How to get work done from your kids without argument


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Child Behavior

A lot of parents would accept when I say that it is very difficult for them to control their kids, mainly in the toddlerage. Kids don’t understand what is important and what is not important, but they understand that they should adamantly do something that their parents don’t want them to do. This is a phase that every kid undergoes and as parents, you have to manage it. It could be very difficult for you to get your children to do something that they don’t want to do, but to do something that they don’t want to do, there is a kind of tips that you can follow.

Firstly, always motivate them and encourage them in whatever they do, even if it doesn’t make sense to you. If you are a parent who keeps discouraging your child and make them feel bad about their small achievements, you can never get them to listen to you. Every kid is different in its own way. You need to embrace what your kid does and make them understand that you are going to support that no matter what. That way, your child knows that you have confidence in him/her. It makes your work easier when you have to get them to do something for you. So here are some tips we’re going to give you today that will help you to get work done from the kids and to do whatever you want them to do and to listen to you.

Tips for Work Done From kids

1Talk to your kids

Talk to your kids

Deeper meaning conversations can help your kids understand what you expect them. A lot of parents think that talking to the kids or having a real conversation about their necessities are stupid, because kids are small and you may think that they don’t understand everything. Do you know that a kid can understand quickly than a grown man? They process everything very easily and fast. When you have a deeper conversation with your kid, he or she will know that you want them to do something that is meaningful for you. They will start respecting your thoughts if you tell them in a polite way. That is why it is important to have conversations with your kids.

It could be difficult to make toddlers sit since they might not listen to you at first, they might keep running away from you. But once you catch their attention in the most amazing way which can be anything like a reward or playing games, etc., you can tell them what you expect from them. This way you can get work done from the kidsin peace.A well mannered kid and a very motivated kid will definitely catch this easily and start listening to you from then on.

2Understand their imperfections

Understand their imperfections

You should understand that every kid is not special, every kid is not brilliant, every kid is not creative and every kid can’t have all of these. It is true that a lot of parents nowadays think that the kids can achieve anything in this age. Yes, there are examples of kids you are very young and who have achieved a lot in this age, but that does not mean that your kid can do everything like the other kid. Maybe your kitchen can sing well unlike the other kid. Maybe your kids can draw well and other kids can’t. Maybe your kid is amazing at swimming, traditional dance forms that other kids aren’t well versed at. So you should make sure that whatever imperfections your kid has, it is fine. Imperfections are nothing but a small way to tell your kid to take a notch down.

Just embrace those imperfections and tell them that they’re perfect in whatever they do.When you encourage them, they will definitely listen to you.

Learn some anger management skills

3Appreciate them

Appreciate them

It is very important for you as parents to appreciate your kids in whatever they do. Only motivation and encouragement is not enough. They need to know that you care for them and that you would do anything for them to become a good person in life. One way to express such appreciation is to give them rewards. The Rewards arealways a way of expressing something special. Consider giving your child a chocolate, an extra hour of game time or a huge hug that could definitely tell your kids that you are appreciating them.

In one way or the other your kids will know that you are there behind their back. The rewards are definitely a good way to get to your children to do what you want them to do. Make the rewards exciting and creative.

4Lead by example

Lead by example

If you want your kids to listen to you, you should always lead as an example. Yes, your kids learn their behaviour always from home. If you and your husband keep fighting or if you have a lot of stress on your mind, your kids will end up thinking that you are in an unhappy marriage life. That will reflect your conception of happiness and individuality. So always think about how you will affect your child in a good or bad way.

Set an example to your child and when your child looks up at you, he or she will know that they have to be like you. It is simple actually. If you keep fighting or if you keep having arguments, your child will definitely take you for granted. If you throw your phone somewhere or if you don’t keep your house clean, your child will not know the importance of cleanliness. If you don’t set a proper example, your child may not grow up to be a human being that you want him or her to be. So, set an example and lead your child to a better future. These are some ways to get your work done from kids.

-Pavithra Ravi

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