Fashionable Watercolor Tattoos For Women

Fashionable Watercolor Tattoos For Women

It is never a secret that we love tattoos, like tiny tattoos, or inner ear tattoos, or wrist tattoos. There are many types of tattoos in the world, and many people do it in the most common way. But, are you interested in getting inked in a different way? Different way like getting a watercolor tattoo? Yes, watercolor tattoos look exactly like someone has done a watercolor drawing on your body. It is one of my favourite type to get inked. No other tattoo art comes close to an eye-popping reaction we have at the sight of the watercolor tattoos. The bright colors, or the intricate details, or the light-hearted designs can make these body art a classic. So here, are some fashionable watercolor tattoos for women, that you must know and do about.

Intricate Watercolor Tattoos

1Back Watercolor Tattoos

Back Watercolor Tattoos

It is a geometric shaped tattoo that is completely detailed with beautiful half circles and line with spread of color on the skin. It has been intricately designed on the back of the body, a perfect spot to add a splash of color on your skin.

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2Watercolor Dandelion Tattoos

Watercolor Dandelion Tattoos

Dandelion plants are one of the most fascinating and beautiful plant that has always been captivated the mind of the viewer. So how wonderful will that be to capture the imagination and put it into the form of watercolor tattoos? Just like in the image, not only origami birds, even you can add anything that you think can go with the enchanting view of the dandelion and add colors to reflect the art.

3Watercolor Bird Back Tattoo

Watercolor Bird Back Tattoo

Birds have always been taken the center stage when it comes to art or to express any form of art. Just like in the image, you can catch the bird in your back with many color combinations, be it small or large and then give a nice touch to the overall look of the whole watercolor body art by adding some mixture of beautiful colors.

4Dolphin Watercolor Tattoos

Dolphin Watercolor Tattoos

When talking about animals, then how can be fishes like dolphins miss out? Dolphins do have a lot of common things with us, plus you can also make them your inspiration to the body art. Just like in the image, you can draw dolphins in shades like blue in a more artistic way on your bicep. If you want, you can also make them on your stomach or back.

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5Cat Tattoo

Cat Tattoo

Another cute as well as clever animal to talk about on the body art section is the cat. Just fill the gap not only with one color, but with many shades that you think can define the cats personality. It is also the best way to define something that you loved the most. So if you have fallen in love with a cat and this amazing watercolor tattoo art, then you must do this one on your shoulders.

6Wrist Watercolor Tattoo

Wrist Watercolor Tattoo

If you are a minimalist then this type of tattoos can really make your day. As you do not have to always be bold or colorful, but you can surely make a beautiful colorful tattoo on your wrist. As it is one of the most minimalist way to make your wrist look beautiful.

7Flower Watercolor Wrist Tattoo

Flower Watercolor Wrist Tattoo

Flower tattoo, I know that you must have been bored by hearing or seeing flower art or flower tattoo every where, because yeah I agree that it is one of the most common type of tattoo art. But, look at this gorgeous red flower tattoo, with its amazing stem drawn so beautifully. You would never get something this beautiful when looking for flower art.

8Thigh Watercolor Tattoo

Thigh Watercolor Tattoo

Rains have always been the most inspiration behind every art. If you are someone who do not want to show off, then you must this type of tattoo on the thighs and never show off or show only in special occasion, then try out this gorgeous girl with the umbrella tattoo. It can be as mesmerizing as the tattoo itself.

9Shoulder Watercolor Tattoo

Shoulder Watercolor Tattoo

Abstract form of art is becoming quite common these days and what more interesting thing is that it is taking a toll even on the body art form. Just like in the image itself, you can go on doing something abstract art like this one or select from the various range of it. It doesn’t matter until it is beautiful and gorgeous.

10Mandala Shoulder Watercolor Tattoo

Mandala Shoulder Watercolor Tattoo

Now mandala form of designs are gaining quite a lot of popularity these days. Then why not look out for something like in the image, where the lotus is drawn in the mandala form of art and is beautifully decorated with the color red. You must always try out this form of art for your next or first tattoo journey.

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