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Punjabi Mehndi Designs

In India’s diverse culture and background, Mehndi is divided into various types. India have varieties of mehndi designs to select from. Every women has a dream of that perfect wedding, and a lot of perfect occassions to come after the wedding rituals. Punjabi Mehndi Design glorifies the culture, uniqueness and heritage of Punjab. Unlike Arabic Designs, these are very intricate and story telling. Here, are some Punjabi Mehndi Designs for brides and their friends as well as families.

Mesmerizing Mehndi Designs

1Peacock Design

Peacock Design

The Peacock is the most popular designs in Mehndi. They never become old. Brides have opted this design from time and again for its beautiful feathery feminine and pretty look. It is very different from simple designs. Different states have different varieties of Peacock Mehndi. Peacock designs have feathers arranged artfully to give an amazing look.

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2Circular Motif

Circular Motif

Circular Motif make great henna art, because of its aesthetically appealing nature. Circles make a good impression and using this design in it will glorify the art, which stays with us forever.

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3Floral Design

Floral Design

Different types of floral mehndi designs are pretty much in demand. Flowers are regarded as the epitome of feminity. Women love to wear them in varieties of functions and ceremonies. This beautiful flower design and texture is incomparable when made in the hands or feet. Floral designs rank as the most popular among the brides. It stands top in Punjabi Mehndi designs.

4Creepers and Leaves

Creepers and Leaves

These are also great Punjabi Mehndi designs. They have a delicate structure of flow creating a beautiful henna art. There are lot of creeper designs like flower creepers, flower leaf pattern, mango motifs, simple border designs, etc.

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5Coloured Mehendi Design

Coloured Mehendi Design

This new type of pattern is taking a toll among the brides. With Glitter and stones, it makes a beautiful henna design. The colour makes an interesting look when it stands out among the henna. More women are experimenting this look.

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