Nail Art Trend For 2017

Nail Art Trend For 2017

Nail art is one of the most beautiful way to take care of your nails. Sometimes nail art can be difficult. Like they may seem to be done only at parlors, and can be expensive too. Many a times you may not get enough time also to get your favorite manicure or nail art done. So here are some nail art trend for 2017 that you can make at home easily and enjoy your look with your friends.

Latest Nail Art Trend For 2017

1Glitter nails

Glitter nails

To get this type of nail art, first you need to apply a nude color nail polish in the base. Then sprinkle some golden glitter in the beginning of the nails, spread a little to get the ombre effect. Take a small plastic leaf and put it on the thick base of the ombre. Apply a top coat to seal the art. There you go.. your very own made at home nail art.

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2Play with black

Play with black

To get the above pic type of nail art, first you need to apply a base coat. Then take a gold string and put it like a strike in between your nails. Apply little black nail polish on the white part of your nail. Now apply a base coat to get an amazing as well as trendy nails for a party.

3Glitter and white

Glitter and white

To get an art just like the picture, you need to first apply a white base coat. Sprinkle some white glitter on the base of your nails. Spread the glitters to get an ombre effect. Apply a top coat to seal the art, and look amazingly beautiful.

4Spray nails

Spray nails

First apply white nail polish on the base. Before the nail polish completely dries off, take a string and put it in a zig-zig manner. After that let the white nail polish to completely dry off. Mix some nail colors, then spray it on the nails with a brush. Remove the strings after spraying. When the nail polish dried off seal it with a top coat for a gorgeous nail. That’s an amazing nail art trend for 2017.

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5Nail base art

Nail base art

Now match your colorful linerwith easy and simple nail art. Apply a nude base coat, then just as the measure of your nails, apply the nail polish on top of the nails that are out in the nail shape. Simple and easy nail art trend of 2017.

6Dot nail art

Dot nail art

To get this nail art, apply a black base coat. Take a pointed nail art tool and dip that into different color nail polish. When the black base coat completely dries off, dip the tool into different colors and make a drop effect on the top of the black nail polish. Be sure to see that it is spread all over your nails with different colors. When the drops dried off, apply a base coat to seal the nail art trend for the 2017 party.

7Glitter play

Glitter play

Apply a nude nail polish as a base coat. Before it dries off, put a glitter string on the top of the nail. On the ring finger sprinkle some glitter to get an ombre effect, by spreading the glitters.

8Play with strings and ombre

Play with strings and ombre

Pick your two favourite colors, first paint your base coat with white nail polish. Attach the silver strings in different shapes, just like the picture. Leaving one part with the white part, apply the two nail colors in different blocks. Apply a base coat to seal the nail art.

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