4 Different men you meet in the night clubs


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You are dressed well, you know you look pretty and you are confident about the way you look. The night is going to be beautiful and you are going out with your girls. But when you head to the night clubs, you find guys drooling all over you. They are not just drooling but are there are some men who go overboard with such things. When you think that it is girl’s night out, there will at least be one or two guys who come your way and make it uncomfortable for you and your gang.

You have shaved your legs, you smell good, your hair is perfect and you are sure that you are going to look amazing and great. Well, you are even surer that you are going to meet someone in the club and speak to them. But most of the times, you meet some creepy jerks who end up stalking or hitting on you for no joy. You don’t want your night to be interpreted by some crazy guy. All you are looking forward is to have some fun with your girls and enjoy the night dancing and drinking.

Well, not every time does a person appear from nowhere and make your life a fairy tale life. You see creeps around you who are freaky, scary and weird. They just come to you because you are beautiful and don’t make sense even when they talk. This article is going to give you a heads up on the different kinds of creepy men in night clubs you are bound to meet and how you should handle them.

Kinds of Men You are Going to Meet in Night Clubs

1The guy who randomly appears

randomly appears

This is what may happen – You are dancing with your friends, having a good time and all of a sudden, a guy from nowhere comes behind you and starts holding your hip and tends to move it according to the song. You have no idea who he is. You turn back and look at him and find out that he is a total stranger who has come from nowhere! You try to get help from your friends. This is a very easy kind of a man you will find in any Indian night clubs because there are many creeps like the one described. You could immediately ask your friends for help and get pulled away from them. If he follows you to the place you are dancing again, then try to talk to him straight away telling him that you are not interested to dance with him. If even that doesn’t work, you can always use self defense. Show him your back and dance or it isn’t wrong if you stump him with your pointed heels. The last resort will work if nothing else works.

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2The guy who follows you everywhere

follows you everywhere

You meet a guy in the club and you start hitting it off really well. You start talking and connect with him. Both of you like the first interactions, but since you are aware that it is girl’s night out, you try to tell him that and move away. But, there are some guys who just don’t get the clue, they don’t understand that you are no more interested in them and follow you. When they start to follow, it might get a little scary considering the fact that there are crazy people out there. But, you could always be straightforward with the person. You could tell him that you are not interested to take it any forward since you have come with your friends. If that doesn’t work, thanks to the clubs – They are dark and crowded. Just ditch him and go away with your friends in some other corner.

3The guy who asks for your number

The guy asks your number

Even though you have made it clear that you are not ready to exchange numbers or you have told him that you have a boyfriend, some men don’t get the idea that the girl is asking to be left alone. They keep asking for your number and they are too drunk to realize that they are harassing you. If you can’t end things with him or if you can’t find out what can distract him, you could try running away from him. But considering that he likes you, he may come following. That is, when you would need the intervention of a bouncer. If you think you need help from your friends, you can ask. But even if they aren’t able to help the situation, then a bouncer is a perfect help you can seek. He will make sure that the guy is gone before you realize. Just be careful with such people, they can go to any extent.

4The guy who gets you drinks

The guy gets you drinks

When there are guys who don’t care anything but talking to you, there are some men who try to get you drinks. The more and more you drink, the more advantage he can take with you. You should make sure that just because you are getting free drinks, doesn’t mean that you should accept. Be safe and ask the bartender to give the drinks directly to you. You can have your friends with you so that you are safe. Don’t accept drinks from random guys, they may turn out  to be bigger creeps than you think.

The overall concept of drinking and having fun in night clubs is that, you need to be careful and safe. There are a lot of guys and different kinds too, but it is your responsibility to stay safe and surrounded by your friends only.

-Pavithra Ravi