Must Know EyeShadow Basics for Beginners


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eyeshadow basics

We all love wearing eye shadow. But sometimes instead of extenuating the eyes, it looks more like a big mistake. If you are a beginner in using eyeshadow it can take a little bit of time and effort to apply eyeshadow in the right way. But once you get used to it, you can apply eyeshadow like a pro. So, here is the step by step guide for eyeshadow basics.

Eyeshadow Basics

1Face Cleanser

Face Cleanser

Before starting to apply eyeshadow you need to know eyeshadow basics. Firstly, you need to clean your face to make your makeup stand out more. Take a face cleanser and apply it on your face. Gently massage it on your face for about 30 seconds and then wash it with lukewarm water.



Use an eyeshadow primer and apply it on your eyelids. An eyeshadow primer is basically used before applying eyeshadow. The main purpose is to allow your eyeshadows stick on the eyelid for the longer time. The primer also helps to increase your shadow and beautifies your eyelid.Take some primer on your fingers. You can either use your finger or a brush to gently apply primer on your eyelids and underneath your eyes. Now let it dry for a few seconds before applying your eyeshadow. Instead of a primer, you can also use a cream concealer as an eyeshadow base.



There are different types of brushes for applying eyeshadow on the eyelid and under the lower lash line.

  • Eye Shadow Application Brush

As the names suggest the eye shadow application brush, it is used to apply eyeshadow on an eyelid.

  • Crease Brush

This brush is slightly fluffy. This is mainly used to apply eyeshadow in the crease area.

  • Blending Brush

This brush is used to blend your eyeshadow.

  • V Brush

If you want to create that smoky eye look and want the outer corner of your eyelid to be dark you can use a V brush.

  • Pencil Brush

If you want to create that smoky eye effect on your lower lashline or upper lashline you have to use a pencil brush.

4Eyeshadow Pallet

Eyeshadow Pallet

There are various eyeshadow pallets available in the market. But when buying an eyeshadow pallet for the first time buy a good quality and a shade darker to your eyelid.

5Compact Powder

Compact Powder

After you apply the eye shadow, you have set it with a compact powder. It is very important because the eyeshadow base that you are using is cream and the eyeshadow that you will apply on top of your eyelid is a powder. So, it is compulsory to set your base. Take some powder with the powder brush and apply to your eyelid.

Note: Whenever you are applying any kind of eyeshadow you have to look straight in the mirror not down because when you look straight your eyelid gets fold. You have to apply eyeshadow on the area which is visible.

6eyeshadow basics

eyeshadow basics
    • Now, take some eye shadow and apply it to the crease area. You have to use the eyeshadow colour which is similar to your skin tone or a warm brown colour, something which is going to be a transition shade. Take a crease brush and apply the eyeshadow on your crease area. Go back and forth and apply the eye shadow. While applying, keep looking straight. You have to keep blending, as you don’t want harsh lines.
    • Now that you have applied a warm eyeshadow on your crease area, you can go for any colour on your eyelid area but more preferable are gold and bronze colours. These colours will compliment the eyeshadow colour used on your crease. Take an eyeshadow brush and just pat the eyeshadow on your eyelid. Don’t sweep it across your eyelid.
    • Now you have to blend both the eyeshadows together. So, take a blending brush and blend the eyeshadow in a circular motion on your eyelid. Concentrate more on crease area not touching the eyelid much.
    • If you want a smoky look, apply eyeshadow in the V-shape area. You can use a black and dark brown eyeshadow for a smoky look. Take the V brush and create a V shape outside the eyelid. First, apply a black eyeshadow and then blend it with dark brown shade.
    • Now take the blending brush and blend all the eyeshadows once again.
  • Take a pencil brush to create that smoky look under your eyes. Take the same black and brown eyeshadows used on the outer corner and apply it on the lower lashline. Make sure you stay as close to the lashline as possible.

Note: Before applying eyeshadow on lower lashline, always apply eyeliner first because if you apply eyeshadow first and then the eyeliner, as it tends to smudge.




If you have the larger eyelid space you can apply bold eyeliner. If you have less eyelid space, take an eyeliner pencil and apply it as close as to the lash line. Whenever you are lining your eyelids, go from thin to thick.



Now apply some mascara on your eyelashes to complete the look. You can use a curved mascara to give a curvy look. Before applying mascara you can curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

These eyeshadow basics will surely help you to become a pro at applying eye shadow. To complete your look, apply some lip gloss or lipstick on your lips and look glamourous.


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