12 Home Remedies For Tan Removal From Face


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12 Home Remedies For Tan Removal From Face

You protect your face from anything that affects. It may not be possible to protect the .skin every single time. So, when you are not able to prevent it, try to clear it off. You must not waste your time blaming yourself for bad skin conditions. You must look for the solutions to make it better and get back the real beauty.

The most common skin condition is tan. Some women love to tan their skin and they feel it is beauty enhancing. If you don’t think so and really want to get rid of tan, then you must work on it.

You get often suggestions from people to go for a tan removal pack. But you have to decide, if tan is to remove at home with handy ingredients or want to try something ready made. If you vote for the natural and home remedies, here are the ways to remove tan at home.

Natural Ways To Remove Tan From Face

1. Lemon and honey

Lemon and honey

Lemon is a good source of bleaching properties which removes the tan efficiently. The mixture of honey and lemon can make your skin smooth. The simple pack keeps your skin smooth and soft. This is the most easy and workable way of removing tan at home.

You Need

  • 1 Tablespoon lemon juice
  • Some Honey

Quick make and use directions

  1. Mix both the ingredients together.
  2. Apply the mixture on the washed face.
  3. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash off your face.
  4. Pat dry your face with a clean cloth.

2. Turmeric and Gram Flour

Turmeric and Gram Flour

Turmeric cure many of the skin and health problems which is believed from ancient times. It has antiseptic properties which also protects your skin from infections. Gram flour is a wonderful ingredients that helps in removing tan along with turmeric. It pulls off the dead skin cells and rejuvenates your skin. Rose water cleanses your face and makes your skin feel refreshed.

You Need

  • 1 Cup gram flour
  • 1 Teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 Teaspoon rose water
    (you can also use milk instead)

Quick make and use directions

  1. Mix the two powder gram flour and turmeric.
  2. Now add the drops of rose water and make a paste of it.
  3. Clean your face and then apply it your face.
  4. Gently scrub your face with the applied pack. Continue to scrub for 5 minutes, in circular motions for better results.
  5. Clean the applied face pack with lukewarm water.
  6. Pat dry your face.

3. Tomato and rice flour

Tomato and rice flour

Flours are the best for exfoliation with the coarse but gentle effect. Pairing with tomato, rice flour can make your skin glow. If your skin is covered with dead skin, then let it go effortlessly with this simple scrub.Tomato has the power of removing the tan instantly. So, do not skip trying this home remedy to remove tan.

You Need

  • 1 Tomato
  • 1 Teaspoon Rice flour

Quick make and use directions

  1. Extract tomato juice from a fresh tomato.
  2. Add rice flour into the juice and mix the ingredients.
  3. Once you get a fine paste, apply it your cleaned face.
  4. Scrub your face in circular motions for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Then clean off your face with water and pat dry.

4. Cucumber Juice

Cucumber is an expert that removes dark circles and spots. So, you must take the help of cucumber to remove tan from your face. Cucumber has the soothing properties which calms your skin. It is best to treat and cure sun burns and sun tan.

You Need

  • 1 Cucumber
  • Drops lemon juice
  • Cotton Swabs

Quick make and use directions

  1. Clean your face with a cleanser.
  2. Extract juice from a cucumber and add lemon juice into it.
  3. Use a cotton swab to apply the extracted juice to your face.
  4. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes before washing off your face.

5. Papaya with honey

Papaya with honey

Papaya and honey is a reputed combination for tan removal treatment. If you are wondering, how papaya can remove tan then- it has the bleaching properties and also exfoliates your skin. The blend of honey and papaya makes your skin tan free.

You Need

  • 4-5 Papaya pieces
  • 1 Teaspoon honey

Quick makes and use directions

  1. Mash the papaya pieces and add honey to it.
  2. Mix both the ingredients thoroughly.
  3. Clean your face and apply the pack to your face.
  4. Let the applied mixture stay on your face for 20-30 minutes.
  5. Then wash off your face with water.
  6. Pat dry your face with a clean cloth.

