Mehndi Function Favors For Your Guests


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Mehndi Favours For Guests

Everybody wants their Mehndi function unique, so that the incited guests can remember them their whole life. Most of the time we end up giving bangles from the same old bangle-wala store to our guests. Which they remember for sure, because everybody do the same. There are some new age brides who do some out of the box favours for pleasing friends and families. Here are some Mehndi function gifts or Mehndi favours for guests, that will serve as an alternative to bangles.

Ideas Of Alternative gifts/Favours For Your Guests



Giving a jhoomar to every girl or woman in your mehndi function is great and one of the best unique ideas. It will give a unique look to your mehndi function and the best part is everyone will love it. It will impress not only your friends, but also your relatives. They can store the memory forever. You can buy these in lower rates available in the imitation jewellery shops.

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2Haath phool

Haath phool

Girls love to wear these. Haath phool is one of the more unusual accessories you can give to anyone. You can ask your florist to make some of them if you are looking for something in low in price. Or else you can buy simple and elegant haath phool from the imitation jewellery shops. Your guests will love your unique idea and appreciate your effort.

3Fabric kadas

Fabric kadas

You can twist your traditional bangle gifts with these zardozi and ghungroo adorned pop-coloured bangles. They are low in price and gives your mehndi function a unique twist of fashion tales.

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4Embroidered clutches

Embroidered clutches

If your wedding budget allows it, then you can try on welcoming your friends and family with embroidered clutches or purses. These clutches are so pretty and handy that even after the wedding is over it can be stored forever. As I mentioned, they are little costlier. So try to get hold of a wholesaler for some concession.

5Hand mirror

Hand mirror

Want something that is cute and affordable to store in a purse? Then you can try for hand mirror. These are easily available in the local market. They don’t cost much but can give you a unique look. These hand mirror gestures can be beneficial for your guests at the ceremony and they will love your idea.

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6Embroidered hairbands

Embroidered hairbands

You can try these embroidered hairbands, they unique and low cost gifts for your guests. They are available in a variety of shapes, coloures and sizes. They are also available in the local market very easily and an easy gesture to impress your guests in your ceremony.

7Cones filled with sweets

Cones filled with sweets

These cones are very cute and pretty gifts you can give to your guests. You can even make them at home. Fill plastic cones with chocolates and little hearts and tie them on top with a ribbon. This will add feelings to your function.

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8Mehndi Inspired cookies

Mehndi Inspired cookies

These are just simple cookies designed in mehndi patterns in icing and frosting. They are available to your residential home baker. You can offer them to the guests during the ceremony and shock them with amazement.

9Ghungroo bangles

Ghungroo bangles

These are growing trend in wedding ceremonies or pre wedding ceremonies. They are serving as a cute alternative than simple bangles. These bangles are large and chunky with little pieces of ghungroo sticked to the bangles. They are available in many coloures, shapes and sizes. They can be best for girls who like to wear Indian/Western fusion outfits and also a great favour for your mehndi guests.

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10Lehriya scarves and dupattas

Lehriya scarves and dupattas

These are one of the finest gesture or favour to do for your mehndi guests. As these dupattas are easily available in the local market and comparatively low in price, it can be worn with any black and white kurtas. It can also be stored in memory forever.

With some of this useful favours for your guests, I hope you can impress them and get their blessings for your future.

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