Best Running Accessories Every Runner Should Definitely Posses


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Running is one of the best body exercises a person can ever do. Running can not just keep you in great shape but it has the power to connect you to your inner self and act as a way to heal you. A good run can rejuvenate a person’s body as well as mind. The best way to know that is go out for a run yourself. And while running may not require much special training or equipment and gear it certainly is made simple by the use of certain accessories that can make ever runners life really easy. Here is a list of best running accessories every runner should definitely posses.

1. GPS Device

GPS DeviceOne of the most useful running accessories, A GPS device can help you accurately monitor your distance, average speed, and progress. A GPS is also a great way to guide through any terrain without getting lost. This is a great women’s running accessories, especially to keep safe and if you’re going out alone for a run, it can be a great way to keep a track of where you are and how can you get back home. A lot of accessories now come with GPS, like mobile phones, running watch, and dedicated GPS devices used as a running accessory.

2. Headphones

HeadphonesHeadphones is often considered a necessity when it comes to running or any kind of high energy workout along with an iPod or a phone. These amazing running music accessories, can not just restrict the outside traffic sounds in the city or your gym but also keep you pumped up if you play high tempo inspiratiuonal music. This can be a great way to increase your effectiveness while running. Headphones can be skipped if your going out in the forest or outskirts and you can rather enjoy the natural sounds of nature. These should also not be used as a night running accessories since you can easily miss out on sounds around you and can potentially be dangerous.

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3. Media armband

Media armbandOne of the top running accessories, a media armband has become one of the favorite running accessories of seasoned runners. Although you might find it easy to toss things in your car while going for a run, but there will always be something that you have to carry like your car keys, this media arm band serves as not just running music accessories, but also as a storage for your keys and other small things. These can also serve as a night running accessories if they are reflective in nature.

4. Water bottle

Water bottle
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Definitely one of the most important running accessories, a water bottle is a must for people who go out for a long run, especially in the woods or outdoor where you do not know if you can find a source of water or anything else. While running you may tend to lose a lot of your body moisture and start feel dehydrated, in such cases having a water bottle with you can save you from feeling dizzy or unwell. For easy running without obstruction, make sure you carry a collapsible bottle with a hook that can easily be attached to your waist band or jacket pocket. After using it up, the bottle is almost weightless and it can be tossed in your pocket.

5. Fitbit or Heart rate monitor

Fitbit or Heart rate monitorOne of the most useful running accessories, a heart rate monitor can help you ascertain your running efficiency and other body stats. One of the most common one being the Fitbit. A heart rate monitor gives you all the vital stats of your body, it gives you the amount of body energy used, the calories burnt, the steps you took, distance traveled, the speed in which you ran and many other statistic that are related to your running. It is a great running accessory for runners who suffer from blood pressure problems. This can help you monitor your heart rate and blood pressure and prevent you from over exerting or fainting.

6. All weather Shades

All weather ShadesA useful lot of running accessories are usually the most simple and common ones. Like a pair of all weather shades can keep your eyes protected while you run and keep them free from extra dust and sunlight harm. Make sure your shades are photo sensitive and turn dark in the sun. The lighter the shades the better it will be. The sports shades usually used as running accessories have nylon strap that help you hold the shades in place. They are also super light weight. For night vision use transparent shades. This is one of the great night running at night accessories, without these you can have flies and small insects stick in your eyes during a night run.

7. Weather specific clothing

Weather specific clothingAnother running accessories that make life simple for every runner is weather specific clothing. Keep a windcheater jacket can be a life saver on windy dusty days, a rain resistant track suit can keep you and your legs free of rashes and friction, A hoodie will keep you warm during winter months. The options are just endless. These acts as perfect women running accessories since women tend to get bored wearing the same boring black running gear. This is also great to bring in a change in the drab dull outfits.

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8. Bandana/ head band

BandanaBest Running accessories for women and men with long hair. No one can do without this. A headband can help you keep away from any distraction your hair can put on your face during the run. It not just holds up your hair but also keeps the sweat running down from your head absorbed. It can otherwise keep pestering you and you will get distracted while trying to wipe them away. Use a breathable fabric that is not too loose or too tight for your head, It should be comfortable and the fabric should be easily washable. A small tip- keep it in dark colors to avoid it from getting dirty.

9. Marathon socks

Marathon socksFor a runner, the most important accessory is for his feet. Comfortable shoes followed by some support. Everything else cab be done without but comfort for your leg should come first. One of the most important running shoe accessories is comfortable socks and using these marathon socks are just the answer to every concern of a runner. These socks have a durable breathable cotton fabric that support your feet and keep them dry. The blisters that might otherwise arise from your normal synthetic socks can be avoided with these superb running accessory.

10. Ice packs

Ice packs
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This is less of running accessories, but more of a post run accessory. Almost 70% of the runners experience pain in their legs, shin or heels at least once throughout the year. Ice pack is a perfect running accessory to have for reducing any pain, soreness and injury. It is a great way to reduce any swelling or skin inflammation. It is a perfect first response to any unexpected injury you might have while running. Keep this handy for post run care.

So there you have it, a list of the best running accessories every runner must possess. With these simple but amazing running accessories, you can make your early morning run not just easy and simple but also more effective as it can give you great insight into your running efficiency and method. Some of these accessories might be basic but others are just genius and help you make the best of your run outside. Keep in mind this list of great women’s running accessories that will transform your running style to a great extent. Do share with us if you find this information helpful, we would absolutely love to hear from you.

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