Top eating habits and how they reveal your personality


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personality through eating habits

Do you know that the way you eat actually defines the way that you are? Yes, studies have proven the fact that eating in a certain way decides the person that you are. Imagine this – You sit on the dining table and look around you. What do you find? Your family members don’t eat the same way as you do. Everyone has their own style and their own preferences, right? Your eating habits are highly parallel to your instinctive and the way you behave.

That is why they say that there is a special bond or a connection between you and your eating habits. Well, dive in and get to know how can decide or reveal your personality through eating habits.

Top Ways in Which Reveals Personality Through Eating Habits

1Slow eater

Slow eater

If you are a slow eater, you are probably one of those who doesn’t have the need to be fast and furious in life. You take your own time in the things you do and you try to live in the present. You never do a half baked work and you make sure you finish the task given to you, even if it is at work. You are steady in life and even in a relationship. But, there is just one downside to you! You probably don’t care to walk with the world.

You are in your own space and this pace of yours could be an irritation to many. You are a little stubborn about the way you want things and you make sure to stick to routines.

2Fast eater

Fast eater

It is obvious that you literally swallow food and you are very fast when it comes to anything about food. You are probably one of those people who gets things done in a whim. You are great at convincing your boss at work and finish up work with perfection, but faster than others. You are a pro in multi-tasking and you like to have a competition with yourself or even with others.

You are on top of your game and you don’t think much when it comes to decisions. But the downside of being a fast eater is that, you generally don’t put your needs as a priority. You don’t bother much about what you want. You end up putting other’s priority in front of you. You don’t make time for yourself and lack the self-caring part. This just means that you need to take a few steps back and slow down your pace.

3If you dislike others touching

others touching

You are probably one of those who is much organized in the work you do. If you don’t like others touching your food, then you are a person who believes in doing his/her work on their own. You also like to be clean, neat and very systematic. You like to share responsibilities, but you make sure the other person doesn’t step in your arena.

You finish the work given to you with utmost sincerity and integrity. You are sincere, straightforward and you like your work the way you do it. That’s a good quality in you. But the downside though is the fact that you aren’t flexible when it comes to working in a group. You need to calm down your stress levels and try to think of ways to work things out. That is when you can be a balanced person.

4If you are an adventurous food lover

adventurous food lover

Well, if you are a person who loves to try different kinds of cuisines, it just obviously means that you are an adventurous person and you are up for different kinds of activities. You are a spontaneous person and likes to do things as and when you feel like. You are not a boring person at all and you love to get creative when it comes to working out a relationship.

You are brave, creative and a funky person. You don’t really offend anyone and like to keep your relationship smooth with the people who matter to you. You have quirky ideas at work and no one really complains about hanging out with you because you are fun and enjoyable. There is something that is very attractive and people would love to be the person that you are. You are one of those who doesn’t really have anything to complain about life. Keep that up!

5If you over concentrate on one item

concentrate on one item

Well, of course, there are people like you who like to focus on one food at one time and they give utmost preference when it comes to concentrating on the food on the table. You are a person who likes to have things the way you want and you are kind of a detail oriented person.

You are very careful with your words and the work you do, which doesn’t put you into trouble at all. You are basically a person who tries to keep things to yourself and do your work without being a disturbance to others. But the downside is the fact that not really do everyone get the way you are. Your relationship with the like minded people will probably work, but not with the adventurous kind of people. You could probably let loose and be open to some new ideas.

6If you like to mix everything

mix everything

A person who likes to mix his food is probably the one who likes to mix everything else in life. Meaning, they make time for everyone and everything. They impress people in seconds because they take extra responsibilities on their shoulder.

Your relationships are always good because you tend to take your time off and spend it with everyone who mean the most to you. The only downside in you is the fact that you take up more than required. You tend to overdo and suffer later. Try to chill a bit and don’t commit yourself into toomany things.

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7If you are picky

If you are picky

People who are generally picky with food are the ones who are super rule followers. They are very organized and super health conscious. They are not up for trying new things and aren’t open to the opportunities around them. They like to stay in their comfort zone and restrict themselves to what they have. You are probably a person who wouldn’t like to experiment also. Whatever is there, is enough for you to run your life. This could be stagnant and life could get boring for you and people around you. So, try to be not too picky about life and food. Try new things, experiment and enjoy!

-Pavithra Ravi

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