Zodiac Sign Tattoos For Luck


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Zodiac Sign Tattoos

Zodiac signs can be really interesting, they can tell a lot about a person. Many people nowadays get their zodiac sign tattooed, because they find it cool, as well as sometimes for their luck too. So here, are some signs that you can get according to your zodiac sign tattoos, and show off.

Adorable Zodiac Sign Tattoos



To match the bold, trailblazing energy, Aries need something more special. You can try the above tattoo designs for starters, or even can indulge more into the arrows, because of the characteristics.

Chevron ArrowsAries have a strong direction as well as a trajectory, just quality. You are a very competitive force and you do not have anything shrinking about.

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Taurus zodiac people love the good life and they do not feel bad when indulging in the finer things, like vacations. You can try the above picture of tiny Taurus tattoo or

palm tree tattooA palm tree tattoo can be better. The palm tree generally represents the sense of reward as well as pleasure. You are amazingly sentimental as well as romantic, as per your zodiac signs.



Geminis are ready to fly off at any moment, it can be either through your mind or in real life, this changeability can make you a great winged creature. Basically, Birds, wings, and feathers always represent the lightness of the spirit that captures who you are.

feather tattoosIt is generally because of your duality, you can also see things from sides, so you might like a tattoo that have two different design styles in one, or even a white tattoo.



Cancerians are an incurable homely, their sense of family, as well as traditional, can never pause. You can love the peace you get from having a stable world. You can try out the above tattoo, or

Anchor TattooCan also try out the anchor, heart, heartbeat, or even name tattoo. Selena Gomez, a famous musician, as well as a Cancerian, has the roman numerals for 1976 tattooed on her neck.



You are a natural boss who loves to be in the spotlight. Your driven and purposeful nature perfectly pairs with a crown tattoo or a lion,

Crown Low Back TattooAfter all, you are an animal. Cara Delevingne, tattoo queen, and a model has a lion tattoo on her index finger.



Always a thinker, you will love a tattoo that can be detail-oriented just like you.

geometric tattooA geometric tattoo with a lot of intricate lines is best for you. Since your mind is always going, a very carefully selected quote with a beautiful script would work well.

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You are a person who can not bear to be without your best friend.

Heart tattooIt can be your best friend, your partner, your soul mate, or someone else going to be right next to you forever.



Scorpions are guided with an abundance of passion, feelings are very strong.

upper thigh rose tattooA rose tattoo can be emblematic of many desires you have. You can sometimes also get deep about stuffs with no problem. So something which tends toward a darker side, have a more intense vibe can work for you. It can make sense for you to get a tattoo around your thigh or hip.



You are overtaken with wanderlust at all the times. So tattoos speak to the inner travel bug in you.

stamped on the bodyIt can be the perfect for your sign. Try to think of world maps or geographical coordinates that can be stamped on the body.



Capricorns are very determined, hardworking, as well as dedicated to achieving their goals. You might like the word tattoos that are not much of a reminder, but also a declaration of the core characters.

good tattoo for youYou are always staying and only doing your thing, a tall tree, that is rooted, can be a good tattoo for you.



You are humanitarian and wants to make the world a better place. With the vision you have, you are able to see that everyone on this earth is interconnected.

symbol of the universeA generally fitting tattoo for, you can be the mandala, which is a symbol of the universe, or even a design that can depict the great wild out there.



Since you are a water sign, you are a bit hard to pin down. You are gentle and love to dream, aka you can also be a bit of romantic.

unicorns tattooSo some tattoos you may like are butterflies, unicorns, and whimsical hand-poked designs.

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