Avoid These Damaging Behaviours, To Be Successful In Life


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Damaging Behaviors of Unsuccessful People

When you join an organization, you think of developing more in your work, as well believe in the motto of working hard. You might know that, success isn’t always in your stars. Terrible luck, Poor timing, and many other disappointing circumstances seems to happen to deprive your victory. However,displaying some behavior, once in a while, doesn’t make you successful. But some tendencies can make a serious impact in your personal and professional life. So, here are some damaging behaviors of unsuccessful people, that you must know and try avoiding them.

Some Damaging Behaviours Of Unsuccessful People

1Neglecting Health

Neglecting Health

‘Health is always the Wealth’, you must always remember that. Like the other proverbs, this also captured the essence of wisdom from the generations of human civilization. Many studies have also proved that, a good body, as well as a sound mind, can only reside.

The ability on how you perform in your life, is hugely dependent on the factors, of your eating, stress levels, exercising, and the quality of sleep you get. So, if you are thinking about transformation, then the suggestion, is to start with health.

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2Neglecting New Ideas And Criticisms

Neglecting New Ideas And Criticisms

Receiving advises or taking criticism, is also one of the most difficult parts of getting success in life. There are two kinds of people in this category. The first kind is always open to suggestions, new ideas, as well as experiences. It doesn’t matter to them, whether it comes from someone inferior or superior.

In the second kind, these types of people are pretty over-confident in their own capabilities and ideas. As they have a tendency to turn down as well as neglect other’s criticism and inputs. These first kinds of people, will be more successful in life.

One of the best examples; in this category is the admiration of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, as well as his leadership style. It is termed as inclusive leadership. Which means, that he listens to everyone’s feedbacks and ideas, no matter of their status and position.

3Never Prioritize Time

Never Prioritize Time

Remember that, no matter how capable or talented an unsuccessful person is, they always fail to deliver and finish their projects. This happens mostly because of their lack of prioritizing the time properly, amidst the destructions of the modern world.

Some ideas to turn from unsuccessful to successful, you can try is, setting aside the distraction-free hour, every day in between your recurring social media notifications, mind-numbing meetings, Unlimited streams of news, and never ending emails, can help in increasing productivity.

4Regular Procrastination

Regular Procrastination

Procrastination is a fact. We all do it, or have done it, in some stage of our life. But, remember that unsuccessful people, procrastinate more. Why do you ask? Some researchers say that,

  • They are mostly in constant fear of not knowing on their doings,
  • They also, think that they are going to mess up as well look bad,
  • That the task can be uncomfortable and difficult,
  • They also think, if they succeed,then they might have to face a more scarier situation

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5Not Comfortable In Being Their Selves

Not Comfortable In Being Their Selves

Unsuccessful people, mostly try to be somebody, whom they are not. They constantly try to change themselves, and mold into a person, that they think the society wants to see them.

You can find many people like this in your office, who just discourage themselves all the time, or even compare to others.

6Always Look For Excuses

Always Look For Excuses

One of the most common trait you can find in unsuccessful persons, is their ability to find excuses in every failure they make in life. Even if it is clearly evident that, it is their fault, they are never going to admit it, and will always blame at other people. Whereas, if you look at the successful people, they take the responsibility, and accept their failures, as well never resort to excuses.

7Never Learn From Failures

Never Learn From Failures

Remember, that it is not just the inability of taking responsibility for their failure, but along with the attitude of not learning, from the failure that make people more unsuccessful.

One of the famous story in this theory, is that about Thomas Edison, after inventing the incandescent bulb, when interviewed about his thousands of failed experiments, he had while making the landmark invention in human civilization. He said, “Now I know a thousand ways to not make a bulb”. It is not only about Edison, but every successful person always takes a note on their failures and also learn from them.

8Surrounded With Negative People

Surrounded With Negative People

It is a tendency among the unsuccessful people, to find similarty among the negative persons, it makes them feel in their comfort zones. These people, just add further negativity, into an already negative mind.

It is always essential to surround yourself with people who have positive and different, or same goals. They will be more benefiting to your life.

9Drag You Down

Drag You Down

Being competitive is not always bad. But, there are these negative people, who just pull other down, and surrounding yourself with these kind of people, can also sabotage as well as waste your time.

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