amazing collection. They are pretty much the pioneers I would say and one particular perfume called obsession is their top seller even today. Launched in mid 80s, obsession has been their centre of attraction ever since and people all over the world have loved the perfume for its originality and brand value. It has a blend of flowers and spices that are mixed with earthly tones and base scent.

The best thing about Calvin Klein is that they are long lasting and powerful for almost an entire day. The perfume also suits women very well as the feminine side of a woman is easily turned on once you use the perfume. This is definitely one of the most popular perfume that a woman can own. So, ladies! Now, start obsessing about obsession.

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4Paco Rabanne lady Million

Paco Rabanne lady Million

Lady million for women is a new entry in the perfume industry with its counterpart One million (men). Though they are just 8 years old in the industry, you cannot miscalculate the popularity or underestimate the powerfulness of the perfume. Lady million retains its original scent that is a mixture of orange peels, sambac, jasmine and essential smells. It has been highest in sales for a long time in the shops and even online.

The best thing about this perfume is the fact that it is available in a lot of locations and the rates are slightly affordable which is a very good thing for a starter like this. One thing you should be careful about are the fake ones. There are many fake perfumes in the market in the name of Lady Million. So, when you buy it, be sure to ask for the patent or copyright papers.



Last but definitely not the least, we have the famous and the most popular perfume of all time – Chanel. I have written Chanel towards the end because it is a given that Chanel products are always number one in the shops. So, I just wanted to pull it down to number 5 at least in my article. Chanel is the synonym for glamor, glitz and fashion. It is an affirmative perfume that brings with it the class and elegance that none of the other perfumes have carried so far.

Reportedly, a lot of celebrities use Chanel products including actress like Marilyn Monroe to Nicole Kidman. The special category of Chanel perfume is the No. 5 perfume that have a perfect mixture of iris, amber and other luxurious additions. Did you know that every bottle of Chanel No.5 is sold in 55 seconds? There are no surprises there!

So, ladies! If you have been bugging your partner to get you something, give them this article and make them read it. That’s how you will get your expensive yet elite perfume bottles!

-Pavithra Ravi

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