Some College health tips no one is actually telling you


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College is a big step for you and your family. You have been with your parents all this while, under their guidance and this is practically the first time you are being shipped to another place entirely. Whenever you ship off to college, a lot of people have a lot of health advices to give you. Mum talks about your body, dad talks about sleep advice, your aunt who never spoke to you before speaks on what to eat and what not to. But, you got to remember just one thing. Doing what you want to know is the most important tip when you hit your college days. Yes, staying healthy in college is very important.

Health actually means physical and mental well-being. It doesn’t mean eating salads now and then, hitting the gym to reduce the calories of late night pizza binging sessions or running around your college ground to reduce your weight. Here are some tips your friends, parents or your distant aunt aren’t telling you.

So, we have put in thoughts on what’s best for you to come up with a number of college health tips for your well-being.

Top College Health Tips You Should Remember

1Size zero is not your priority

Size zero

Most girls think that size zero or being skinny is their way to fall into a particular category in college. Staying healthy is very important, but simply not gaining those freshman weight is not a great health indicator and it is like wasting your college lifetime. If you want to reduce weight, do it in a healthy way. You can reduce on the fatty foods like pizzas, burgers, cheese nips, etc. But don’t cut down on your basic quantity.

Healthy eating tips, eating small portions will not help you reduce your weight. You will soon get very stressed about your eating system and starve which is not doing any good to your body. It is fine to gain weight at the start. You have a lifetime to reduce and worrying about it now excessively will not be a good idea. This is one college health tip no one is actually telling you.

2Schoolwork is just until you are in school


Schoolwork is important, yes! Accepted! But, that doesn’t mean that you find yourself sitting in the library gawking at all the books. You don’t have to always be with a book doing your homework or schoolwork. It is fine to take breaks in between. If you feel that, you are working 24/7 on your projects and not able to focus on any other thing, it is time for a breather, which brings us to the next point.

3Sleep can be priority sometimes

Sleep can be priority sometimes

Every night needn’t be your study night. You can take a happy nap time when you know that you have nothing for the next day. It is obviously important that you study for your exams, but having a tired eye and a stressed life is not going to help you study happily. If you have an exam the next day, the best advice is to finish studying a little earlier than usual and take an 8 hours happy sleep to be fresh and confident next day. This could be cliché, but trust us, if you don’t sleep, your mind will never be clear headed and fresh. You will feel drowsy, sleepy and wouldn’t be able to concentrate.

4Don’t befriend caffeine

Dont befriend caffeine

It is in your college days that you start befriending random drinks. One of which could be coffee. Drinking coffee is not a bad habit at all, but excessive drinking of anything could be hazardous to health. You may want to actually re-think the next time you pick up your coffee mug to pour hot coffee. This isn’t to say that coffee is bad for health. It is just to say that you will be so engrossed in your work that you will forget to keep a tab on how many cups of coffee you are taking in. Drink in moderate quantities. Limit to just one or two cups a day and remember not to drink post evening.

5Walk as much as you can

Walk as much as you can

If possible, walk to your classes instead of driving or taking a bus. This isn’t so much about burning calories as it is about staying alert. There’s something so rejuvenating about walking around, and it’ll also give you some alone time to think about things, whether it’s your lengthy to do list or Important Life Musings. Trust us, you will be much more alert for your 8 AM if you take the extra time to walk or bike there rather than sleeping for as much as you can on the bus ride over.

6Talk to other people

Talk to other people

Some people go through some tough mental stuff when they first get to college. After all, it’s weird being away from home for the first time, and dealing with the new stresses that come with college, like harder classes and new friends. This can be really, really challenging to deal with. Thankfully, lots of schools offer a multitude of mental health options, like counselors and support groups. These are often included in tuition, too, so you don’t need to pay extra or even tell your parents if you don’t want to.

7Pay attention to your mind

Pay attention to your mind

Listen to what your mind has to tell you. If it is telling you to do something, go ahead, listen to it rather than listening to other people. Sometimes your body would want to go for a run, if you feel like going for a run, go ahead. If your body wants sleep, just sleep. If your mind doesn’t want to work things out, just give your mind that space. You can break your own rules whenever you want as long as you know what’s best for you.

-Pavithra Ravi