Off the top hairstyles for women – Part 2

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Hairstyles are always beautiful. They make you look sexy, beautiful and definitely one of a kind. If you want to pick up a great hairstyle and go to a party, then you should try and choose these hairstyles. These hairstyles are sexy, sassy and they give you the go-to look that almost all girls are dying to get it. Whether you have a short, long or medium hair length or whether your hair is curly or straight, don’t worry because these sexy hairstyles for women are going to bring out the best in you.

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1Short sassy haircuts for women

Short sassy haircuts for women

Ah, a lot of people do not understand the story behind a short haired girl! She is confident, she is independent and she is definitely sexier. This is because, if you can dare to chop your hair, then you can do anything with ease. Another advantage of having a short sassy hairstyle is the fact that you wouldn’t look your age at all. You will definitely look 4-5 years younger than what you really are. Plus, the comments of appreciation will pour in. If you are in your mid 30s and are looking for a change in your life, then getting a short sassy haircut is your one stop answer!

There are different kinds of short sassy haircuts like the pixie cuts, bob cuts, and the things you should highlight are your hair texture, hair color and the length of your hair. These are the areas you can play with to show extreme changes in your looks. Make sure you match your cut to your face shape. Cuts like temple undercut, bright bang, wavy ombre, long and short, angled cut, feathered cut etc., are extremely good for short sassy cuts. You just need an inspiration and some courage to look new and refreshing!

2Shoulder length hairstyles for women

Shoulder length hairstyles for women

Did you know that almost 60% of the women in this world sport a shoulder length hair? Well, this is because it isn’t awkward, it is easy and there are advantages to it. Well, if you may wonder what hides behind the shoulder length, you will be able to point out the comfort, the sexiness and the maintenance. Yes, shoulder length hairstyles are very easy, they look great on you and you do not have a lot of thinking to do. You can go with up-dos, braids, loose curls, wavy look, ponytails or even layered cuts. It all depends on what kind of a look you want to sport for what kind of an event you are attending.

If you want to make your hairstyle look extraordinary and creative, hairstyles like headband twist, bouffant braiding, fishtail braids, backswept curls, textured medium bob, messy curls, soft shag look, butterfly waves, beach waves, side swept, French braid, messy beautiful buns are really comfortable and easy to wear. Since your hair is medium in length and not too long or short, you have the option of straightening it or folding it into a bun. You don’t have to look the same every day. So, rock your style!

3Modern shag haircuts

Modern shag haircuts

Well, not many know what a modern shag haircut means! Shag represents the thickness of your hair and giving your hair a modern fashionable touch makes it more desirable in women. The upside of a modern shag look is that it adds a stylish edge to your entire look and makes you look sassy and sexy. Another upside is that you can have a modern shag haircut with any kind of hair, any length and any texture. But the only downside comes when you lock the look according to your face shape. They help in boosting the volume of your hair and settle out the friskiness in your hair.

You have got to know your hair very well get a modern shag haircut. If you have a short hair, go for haircuts like short shag with accentuated texture, bob shag, asymmetrical shag, etc. If you have medium hair that are thick and voluminous, then go for haircuts like tapered layer shags, beach shag, blow dry shag, razored shag , etc. If you have really long hair, then go for haircuts like triple layered shag look, loose curls look, waves shag look, etc. It all depends on the right combination that you pick!

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4Medium length layered hair cut

Medium length layered hair cut

Having a layered haircut is an advantage for all the women who have long hair, naturally. But let’s face it, the longer your hair is, the harder it is to maintain it. The most popular haircut nowadays that is universally accepted is the medium length layered haircut. Layered cuts are very creative and interesting than the normal cuts like the U shaped cut or the V shaped cut. Layers not only look good, but also add volume to your hair that makes it look thicker and trendier. If you are a woman who likes to dress in the most feminine way and like to show off your poise at parties and other occasions, layered cut is your answer!

The good news about the medium length layered haircut is that it goes with every face shape from round, oval to long faces also. You can always have creative add on’s for this like bangs, headbands, etc. Haircuts like perfect bangs layered cut, rounded edge cuts, fringe haircut, curled up layers, wavy couture layered cut, Ear tuck layered cut, loose waves are very famous nowadays. Picking the right layered cut and using it to your advantage will make you look stunning

-Pavithra Ravi

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