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medicinal plants

They look good, smell great, or make it up in taste, and are an absolute god for sent blessing to our existence. We eat them in a million ways, rub them on our selves for as many reasons. Innumerable are the diseases, and as many, and more, are the cures. The gist of our discussion here,revolves, and oscillates around, the one vital creation of the maker, second only to water perhaps. Yes!, we are talking of plants.

You could have them, be in a relationship with them and use them to your liking. They demand next to nothing in return, and are sure to be a life long companion. Here we present a concise list to know about medicinal plants, that are a must for your personal know how.

Get to Know About Medicinal Plants

1Aloe vera

Aloe vera

If ever there was a throne of Olympia for medicinal plants, Aloe vera would be seated right at the helm of it.

The gel extracted from this tropical plant, is rich in poly-phenols, that has been used for burns, inflammations, infections, and minor wounds since time immemorial. It is also an excellent antioxidant, that helps in reducing weight and curing constipation.

Be it for your skin, or body, Aloe vera is your absolute go to plant, for a healthy lifestyle.



Just the presence of the plant at your living space would infuse your surroundings with a sweet, lingering smell. As far as the benefits go, Chamomile is not far behind Aloe vera.

Used for a wide variety of cures, from simple ailments like, the common cold, skin inflammation, spasms, insomnia, stress, digestive disorders to more serious issues like diabetes, asthama, migraine, cancer, hemorrhoids, and colitis.



The Mint plant thrives in moist, relatively dark conditions. Water your plant well, and you would notice a vigorous sprout in no time.

Its leaves could be directly chewed, or used in tea to get rid of bad breath. Mint is either used individually, or in combination with other herbs to treat, indigestion, irregular bowel movements, puking tendencies, muscle spasms and minor fevers and headaches.



Sage is another herb that is used both as a culinary ingredient, as well as for its medicinal benefits.

It requires a fertile, well drained soil to thrive in, and during the winter season, could survive in drier conditions. Proper ventilation and sunlight are imperative for this plant, if you are looking forward to add it to your personal mini nursery.

As a medicine, it is used to treat gastric problems, loss of appetite, stomach disorder, cold burns, depression, gum diseases and asthama.



The presence of Dill is preferred in home settings for its aroma and aesthetic appeal. It blossoms equally efficiently as a potted plant, as it does outdoors, so long the soil is well watered and adequately manured.

As a medicinal plant, it is extensively used for treating intestinal problems, diarrhea, dysentery, nerve pain, menstrual cramps, fever, colds, coughs, bronchitis, headaches, hemorrhoids, liver disorders, gallbladder infections and urinary tract disorders. It also boosts immunity and provides relief from insomnia.

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