Anti Pollution Skin Care Tips- Clean and Protect Your Skin


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Women who are running for the lotions and moisturizers everyday are not beauty conscious. That is the way they protect their skin from harmful pollution. The increasing pollution is harming nature and human too.

You cannot stop the pollution instantly but you can protect your skin from the harmful pollution. You need to follow some of the anti pollution skin care tips. You must keep your skin enough safe from pollution with some of the protecting and cleansing tips.

You must realize that you are hurting your skin by not protecting and not cleaning it properly. Keep your routine skin care regime simple with the following tips of protecting and cleaning your skin.

How to protect your skin from pollution?

1. Hydrate your body

Hydrate-your-bodyIf you want a direct way to take off the toxins from your skin, then you must hydrate your body. When you intake water and other fluids, your body don’t store any pollutants and your skin as well. The pimples and acne can be due to the toxins and bacteria that are present in your body. So, you must take keep your body hydrated for healthy skin.

2. Start and end your day with moisturizer

Start-and-end-your-day-with-moisturizerYour skin needs nourishment as it gets tired all the day with pollutants in the air. So, we suggest you to apply a moisturizer before sleeping. This is something crucial for your skin. It is like calming your skin pores protecting from all day pollution.

You also need to moisturize your skin in the morning. We suggest you to use a moisturizer with SPF in the morning to protect your skin from sun rays. And it is for everyday.

We don’t mind giving free tips. Here is a tip to use moisturizer- apply moisturizer to your face when its a little damp.

3. Clean your hands before touching your skin

Clean-your-hands-before-touching-your-skinYour hands directly go in contact with dirt and dust. That is why we are asked to clean our hands before eating. It is the same with skin. Let your skin be touched with cleaned hands. The germs and bacteria that you touch unknowingly with your skin also touch your face directly. Facial skin is sensitive and easily prone to pollutants.

Even before applying anything to your face, make sure you clean your hands first. Fort your additional information 15 seconds is the roughly taken time to clear the bacteria on your hands. Are you washing all the bacteria from your hands?

4. Use a scarf to protect your skin

Use-a-scarf-to-protect-your-skinScarf is one of the best ways to protect your skin from unstoppable pollution. Though you shield your skin with SPF included moisturizers and lotions, you can still go with a scarf covered face. You can protect your face from dust and dirt totally.

How to remove dirt and pollution from your skin?

1. Cleanse twice a day


Though is a skin care routine, we felt the need of mentioning this point. You know that your face is taking bacteria and dust.

To keep the effects of dust and bacteria on your face, you must clean your face twice a day. The two time face wash can remove the dirt and pollutants from your skin.

2. Exfoliate your skin


The best way to protect your skin from pollution is exfoliating it regularly. Thousands of chemicals catch your face on daily basis. When you are leaving your skin without cleaning 9it from inside, your skin breaks out easily.

Moreover, you will also have dead skin cells which must be fallen off from your skin. You will see fresh and happy skin after exfoliating. You have many methods to exfoliate your skin- like masks and scrubs which are supper effective.

3. Facial steam


Facial steam is another effective way to clean your skin. Facial steam opens the pores and loosens the settled dirt on your face. After taking facial steam, follow up with a face scrub which removes the dirt and pollutants maximum from your face.

Your skin needs to rejuvenate twice in a week. Facial steaming is not any tough task to do at home. You can add some natural essential oils to bowl of hot water and give your face some steam. This is a must follow of routine skin care.

5. Clean your face with hot water

Clean-your-face-with-hot-waterDon’t take the help of hot water to clean your face. At any cost! If you ask us the reason for staying away totally from hot water for face- it makes your facial skin rough and strips of natural oils from your face. When you use hot water to cleans your face, it is taking off all the moisture as well. Do you get how hot water can affect your skin?

6. Invest in a good cleansing brush


If you are looking for anything that can be effective for skin cleansing, then go for a cleansing brush. Cleansing brush is all beneficial for your skin. It removes the pollutants, bacteria and dirt from underneath your skin.

Cleansing brush may sound too technical for routine skin care. But it cleanses your skin deeply.I suggest you to use it twice a week for best results.Make sure you use a moisturizer after using cleansing brush to avoid dry skin.

7. Use a soft and clean cloth

Use-a-soft-and-clean-clothMany people are not mindful while wiping their face post cleaning. Choose a cleanse cloth for drying your skin and also make sure the cloth is enough soft to touch your skin. The rough cloth may not cause your skin any harm instantly. But it slowly affects your skin with peeling and redness.

The unclean cloth can add some more bacteria and pollutants to your face. Remember that you are worsening your skin with harmful bacteria and dust.

8. Cleansing wipes


Cleaning your face must be one of your many priorities when you are travelling. If you find it tough to cleanse your face with cleansers while travelling, then cleansing wipes can help you better.

Cleansing wipes may not clear off all the dirt and pollutants on your face. But it can do some good to your skin. Just say “something is better than nothing.”

Does makeup protect your skin from pollution?

Some of the makeup products also come with the super features to protect skin from pollution. Necessarily, you need not go with makeup to protect your skin from pollution. But when you need makeup, the makeup products that you are using must protect your skin.

So, keep picking the makeup products that can protect your skin, not the products that just beautify your face. Here are some of the types of makeup products that help you in protecting your skin-

1. SPF formulated makeup products

When you are choosing the makeup products like compact powder, foundations, you must look for the SPF formulated ones particularly. Then, your skin can be protected from harmful sun rays.

2. Moisturizing makeup products

The normal makeup products may make your skin even more dry. Some of the makeup products also dry out your skin and you will see the effects later. So, keep choosing lipsticks, compact powders and foundations which are moisturizing.

3. Hydrating toners and facial mists

Basically, toners and facial mists are set your makeup perfect. You can also protect your skin from pollution by using these products. Facial mists keep your skin hydrating in summer days. Toners also helps in maintaining skin hydration. So, you can always use these products to help in protecting your skin.

Let your skin stay happy with your careful treatment. These anti pollutant tips are for daily skin care. Keep following the tips to protect and clean your skin from pollution and dirt. That is how you call it healthy and happy skin!

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