Things a happy woman deserves on women’s day


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Womans Day

On the day of international women’s day, we are going to tell you the various things a woman should have and what all she deserves. On that note, I am going to write a sweet poem for all the women out there who have always tried and done everything that they can. This message is for every woman around the world and for her hard work to keep her family and her surroundings happy! Look at these things women deserve on womens day.

She is a mighty competent person

She is a striver, a fighter

She knows how to get her way with the men

She is strong, brawny, smart and lovely

She is a man when she needs to be, and is an attractive person when the world needs her to be

She loves to paint, sing, write, travel, but cuts her wings and encourages others to fly

She sacrifices and surrenders herself when in need

When she is happy, she blossoms like a flower

When she is sad, she is a child without a toy

She is you| She is me| She is a woman!

Happy woman’s day to all the lovely ladies who have put themselves first in the row during the tough times and have pushed themselves back when it comes to taking credit!

Top Thingsa Woman Deserves on Women’s Day

1Relish pleased moments

Relish pleased moments

Women keep worrying about something or the other and instead of doing that, instead of worrying about what you have to make for dinner, instead of worrying about how to teach your children for exams, instead of worrying about the small fights with your husband, try and relish the small things and the small moments that you have been missing all this while. Yes, there are small moments that make a big difference in everyone’s lives. These moments change the way you look at life and change the perspective. If you are making coffee – smell the fresh aroma of the coffee, if you are listening to songs – listen to the lyrics, if you are eating dinner – see how your children and husband like the food and enjoy that. These small things are a part of you and you will love yourself for doing whatever you deserve. See how you can concentrate on certain things that are there and present at that moment.

2Love your exercise

Love your exercise

This is something that every woman has to try. Try to enjoy some kind of exercise that will help and increase your health regime. You should know that if you do exercise, it will free you from depression and you don’t have to feel stressed at all. Studies say that a particular element called the endorphins release in the body that keeps you stress free and makes your brain a relaxed place. When you exercise, your body and modd will lighten up easily and change in a jiffy. You can take up anything like sports, swimming or exercise. This way you will enjoy what you do and this is something you definitely deserve.

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Whether or not you are a house work, working woman, student or whatever it may be, you need to socialize with people and enjoy their company. Help one another and try to cheer them up. When you see others and when you interact with different people, you go to your happy place. Happy place is always the best place for every woman. Support your friends and help them if they are in need. This way you will be able to be their helping hand.

4Take things light

Take things light

Like I already said, women are very worried about everything and sometimes they don’t take things lightly. They end up making a mountain out of a mole. So, always try and restrain from doing that. Laugh, make fun, enjoy and be yourself. Try and learn to take things lightly. If you are like that, even the worst news will not bog you down. Cheer yourself up and go ahead because you are bound to come through a lot of hardships in life. Try and enjoy them and let go of the pain. Take positive things and go ahead

5Do something different

Do something different

If you are certainly working, there is nothing much you can do. But, if you are not working and are at home, take up a hobby. Try cycling, go for a dance class, try singing, record your own voice, cook for happiness, travel into the streets, do origami, draw. There are so many things you can do if you are bored at home. You cant take care of your children, husband, house work and everything at once. You need a break from all this. When you feel bogged down, do any of these hobbies and feel energized.

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6Love your family

Love your family

Of course you need to love your family. There is nothing more than family. If you are a daughter, try telling your parents how much you love them. If you are a wife, tell your husband how much he means to you and that you are lucky to have him. If you are a mother, tell you children how happy they have made you and how different your life turned bright after they came into the picture. If you love your family, everything else will automatically fall in place.

These are some things every woman deserves on women’s day and every woman should give back to herself and her society.

Happy Women’s day ladies!

-Pavithra Ravi

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