How to Care For Your Skin After Mole Removal


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Skin After Mole Removal

Getting a mole removed can be due to so many reasons. It could be getting bigger in size, suspected Melanoma, beauty issues or just that it is becoming painful over time. Removing a mole has become so normal these days with so many painless ways to extract them. Be it laser therapy or radio therapy, Mole can be removed completely from the roots. But have you thought of the post op care that your skin requires post the mole removal in order to keep it free from scars? Well, improper skin care can leave behind scars and you definitely do not want that. Keep in mind a few points to care for your skin after mole removal.

How To Take Care For Your Skin After Mole Removal?

  1. After Care
  2. Sanitize the wound every day
  3. Moisturize
  4. Scar reducing cream
  5. Dietary Requirements
  6. Drink plenty water
  7. Massage Your Wound
  8. Avoid the Sun
  9. Silicone Scar sheets
  10. Follow up with your doctor

1. After Care

One of the most important things to remember is that removing the mole is just like the half part of achieving your scar free your flawless face, The other half is the post-op skincare process. A lot of procedure involving burning off the mole or cutting it off with a scalpel etc.

In such cases, it is important that the skin is properly taken care of so as to not leave behind big scars. Please follow all the instruction your doctor provides for dressing the wound, cleaning the dressing and changing it. If any medication is given do not forget to apply or consume it. It will only make sure that the wound heals soon and the scarring is prevented. Do not take this process for granted.

2. Sanitize the wound every day

After CareWhile this is a known fact that if you do not care for a wound in time, It will lead to more building up of bacteria and dirt around it, This can pose as a risk for causing an infection. And to prevent a scar, the last thing you want is any kind of skin infections.

For this reason, Always regularly clean your wound. Use hydrogen peroxide on a cotton to clean it and reduce bacteria and dirt around it. This process will reduces the chances of contracting a skin infection in the wound to the minimum.

3. Moisturize

Moisturizing your mole removal wound is really important. Did you know, that a dry wound is more likely to leave a scar than a well moisturized wound? Now that you know, Do not forget to moisturize your mole removal wound at least two to three times a day. Initially give it at least 2 days to heal and dry a little, When it starts developing a scab, apply moisturizer daily.

You can use a doctor prescribed moisturizer or any of the creamier moisturizing creams like Shea butter, cocoa butter or even petroleum jelly will do. This will further help in keeping the scar forming chances to minimum.

4. Scar Reducing Cream

MoisturizeIf you end up having a tiny bit of scar on your mole removal process, Do not panic. Forming a scar is a natural tendency of body, It can be minimized but not completely prevented, although it can be removed over time.

Just use the scar removal cream prescribed by your doctor and it can be lightened. These creams contain natural scar removing and scar lightening properties, A regular use of these creams can make you lose the scar in a matter of few weeks. Do not miss this step if your mole is removed by a surgery and has stitches. Esp. On the face.

5. Dietary Requirements

While there are no foods you are prescribed specifically for reducing a wound’s scar, But a body requires all the basic nutrients to keep itself healthy and its immunity and healing power in place to recover from the scar and leave no traces behind. Include healthy foods like vegetables, Fruits, olive oil, citrus fruits and nuts.

They provide your body with essential nutrients and Vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 fatty acids that keep your body at its optimum health and help reduce the chances of forming a scar.

6. Drink Plenty Water

Dietary RequirementsJust like a good diet is important to keep your body functioning properly, It is also important to hydrate your body properly so as to reduce the overall dryness of your body and skin. This will be an important step in achieving a great skin. The hydration will make it easier for the healing of your mole removal wound and prevent formation of scars.

7. Restrict Physical Exercises

While mole removal may not seem big enough of a surgery to lie down take rest and recoup, it is still a invasion of the body. There may be stitches on your wound and any kind of exercises will put pressure on the healing wound. It may cause it to break open or tear every time you stretch out.

This may cause extra stress to a healing wound and take it back to square one. This may result in formation of a scar and late healing of the wound. Also when you indulge in physical exercises, you tend to sweat. This sweat can infect your wound and cause unnecessary complications which can be easily avoidable otherwise.

8. Massage Your Wound

Restrict physical exercises

It is a known fact that taking massages can improve your blood circulation and increase the health of the body. Similarly, any wound or dry old wound can benefit a lot from taking regular massages. It increases the blood circulation and provides all the important blood cells and nutrients to reach there fast.

These nutrients prevent scarring and improve the wounded area to normal health. You can use a creamy texture moisturizer to massage or some natural virgin olive oil. This will really fasten up the process of healing the mole removal wound and prevent scarring.

9. Avoid the Sun

This is a no brainer. You are already healing from a surgical wound and you do not want to add more damage to recouping skin by exposing it to the sun and its harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. No matter the amount of duration, Exposing a healing wound to direct sun rays and make the process of scar free removal a bust.

Sun exposure can darken your skin. The wound can become prominent and look overtly visible, Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight. Apply a sunscreen lotion with higher SPF to the wound before heading out. Even if you are traveling by a car or the day is not really sunny.

10. Silicone Scar Sheets

This method is great way to remove scars which were not taken care of initially. Just buy out this kit from various e-commerce websites online and follow the instructions to use it. Place it over the wound for directed amount of time and it will slowly work its way in reducing the scar.

It is known to flatten, fade and soften any bumps or scars, Works nicely on recent as well as old scar and it is super easy to use. These sheets are also be used for various other scars and wound marks.

11. Follow Up With Your Doctor

Silicone Scar sheetsThis is the only logical step if you want to heal completely and make sure that you do not end up leaving the treatment midway. Following up with your doctor is a great way to make sure that your mole removal wound heals properly and you get no scars, as he can monitor your situation and closely observe and suggests any kinds of amends midway if they do not work for you specifically. For any other problems that be arise during the full course of surgery to the healing, your doctor can take care of any kind of numbness, Redness or improper wound healing that may occur at last time.

Skincare Post mole removal treatment can be a really easy thing if you have proper guidelines to follow, With these tips and care instructions at your disposal we hope you don’t have any problems dealing with your skin post the surgery and you know exactly how to take care of skin after mole removal. With a little bit of caution and care, we hope you have a scar free and beautiful face that glows with happiness once this wound heals and with this perfect guide that tells you how to care for your skin after mole removal, we are sure that won’t be a problem.

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