13 Things that happen when you meet your bestie after a long time


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The first you do before you meet your boyfriend is try and look good. But the first you do before you meet your bestie is try and recollect every single moment you spent with them. Meeting your bestie after a long time can give you that amazing rush that no other relationship or feeling can match up to. It is almost like you are going to be with your lover after a loo-ooong time only that she isn’t your lover. You hug, you smile and tell each other how you have been missing out on so many things. You are immediately sent into a moment of nostalgia, drama, actions come into play and just too much love of each other. Yes, we have been there and felt it. So, if you are meeting your bestie after a really long time, then expect these reactions to happen. We are going to list down the things that happen when you meet your best friend after a really, really long time.

Reactions That You Can Expect When You Meet Your Bestie after a Long Time

1Excitement shoots

Excitement shoots

You have no idea why you are so excited. It feels like you are going to jump and keep jumping until you feel the pressure decreasing. You keep looking at the watch every minute to see if she had arrived. You will glee with happiness and expect the same from your bestie too.

2Expect everything

Expect everything

So, if she is already in the station or the airport, you can expect the loudest ‘Hi’ and then go into a tight hug. The hug and hi, feels so relaxing that you feel like not letting go of each other at least until one of you feels embarrassed about people staring at you for the silly act.

3Looking at each other

Looking at each other

It all looks new to you! You might have seen each other on Skype, IMO or spoken on Whatsapp a million times, but when she comes and meets you, you are going to end up staring at her. Every detail of hers will be scanned through your eyes. From her hair color, to basic skin color, her weight, the dress she is wearing and so on.

4Gossips begin

Gossips begin

Even without prompting, you start sharing everything about each other. Gossips begin to flow and this will basically be just about you and people who matter the most to you. Secondary gossip doesn’t happen now. All you want to do right now, is to just talk about each other and update each other with your lives even though you know every single thing already.

5You go into nostalgia

You go into nostalgia

When you start talking about things, the topic will go into people and randomly go to your college good old days. You start talking about all the times you spent with each other, the crazy bike rides, the chai wala uncle, the number of boyfriends you had, the class bunking sessions, movie marathons and so on. You just can’t stop each other from doing it, so end up reliving everything all over again.

6You keep embarrassing each other

You keep embarrassing each other

No matter where you are, you just don’t care what people are doing. Are they looking at you? Are they smiling or laughing at you? That really doesn’t matter because you guys are meeting after so many freaking days! So, you laugh and laugh madly and it just doesn’t stop. You are embarrassing each other knowingly, but you will just not be able to control it. Instead, you will just let go and not bother about others at all.

7Spicing it up

Spicing it up

Once things have settled and you have gone home, you are now going to start sharing secrets with each other. The initial greetings will happen and you will head to the bedroom straight to talk about your Sexcapades and random-wild encounters with each other. There is no stopping at all, whatsoever!

8Selfie mania

Selfie mania

This is when you will start taking a zillion pictures of each other, a million selfies and edit and post it! You have to definitely tell the world that you have no time for anyone else because – Hell yeah, your bestie is now in town!

9The party begins

The party begins

Both of you start exploring different pubs and the places you want to visit together. So, you start seeing for places on your internet or start asking your other friends about their plans so that you can tag along with your bestie. Officially, the party has begun!

10Dress up endlessly

Dress up endlessly

Now that, you have decided to go to a party, all you can think about is what to wear. You start thinking about different dresses, you try them, wear them and start talking about how thin or fat you have become. Finally, you do the hair, make-up and get ready for the show!

11Food binging

Food binging

No matter what, this is definitely going to be on the list. You will binge watch or you will go on a food trip where you can taste different food with your bestie and enjoy feeling full and unmovable for the rest of the night.

12Big talks

Big talks

Once the first day sinks in, you will start talking about your future plans, wedding or how you want the wedding to be if you have already planned one. If you are married already, you will have a dozen ideas for your friend. Your friend won’t even need a wedding planner because she has you!

13You will not miss your boyfriend

You will not miss your boyfriend

No offense, but when your best friend is in town, the boyfriend is not in your mind! This is a simple feeling every girl tends to feel which is totally acceptable. If the guy is sweet, you will let you be with your friend and tag along sometime too.

There is definitely nothing amazing that meeting your bestie after a long time! Have fun girls

-Pavithra Ravi

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