Tips And Tricks For Women Shoes Styling


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Women Shoes Styling

Women love shoes! Personally, I am crazy about shoes. Shoes can give you the sense of confidence, and can also immediately boost your mood. If you are having a bad day, then all you need is the beautiful shoes that can give you can aim to work more and buy more beautiful shoes like them. May be the history of shoes is quite tricky, like once I have heard that heels were first made for men, as they used to work in butcher factory. Then slowly women started flaunting heels and it became an instant hit. I wonder what I would do without them! The only best part about working is that you are able to buy a lot of shoes. Well, here today I am going to talk about different types of women shoes styling that you can buy and wear to flaunt their figure and beauty.

Women Shoes Styling

1Oxford college style flat fashion shoes

Oxford college style flat fashion shoes

Oxford college shoes are quite a fashion trend among both the genders. They are basically good to wear with jeans or formals. They are also available in many colors that can help you suit your comfort. But remember to wear formals with them. As they can go only with formals.

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2Nude heeled sandals

Nude heeled sandals

This fashionable shoes are all you need when you are going out to party, or with friends. They can look good with shorts, mini skirts, short dresses and many more beautiful dresses from your wardrobe. As the color of the shoe is nude, it can go with anything you want, and will look beautiful on any attire you wear. You don’t need to mix and match.

3Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes

These types of platform shoes are another type of formal shoes, that can look best with the formal wear only. It can give you a classy modern look, that you can wear with formals or with jeans. Do some minimal attire look, as it must be for complimenting your feet.

4Animal print pumps

Animal print pumps

Everyone is in love with animal prints. They can give a casual as well as a wonderful chick look. You can wear any type of attire with it, be it a short dress, or jeans or shorts of your choice. But they are strictly not for your formal wear. They can also go with your heavy makeup look.

5Short ankle boots

Short ankle boots

One of the most recent trend is the short ankle boots. They are the cutest footwear to have ever been loved so much. They are also available in many colors, to match your look. They can give you the boots looks with a little chick affair, that can never be replaced.

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6Platform Pumps Strappy Buckle Stiletto

Platform Pumps Strappy Buckle Stiletto

This strappy buckle stiletto is the desire for many women. As it is black, it can go with any attire you want. You definitely don’t want to miss it, as it is suitable for everything. No matter, wherever you go.

7Business formal women animal print shoes

Business formal women animal print shoes

This animal print pump is more like a professional wear and must always be worn down with formal attires only. You don’t want to miss it when going to the office. A style statement that everyone is going to adore.

8Wedge Shoes for Women

Wedge Shoes for Women

This stylish wedge shoe, is basically for those girls who love to show off their girly side more. It can be worn with short pants, short dresses or mini skirts. They are also available in many designs as well as many colors. Select the best one for you.

9Stud Fringe Sandals

Stud Fringe Sandals

Well, if you want to keep it simple, but also want to get a cowboy look, then what can be best than stud fringe sandals. Best if worn with short dresses, short pants and skirts. Now, give your casual style a boost with your cowboy look.

10Knee High Fringe Boots

Knee High Fringe Boots

Another best way to achieve a cowboy look is to wear a knee high fringe boots. They are the best way to tell your style tale in cowboyish way. Best goes with short pants, short dresses.

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