How To Blow A Kiss Perfectly


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Blow A Kiss Perfectly

While, blowing a kiss may not be rocket science that needs tutoring to perfected, but blowing a perfect kiss is definitely a subtle art, a women would love to learn. It can be graceful yet naughty, Subtle yet flirty. A lot of emotions in one single imaginary flying kiss. So here it is, some important points to remember while blowing someone a loving kiss. Want to give a blowing kiss to someone in hope that they will remember you for a really long time? With our help, learn exactly how to blow a perfect kiss.

How To Blow a Perfect Kiss?

Blow a Perfect Kiss1. Look into the eye- This is important, you want to establish a connection with him. Wether it is your husband going away for work, or a date you really liked, or a friend you completely adore. Make eye contact so that they know how you feel.

2. Kiss Your Hands- Bring your hands close to your lips and place a gentle kiss on your hands. Usually the distance between you two can make it difficult to see what you are doing, So, make a prominent pout so as to emphasize that you are kissing.

Kiss Your Hands3. Blow The Kiss- Slowly bring your hands close to your mouth and pretend to blow this kiss in the intended direction. Make a slow sweeping motion from your jaw towards the direction your kissing to make it more prominent. Slowly spread your hands away.

4. Smile- This is really the most important thing in blowing a Perfect kiss. A smile can mean a lot. It can show emotion, pain, distress, It can also flirt, be mysterious. It can show displeasure that someone is leaving. This smile can emote exactly what you feel. Don’t forget to smile. Smile from your heart let it come from within. A perfect kiss is only a perfect kiss when you smile with your heart and mean it.

Some things to remember-

utest way to kiss

1. It is one of the cutest way to kiss. Although harmless, still make sure you don’t make anybody uncomfortable by this gesture.
2. Always be conscious of your surroundings, do not indulge in flirtatious behavior at places or cultural surroundings, where people might find it offensive.
3. Make sure you are at a visible distance of the person to blow a kiss.
4. Do not rush and blow this kiss in nervous laughter. You might end up looking really weird.

Do not rush and blow this kiss

5. Make sure you send a kiss only to the person you want to send it to. Do not get distracted and make eye contact with anybody else while blowing a kiss. It can really get really funny and messy if that happens.
6. Of all the other types of Kisses this one is most often done by celebrities.

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