6. Orange Juice and Yogurt

Orange Juice and Yogurt

Orange contain vitamin C which gives your skin a whitening complexion. Orange juice can also be cleanser as it cleanses the clogged pores. Yogurt add moisture to your skin with lactic acid. These two ingredients are easily available for you to try on tan removal off your face and hands.

You Need

  • 1 Tablespoon orange juice
  • 1 Teaspoon Yogurt

Quick make and use directions

  1. Take yogurt in a bowl and mix with orange juice.
  2. Blend the added ingredients.
  3. Clean your face and apply it your face.
  4. Let the pack stay for 20-25 minutes and rinse your face.
  5. Pat dry your face with a clean cloth.

7. Coconut Water and Sandalwood

Both coconut water and sandalwood is super team for tan removal. Sandalwood has the medicinal properties. You also want to detox your skin, then you need coconut water for detoxing job. Tan goes off without sticking you, once your apply this easy made face pack.

You Need

  • 1 Tablespoon Sandalwood powder
  • 1 Tablespoon Coconut water

Quick make and use directions

  1. In a bowl, add sandalwood powder and then coconut water.
  2. Make a fine paste of both and apply it your face.
  3. Let the face pack stay on your face for 20-25 minutes.
  4. Rinse off your face and pat dry it with a clean cloth.

8. Oatmeal and buttermilk

Oatmeal and buttermilk

If you are looking for a way to exfoliate your skin, then oatmeal works at the best. It consists of cleansing properties in it. As buttermilk has lactic acid, it softens your skin. It also helps in improving your skin tone.


  • 2 Teaspoons oatmeal
  • 2-3 Teaspoons buttermilk
  • Honey(optional)

Quick make and use directions

  1. You can read made oatmeal powder or make your own powder.
  2. Then add fresh made buttermilk and mix both the ingredients.
  3. Clean your face with a casual cleanser.
  4. Then apply the oatmeal face pack to your tanned skin.
  5. Scrub your face moving in circular motions.
  6. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash off your face.

9. Red Lentil and aloe vera

Rend lentil hugely helps you in tan removal. Like in every pack, tomato juice works great her as well. Aloe vera gel is part of many beauty home remedies and products. It is a herb that soothes skin and makes skin free tan like conditions.

You Need

  • Soaked red lentil
  • 2 Teaspoons tomato juice
  • 1 Teaspoon aloe vera gel

Quick make and use directions

  1. Take the soaked red lentils and make a paste of it.
  2. Add tomato juice and aloe vera get to the paste.
  3. Mix all three ingredients. Mix properly to obtain a soft paste.
  4. Then apply this face pack to your skin and hold it for 2 minutes.
  5. Clean the pack off your face with water.
  6. Then pat dry your face with a clean cloth.

10. Strawberry and milk cream

Strawberry and milk cream

You must know that strawberry is a fruit with vitamin C and it can brighten your skin. It is also a way to healthy glow your skin naturally. Milk cream can moisturize your skin deeply and remove the tan effectively. Vitamin C and lactic acid is the best combination for skin.

You Need

  • 3-4 Fresh strawberries
  • 2 Teaspoons milk cream

Quick make and use directions

  1. Mash the strawberries and add milk cream in it.
  2. Cover your face with thin layer of the strawberry face pack.
  3. Hold on the pack for 20 minutes.
  4. Then wash off with cold water and then pat dry your face.

11. Potato Juice

This is a best remedy that let you get rid of dark circles. The same way, it functions on tan removal from face. The bleaching properties in the potato juice will give your tan free skin easily.

You Need

  • 1 Potato
  • Cotton Swabs

Quick make and use directions

  1. Extract potato juice from a raw and fresh potato.
  2. Spread the juice on your face with the help of a cotton swab.
  3. Wait for 20 minutes before cleaning your face.
  4. Then rinse off your face with water and pat dry your face.]

You can make your skin form stubborn tan with the above home remedies. The natural is easy and no cost. Mixing of some simple kitchen ingredients can make your skin tan free. Any kind of tan can be removed with these natural home remedies. Tan removal from face is no more a worry with these natural ways. So, before browsing the products in market, you must try these natural home remedies for tan removal from face.

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