Believable excuses to take a day off from work

Believable excuses to take a day off from work

Every day is not a bright and a happy morning for everyone. Lazy days do peep in for most of us. When these days come, you just do not feel like loafing around the house, dragging yourself from one bedroom to another. Sometimes the idea of getting ready for work doesn’t hit your mind at all. However, the bad days do not always coincide with your days off work, which is why you have to think for a perfect excuse to give your boss. Not only should it be perfect, but it has to be believable, so your boss doesn’t find out what is cooking behind your intentions. We have a list of believable excuses you can give your boss and get a day off without him sulking over your absence


Check Out These Good Excuses for Calling Off Work

1Traffic issues


The most tested and tried excuse is traffic, any day! You can take advantage of your driving skills by telling your boss that you were caught for speeding or you are stuck in traffic and looks like you can never make it on time. Though, you may have to give in reasons the next day for why you didn’t turn up giving traffic as an excuse, you get an easy tick in the ‘I got caught by the police for speeding’ excuse. This way you can take a day’s off and relax

2Health issues

Health issues

‘I am not feeling well today, excuse me for not coming down’! This could be yet another easy excuse you can give your boss. When it comes to health, no one has a say and it can be only you who can rise to the occasion. Just like how your mom used to write you an absence letter when you were young, try to send in a message to your boss for not dropping in to the office. Try to maintain the same with your colleagues if you have to. Because sometimes, colleagues may not be very supportive in lying. So, maintain and gain a calling off from work.

3Family problems

Family problems

You can always blame your family for taking a day’s off. Tell your manager that you and your mom had a huge fight and now she is missing, or tell him that your brother met with an accident. Most of the times when it comes to families, bosses are very considerate. Though it is a huge lie, you can always thank your family by spending time with them.

4Doctor appointment

Doctor appointmen

If you want to take a planned off someday, prep your boss for it from the beginning. No one will believe if you wake up one day and say ‘I have an appointment with my doctor’. If an appointment is an excuse, then you would be knowing about it at least 2-3 days in prior. So, prep your boss for the same. Also, be specific in what appointment it is. If it is doctors, maintain it till the end to avoid confusions.

5Maybe your pet just ate Something Dangerous

Maybe your pet

You can always blame the pets at home when you want a day’s off. You can always say ‘My pet is in emergency and I have to take it to the doctor’s’. This is the best excuse to use on an animal-loving boss, because it could turn out as an advantage to you since they would empathize on you and grant a day’s off. If you play your cards right, you may be able to convince your boss that you need to be there for your pet since its in high risk danger.

6You got mugged on the way to work

You got mugged

You can just simply put it on someone who you don’t even know. Say some guy mugged you and now you do not have your purse. You can also go ahead and tell him that you have filed a case against the criminal and they are taking necessary actions. The serious tone and the situational emergency, will tell your boss that you are really in a trap and would excuse you to take an off. But, remember that, when you say this, he/she doesn’t take it too seriously and ask for place and if you need some help from them. So play your cards right.

7There are few other excuses apart from these

1. Your child needs to be taken to the school for a program
2. Someone passed away
3. Mom hurt herself and you need to stay beside her
4. Tell him the truth and stay back
5. You fell in the shower and hurt your back
6. You gave blood and now you feel dizzy.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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